The Light Organization Origin

Original Origin

"Something bad happened,....very bad"

A man in his late fifties said in a confound tone as he sat in a poorly lit room on a metallic chair.

"my name is General Augustus Autumn, me and my forces our the last of humanity that remain"

Augustus crossed his hands and looked deeply into the camera that was recording his every move, "the year was 3,012 A.D...I believe there was a series of events which lead to the destruction of the human race" Augustus than let out a sigh "but first I want you to know I don't have all the facts due to the side effects of time travel...yes you heard me time travel"

"I don't remember the threat that came before us, I do know however we weren't united or strong enough to defeat it"

"Meta human violence, world wide civil war, weakened us"

"In this millennium all of earths military forces united to form the UNM, United Nations of Man...we however had a enemy the Outer Colonies who went rogue and refused to have any connection with the UNM or earth restricting much needed supplies"

"That's when civil war broke out, I was a general in the UNM our superior technology had to deal with there superior numbers we were out numbered fifty to one, very few colonies agreed to help us so we were by ourselves, not only did we have to deal with the rebels but we had a meta human uprising that was causing world chaos this literally was a three way war...eventually we had to pull in all our forces to deal with the mutants allowing the rebels for a counter attack"

"Than I can't remember what happened but something devastating occurred, some unknown force was destroying everything in our path...some say it was a experimental bio weapon that the mutants or rebels acquired from our secret labs or it was a race of extraterrestrial beings...what ever it was it reduced the entire population of earth to 25% in twenty four-hours'"

"We were so desperate to beat this enemy we formed an alliance with the rebels but we failed to recruit the mutants and with out there help we lost, our only chance of survival was an experimental military project...which was time travel this was a ship fitted with a time traveling device it had a capacity for half a million people....but we did not have enough time to evacuated we only got a hundred thousand on board and the next thing I knew I was the highest ranking official left alive"

"and now were floating in dark space a thousand years into the past, I am going to make this right we will ensure whatever this enemy is that we will be prepared for it"

Augustus hit a switch on his desk that turned off the camera, he than got up and walked towards it...he pulled out the the cassette inside it and sighed while tapping it against his hand "We will make it right, we will be the guardians of humanity...we will be the Light"

New Origin


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