The Light's Vehicles

Here are a list of vehicles used by the Light


Length: 17.4 meters long

Width: 17 meter wingspan

Height/Depth: Variable

Crew: 4 (2 gunners, 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot)

Passengers: 30

Minimum Crew: 1

Escape craft: Cockpit pod ejects from main body of Gunship

Roles: Transport + Air Support

Total Flight Time with out rest or repairs at maximum speed and capacity: 72 hours

Maximum speed: 48,160 MPH

Base Speed: 800 MPH

Ship Weight with out cargo or crew: 5 tons

Ship Carrying Capacity: 500 tons


The gunship is the main flight vehicle of the Light in combat being extremely useful in transporting troops, these ships are capable of easily transporting troops from deep space into a planet so for example one of these ships are capable of traveling from the moon and land on earth with ease, it is made out of light yet extremely durable metals it can only be compared l that one ounce of the metal it's made out of is a thousand times stronger and denser than tungsten despite being extremely light. However this ship was mainly made for lasting capable of resisting the effect of horrendous environments while constantly entering the atmospheres and leaving the atmospheres with no damage.

the ships has several weapons but it's primary weapons are the dual particle beam lasers upfront, these particle beam weapons create a very powerful EMP radius upon contact with an object or being the ship itself immune to EMP's suffers no consequences from this action and not only does it release an EMP but these particle beam weapon projectiles move at the speed of light and give out a single terajoule that encompasses a blast radius of five meters

the gunship also can carry up to one hundred missiles with each individual one capable of utterly destroying large buildings in one shot.

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