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Only one of those is a multi-generational cultural icon with five series, 11 films, gawd knows how many books, multiple comic book series, etc. etc. etc. And yeah, the tech is way better and the world/universe much more complex and better developed:
Star Trek.

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I just hope they get a comedian to write his dialog this time, because in Wolverine, what little lines he did have, he just came across as a frat boy trying to sound macho. Ie. not funny at all.
And I hope they get better fight choreography too. It's really embarrassing when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had better fight choreography than a movie with Deadpool, Wolverine, and Sabretooth in it.

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@Mbecks14: Seriously?
It's a pillar in Science Fiction. Longest running SciFi television program ever. It's just that it is just being discovered by the more casual SciFi audience on this side of the pond. The only place you could find it before cable was late night PBS programming and pirated DVD/Video cassettes.
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Matt Smith does not bother so much as how...macho they are writing 11. Guns, belting people? Awful lot of violence there for a character who founding idea is to outwit his enemies rather than outfight them. Seems awfully "Hollywood" for Doctor Who.

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Everyone at my LCBS has had to cut back, but we are trying to keep it kept afloat as much as we can. Helped in great deal by one guy with a trust fund who walks in and drops like 600 bucks on comics a week. I have not seen this phenomenon personally, but he is legend. He will walk in and walk out with an entire long box that he's casually flipped through. As long as it has some Silver Age stuff, he'll take it.

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The comics I read are not cheesy, certainly not *that* cheesy. Well...Fraction's Uncanny, but that because it's written badly. But compared to Gail Simone's run on BoP, it was a horrendous disappointment. There was so much material there that did not need to be altered and the alterations...were pointless. They did not streamline or improve anything.

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Given what I had seen of Goyer's plans for X-Men Origins: Magneto (an Anakin Skywalker analog with mad scientists and Nazi hunting and being partly repsonsible for the death of his wife and child), I am much happier having Magneto's story covered by Singer in a First Class movie. Singer "got" the character, Goyer did not.
And we don't need to see Magneto during the Holocaust, we get it. I never wanted his origins film to focus on that. I thought it could have covered in the opening credits. Its the space in between the Holocaust and Cape Citadel that people want to see.

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@Vortex13 said:
" @Pania said:
" Darkman was a comic book before it was a film,"
No it wasn't. "
You're right, my mistake. I got confused with Rami pursuing the rights to the Shadow.
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Darkman was a comic book before it was a film, but I don't think that is what the OP is asking. 
Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked
And this one is coming out next year: