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Don't know him.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:

XLR8 doges missiles and gun fire from Six-Six in the episode with the galactic enforcers with no difficulty

Clare is faster then XLR8 combat wise She has been able to tag Priscilla (who has been able to run seemingly miles to blitz Riful which is a tall feat considering Riful has been able to move so fast that top ranking Claymores could not even see her) Yuma, a much weaker Claymore has seen other top lranking Claymore's swords seem to stand still ( even the lowest level Claymore can move faster then the human eye) and she herself said her speed is no match Clare. Also dodging bullets is a street leveler feat Batman,Captain America, Dare Devil etc has been able to dodge bullets that is nothing special.

show me calcs that slashing water 40 times really quick is faster than 800 mph minimum.

Here it is

Also she slashed it while seemingly not moving that is amazingly fast, better then anything I have seen from XLR8.

Ben as XLR8 when through every code combination to save Ben 23 from a bomb attached to his arm with two seconds to spare and than made a sonic boom to move it several blocks away he only originally had 8 seconds.

that's way faster than her hyperbole calc.

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Ben wins all except the first round

Diamond Head has a very powerful healing factor and can incapacitate or ko wolverine

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@Bane_of_sith said:

Mace is never beating sidious,,movie or EU version.

But he did beat him in the movie, EU is different but in the movie he did win.

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You can't beat a sky father to death with physical force

Zoom loses, congratulations

20+ Zooms on the bad guy team.

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  1. General Grievous is in his prime
  2. EU versions
  3. Morals and In Character for everybody
  4. Grievous is trying to escape Obi-Wan is trying to capture or kill Grievous
  5. Take into account that Obi-Wan barely defeated a wounded grievous and wasn't even in a saber battle he shot him in his exposed chest with a blaster hardly a feat many can't pull off.
  6. Obi Wan is not allowed to use fire arms

battle takes place here

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@VegetaStark said:

geroge lucas said himself that the only ones able to defeat sidius are; yoda, mace windu and anakin therefore everything else is moot to the argument...

mace could solo if it comes down to lightsaber fight

yoda would back him up with force powers

the end

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@Kingjohnrocks: because he used the force to ko maul and than blitz poor savage, but with no incap or ko in the rules they stand a better chance.

@ascenscion: don't forget the extra speed boost team gets and their prep not to mention Dooku,Opress,Ventress,Maul can all use the force unlike Sidious who's slightly handi capped in this situation