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Monet has invulnerability as well, devilsgrin.

She has superstrength, invulnerability, superspeed (she can move at Mach 3), super reflexes, a 192 IQ, super intuition, telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, mental illusions, psi-bolts, psi-shields, and a bunch of other powers. She really is a jack of all trades when it comes to the power lottery.

Molly's stronger than Frenzy or M though - at least physically (Molly is a Class 100 mutant, and her biggest feat was throwing a 65,000 ton skyscraper sized monster (though she did have a caffeine spell at the time) - but even without it, Molly is Colossus level strong plus invulnerable.

M would still win though. She could just give Molly a mental imperative to fall asleep or something.

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Monet hasnt been just a 10 tonner since she was in Generation X - and that wasnt even the real Monet. It was her little sisters trying to approximate her. She's been getting steadily stronger since then. She's long since gone past 50 tons. Recently, since she came back from the dead, she's had a massive power-up. She's beat the hell out of an Asgardian, breaking 2 of the Asgardian's ribs and giving her 8 fractures. And Monet warned her that she was holding back. Not to mention she also has a ton of psionic powers, including pretty strong telekinesis on top of her physical powers.

The Asgardian also mentioned Monet was basically a goddess power-wise

I've actually read a comic which said she was an Omega level mutant now (post-coming back from the dead). Soon as I find it, I'll post it as well.

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They'd most likely break their fists if they even manage to punch Kara as easily as Ace broke its fist hitting Superman (Ace was a Class 100 as well).

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Supergirl vs Blob.... so are we saying she is only allowed to use one finger against him?

Because if so it'll still be a horrible stomp against Blob. Poor Blob.

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Supergirl wins in a mega stomp. And Donna got killed once from a Superman ROBOT..... she wouldnt be able to stand up to the real deal in a Kryptonian - especially not Kara.

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Even in their most powerful incarnations, Team Marvel is going to lose against Power Girl. Kryptonians are just too strong, fast, and invulnerable for those two.

They're in the multi-megaton range, not just 100 tons. And Superman has done stuff like actually containing a black hole. Even without using superspeed, PG would win. The amount of handicapping necessary for She-Hulk and Ms Marvel to win would be ridiculous.

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@green_skaar: If Superboy is stronger than Hulk, then both WW and Power Girl are quite a bit stronger than Hulk aswell.

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@mattbryce2000: I don't even want to mention what Kara could do to Tony if he tries using sex as a weapon.

Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex :)

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Simply put, Iron Man could use every single suit of armor in his arsenal. At the same time. Kara would still not just win, it would be a stomp.

Even if he had Kryptonite, it's still pretty likely she'd win - Supergirl and Superman have both fought Kryptonite-based villains before. Metallo.... Kryptonite Man... Reactron. They still win. Supergirl beat Kryptonite Man in a stomp by simply staying out of his range and using her ranged abilities against him.

Remember, Iron Man's armor can't survive the sun's corona even, and a Kryptonian's heat vision can get hotter than the core of the sun.

That's not even taking into account superspeed, superbreath, freeze breath, etc. Oh and the massive superiority in strength.