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About a month ago many female comics creators (140) came together to make an anthology of comics written, drawn and about women. It includes creators like: Gail Simone, Annie Nocenti, Lauren Montgomery, Barbara Kesel, along with a huge list of others.  

In light of the events of DC's shocking redesigns of female characters, and lack of female creators it is very awesome that this is brought up.
 However, this project needs funding, $100,000 to be exact, in order for the book to be distributed to libraries all over the country. So, if you would like to contribute and pre-order a copy of this wonderful project go to their kickstarter page here.

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A Fan's worst Nightmare- The Last Airbender


has recently screened a preview of the film The Last Airbender in 3-D. What a viewer of this screening has written an extensive post about what happened. I have posted a link to a summarized version here- 

-. The casting call (geniusly dubbed “Racebending”) truly offended me, but after reading I have come to realize that the true atrocity is by the writers, producers, Nickelodeon executives and of M. Night himself.

If you did not read the article some of the offenses stand here:

·         It’s 100 minutes long without credits

·         Firebenders cannot make their own fire

·         All the acting is flat and rigid- the writing is terrible

·         Bending is slow

·         Any action scenes are filmed poorly

·         Everything is melodramatic

·         Any exciting moments in the series are spoken through dialogue

·         Any locations they are have to explained through dialogue and titles on-screen

·         Any development of character except for Aang is taken away

·         Key events that fans love are taken away

o        Katara proving herself to Pakku

o        The

o        The story of Pakku and Gran Gran, etc.

·         Any characters fan love are taken away

o        Jet or any other freedom fighter

o        Kyoshi Warriors

o        Haru

o        Avatar Roku

o        Teo

o        The Mechanist

The beautiful medium which this film will tarnish should be held over our hopes and should be avenged by not seeing this movie. What keeps me from blaming Mike Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (the creators) is that they too, from what I hear, is that they are disappointed as much as we will be and probably did not want it to go this way and was the decision of Nickelodeon. On its release on July 1, 2010 I hope that you all and those you hold dear, fans or not, will stay home. Let this fail, and have the memories that this series has given you stay alive. Buy the series and support it.



I went to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment expo it was pretty rad. I met cool people and I enjoyed seeing fans and creators alike. In my opinion, it had a good turn out. I can't wait for next year so I can buy more things and meet even more SUPER (ha ha pun) people.


Not really


It's a lot of work for any hero, not just the flying ones.

  • In the Watchmen Dollar Bill's cape gets caught on a revolving door and was killed when he was shot up by robbers.
  • Watch the segment in The Incredibles
  • maneuverability can be a hassle since when you fly around it whips around when you turn and dodge
  • It doesn't help at all
But, if the hero looks cool with a cap go ahead with the cape.
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