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I would rather it be in 2D done by Lauren Montgomery, but since she has left WB for Nick for Legend of Korra I don't think that's happening. But, its good Barbara is getting the animated treatment.

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@cody1984: @slvrwolfang said:

@cody1984: I'm glad you did some research into what you said.  First, I did state at the beginning of my comment it was off topic.  Since it was clearly stated (twice) that shouldn't be much of an issue.  Second, I am not saying slavery was not an economic incentive for the South.  Yes they had cheap labor.  But I still stand by the fact they needed to trade and keep their products cheap.  This is solved through secession.  I repeat, the main issue was secession not slavery.  Third, you're bringing in unnecessary topics like the American-Mexican War and the Revolutionary War.  You couldn't get your first examples right, so please don't make people rip apart you newest examples.  Fourth, the Iron Curtain did not cause the Cold War.  I would love to see how you came to this conclusion.  Fifth, I never stated the Nazis caused the Cold War.  Read my comment again. It's pretty evident I agree that the Cold War was against the Soviet Union.  Sixth, your sentence about the Soviet Union's genocides does not make sense.  I see what you're trying to say and no.  The Russians were committing genocide during and after WWII.  They took control of the Nazi concentration camps.  They did not liberated people, they used the facilities for themselves.  Seventh, I am curious as to how the continent of Asia has declared its independence from the world.  (Your sentence: "There's also the matter of the U.S. gaining its independence through war which I could get into the same goes with Asia but quite frankly this is not the place for it.") I am certain from looking at the map on my wall that Asia consists of countries.  Some of these have declared independence from other countries.  Some violently, some not.  India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were handed their freedom.  So was China (economically), Japan (economically), Cambodia, Laos and Burma. There are many more of these, particularly in the Middle East  (and yes that is part of Asia).  Few of these nations fought a Western power for freedom (arguably the Philippines) and many are still having internal and international issues that trace back to Imperialism (Pakistan vs. India, China vs. Tibet and Taiwan, Burma vs. Myanmar, Japan vs Korea and Russia, Israel vs. Palestine vs. the rest of the Middle East, Chechnya vs. Russia).  Eighth, when being possessive the word is "their" not "there."  Ninth, I did state my opinion on the Punisher (which you ignored in your response) and I will once again declare this of off topic (because you seem to have neglected the last references to this). Finally, you requesting me to PM you is like asking me not to do this in public because you are scared or ashamed.  P.S. The Punisher is still insane (please see previous comment of mine, or anyone else's)

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I <3 Comic vine!!!!

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@Fire-brand: lol I know right it's really sad when you root for those twitards 
@brendon277: Yeah apparently, it was all about the water tribe and Yue was the main love interest, and yes they replace Roku with a dragon... 
@Dark Zoom: Sorry man, did you ask for a refund? If you didn't get one ask Nick or Paramount that should stick it to them.
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@joshmightbe: They are inuit which makes it more offensive to cast white actors, Asians like myself are more offended at the casting of other races for blatantly Asian roles. FOR INSTANCE: Earthbenders are portrayed accurately for those of Asian decent except for the inclusion of Africans (A: way to go for making a Captain planet reference and B: Earthbenders apparently had no common sense in the film <which totally isn't racist>) Waterbenders from what I saw were hispanic/ white which is ridiculous - Did Twilight take all the Native American actors?- Firebenders were casted by Indians and Iranians, etc. to appease the Asian Americans through technicality.
All-in-all that's not the issue since it was apparent that it was the poor writing overshadowed any acting, which is why many say that it was a good thing that Asians weren't cast since it would just push back the effort for Asian prominence more.
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@Lady Tlieso: 
OK FIRST, yes it's based off a review of someone else- but it is a trusted review of a fan, second the characters that they left out are important to the character development  and were important to the story (AVATAR ROKU) and third of all is it so hard to fit the simple concepts and key events of the first season into at least 2 hours (not 100 minutes), comic book movies fit whole arcs in, hell WATCHMAN GOT 12 ISSUES- in addition if you want to overview you don't have the characters JUST TALK ABOUT IT!!!
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@LT1085: Something somewhat resembling the medium.
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@Nerx: I agree.
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I would LOVE  a Wonder Woman movie and with the animated and comic book history behind her it could make itself. First, the person to be ideal for her would be the long rumored Morena Baccarin. Then, take the modern take plot line from the Wonder Woman animated movie without the invisible jet. If they want the invisible jet just go with Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths and have her take it from a villain or from a military thingy during a fight mid-movie.
But, WB is just that company that is too afraid of it failing somehow.

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@ComicMan24: thanks :D