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The End of Moonshadow 0

This is going to sound absurd, but the conclusion of the maxiseries had me in tears. I have know idea why either because the ending is cryptic and ambiguous. The entire run is fantastic and should be as acclaimed as Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns, but unfortunately not many people have heard about it. I can't think of to many comics that have praise from Kurt Vonnegut and Ray Bradbury in the letter page. This is a must read and is in my opinion the greatest comic book ever....

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Highly Underrated 0

For those who don't know Grimjack I highly recommend you check out this series. Very cool non superhero comic which would be refreshing in today's market. The series coined the term "grim and gritty",but has a great sense of humor. The first issue does not really give much insight into the character other than the fact he is a detective. He is hired by a wealthy woman who wants to find out who killed her daughter. This particular adventure contains drugs, ghosts, and sex it is a must own for all...

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Great Run 0

In my opinion vastly superior to Daniel Way's current run. It was really great to see Deadpool interact with several Marvel characters, but honestly I would have prefered maybe just a Punisher/Deadpool crossover. At times it seems like the creative team was trying to hard to cram as many characters as they could into the miniseries. Still a really good job and for those who haven't picked it up I highly recommend checking it out on trade....

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