Mara Stendarr

Mara Stendarr is Crimson's love interest from another universe


Height: 5'8

Species: Seareans (Variety of sub-human)

Weight: N/A presumed to be very light

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Light Green

Skin Color: Caucasian

Age: Young for her species but technically hundreds of years old

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The Light's Vehicles

Here are a list of vehicles used by the Light


Length: 17.4 meters long

Width: 17 meter wingspan

Height/Depth: Variable

Crew: 4 (2 gunners, 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot)

Passengers: 30

Minimum Crew: 1

Escape craft: Cockpit pod ejects from main body of Gunship

Roles: Transport + Air Support

Total Flight Time with out rest or repairs at maximum speed and capacity: 72 hours

Maximum speed: 48,160 MPH

Base Speed: 800 MPH

Ship Weight with out cargo or crew: 5 tons

Ship Carrying Capacity: 500 tons


The gunship is the main flight vehicle of the Light in combat being extremely useful in transporting troops, these ships are capable of easily transporting troops from deep space into a planet so for example one of these ships are capable of traveling from the moon and land on earth with ease, it is made out of light yet extremely durable metals it can only be compared l that one ounce of the metal it's made out of is a thousand times stronger and denser than tungsten despite being extremely light. However this ship was mainly made for lasting capable of resisting the effect of horrendous environments while constantly entering the atmospheres and leaving the atmospheres with no damage.

the ships has several weapons but it's primary weapons are the dual particle beam lasers upfront, these particle beam weapons create a very powerful EMP radius upon contact with an object or being the ship itself immune to EMP's suffers no consequences from this action and not only does it release an EMP but these particle beam weapon projectiles move at the speed of light and give out a single terajoule that encompasses a blast radius of five meters

the gunship also can carry up to one hundred missiles with each individual one capable of utterly destroying large buildings in one shot.

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The Light's Equipment/Tech

Here are a list of non confidential equipment and technology the Light has to offer to their forces

Class C1 Combat Armor

The Class C1 Battle Armor is one of the most protective armors in existence, the full set of armor weight 90 lbs and covers head to toe, the armor is air tight and comes built in with a filtration device for the mask. A special coating is on the suit which is water proof and lasts permanently when applied this prevents it from catching on fire through any means and even the most corrosive materials harmlessly slide off.

The unique materials is made out of is classified though it is rumored to be a variant of hybrid virbanium/adamantium, the suit is completely bullet proof and has been in service at the same time of the Storm Rifle, the suit is capable of with standing barrages of bullets from several machine gun turrets simultaneously with no damage not even the paint gets chipped.

The reason it can do this is because of the unique energy absorption and elasticity of the armor it was made for either absorbing damage or reflecting it making the illusion of it's incredible durability while in fast it's just a specialized variant of a mixed adamantium/virbarnium alloy. For example ballistic weaponry can easily deflect off C1 battle armor because of its unique texture while rockets upon detonating will have all the kinetic energy absorbed nullifying damages.


  • Bullet Proof (No matter what type of round you use even if it was a .950 it will fail to even flinch the user and will causally deflect away like a rubber ball bounces off the wall, the only way ballistics can penetrate is if they are covered in adamantium and even than it would still take multiple shots in the same place to penetrate)
  • Fire Proof (There is a special coating that prevents the suit from getting caught on fire, so for example if somebody were to use a flame thrower on the suit the flames will harmlessly go around the as if it were purposely avoiding it, not even flammable liquids can be put on the suit because they harmlessly drip off and even if the suit user were to walk into a wall of fire hundreds of degrees hot they will be unharmed as the suit will absorb the heat and allow the user to walk around comfortably)
  • Acid Proof (Even if the acid is capable of destroying matter on a molecular level the point is null the coating keeps the suit from deteriorating even if the corrosive is air based)
  • Energy Absorption: (Energy based weapons are less effective against this armor due to layers of Vibranium with in)
  • Telepathic Shield (Telepaths even those above Omega level can not detect the minds or attack the minds of those covered completely in this armor)
  • Matter Destruction & Manipulation resistance (Only beings on par with Skyfathers are capable of manipulating this armor or destroying this armor at an atomic level)
  • Magic Negation (A unique capability of this suit is its ability to negate all forms of magical energy as long as the user is completely covered)
  • Enhanced Durability (It takes a minimum of 50 tons of TNT to by pass the absorption rate of the suit and kill the user)
  • Insulation (The suit allows the user to survive the extreme temperatures of space while keeping the user in a comfortable environment and it is also insulated which will nullify lighting or electricity based attacks on the user completely)

Class B2 Battle Armor

The Class B2 Battle Armor is a huge improvement over the C1 battle armor as you can see above, this armor was mainly made for the Knight Rank and thus is some what special as only Knight ranked forces or above are issued this armor, this armor has all the capabilities of the previous armor but at a much more advanced superior level as they were made to last and be more protective

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Captain Crimson (Secondary Character)

Captain Crimson

Height: 6'5

Weight: N/A presumed to be average for his size

Age: Early thirties

Gender: Male

Sex: Straight

Hair Color: Black but is currently bald

Iris Color: Brown




  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship
  • Gadgetry
  • Pressure Points Knowledge
  • Brain Washing/Hypnotism Resistance
  • Telepathy Resistance
  • Mind Reading Resistance
  • Indomitable Will Power
  • Enhanced Charisma
  • Technopathy
  • HUD
  • Energy Shields
  • Photographic Memory
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • CQC Expert
  • Weapons Master
  • Professional Pilot
  • Medical Skills
  • Enhanced Leadership
  • Supernatural Survivability
  • Luck

Standard Load Out

  • Storm Rifle
  • Dual XZ Plasma Pistol's
  • Thermal Grenades

(More to come)


  • His nickname is Paladin
  • He's one of the most esteemed soldiers in the entire organization
  • For every thousand kills he has gotten he would put a mark on his armor
  • He's the Supreme Commanders right hand man.
  • He is in command of one of the most famous battalions in the Light Organization the 132nd battalion
  • He is a living legend to his troops there has been many times where he has been MIA and thought to be killed but he always found a way back
  • His trade mark weapons are dual XZ Plasma Pistol's
  • He has a love interest Mara Stendarr who's from another universe, he loves her dearly and she as well.
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The Light's weapons

The Light has created an array of weapons for their forces to engage hostiles across the multiverse.

Storm Rifle

Length: 1.3 meters

Weight: 4.4 kg's

Magazine Capacity: 100 shots needs to be fed energy cells

Maximum Effective Range: 10 kilometers (On maximum power)

Projectile: Super heated plasma gas in a concentrated form

Projectile Speed: 1,800 Milers per hour

Projectile Fire Rate: five shots per second (When fully automatic)


The Storm Rifle is the oldest and most effective rifle in the Light Organization still being effective an eon after its creation and not having a suitable replacement, all soldiers have this as standard equipment.

The Storm Rifle shoots out super heated gas in the shape of a small sphere similar to a base ball, this ball of super heated gas in heat is one hundred thousand Kelvin hot and disperses kinetic energy when contacting its target up to one hundred Mega Joules. The Storm Rifle has three settings triple burst,single fire and fully automatic, all options have some difference but not huge as the only difference is that the fully automatic burns through ammo faster than the other settings being less accurate while the single fire shoots one projectile at a time but being extremely accurate at the same time the triple burst has both advantages and only one disadvantage which is it still can't be as dangerous when fully automatic, a fully automatic storm rifle is a force to be reckon with thanks to its high magazine capacity and fire power capable of destroying most cover with ease only metals stronger than adamantium is a suitable defense against this weapon so if your getting shot at MOVE! even meta humans with high levels of durability can be killed if a Storm Rifle unloads an entire magazine in automatic mode.

Cons & Strengths

There are very few cons this gun has while have lots of pro's

  • Very Lethal (Bad & Good, but if a unarmored friendly gets even grazed by this gun they will need severe medical attention nears misses are capable of turning the skin of carbon based life forms into ash.)
  • Grappling Hooks (The gun comes with several attachable grappling hooks with a maximum range of fifty meters and capable of supporting ten tons)
  • Anti-magnetism (There is a special device built it that prevents magnetic fields from attracting the guns away from their users)

XZ Plasma Pistol

XZ Plasma Pistol

Length: six inches

Weight: 8 oz

Magazine Capacity: 500 shots, needs a cool down time of five seconds

Maximum Effective Range: One kilometer

Projectile: Super heated plasma gas in a concentrated form

Projectile Speed: 1,600 MPH

Projectile Fire Rate: As fast as the user can pull the trigger


The XZ plasma pistol is just like the Storm Rifle old yet reliable and effective however there are differences, the plasma pistol is much lighter and easier to draw in a gun fight followed by being have 200% less recoil making it even easier to get precise shots, the gun disperses 1,000 kelvin and 10 mega joules per shot.

The XZ plasma pistol does not have to be fed ammo instead it recharges its own supply in a cool down it basically has a tiny reactor that helps produce the projectiles, for every hundred shots the gun will need to cool down for one second but is only optional when you do have to cool it down you have to wait five seconds for five hundred shots.

Cons & Strengths

There are very few cons this gun has while have lots of pro's

  • Quick Draw (This gun is excellent for quick draws due to the easy of moving the light gun and it's little recoil followed by its devastating fire power)
  • Cell Explosion (The user can pull out the energy cell that which is a mini reactor and throw it real hard which will cause a mini nuclear explosion capable of destroying an entire street block)
  • Unlimited Ammo (As long as you let the cells recharge and don't get it damage the user can shoot this gun indefinitely with the exception of cool down time)

Thermal Grenade

Weight: 2 oz

Blast Radius: ten meters

Kill Range: twelve feet

Activation: Three second fuse

Blast Radius Speed: Speed of light


The Thermal Grenade is considered the gods of grenades by the troopers who have witnessed its ludicrous fire power, the grenade has a maximum effective range of thirty two feet, the first twelve feet releases a anti-matter wave of energy that covers twelve feet anything that has no heavy resistance to matter destruction or Immunity will be completely destroyed at an atomic level, the next ten feet are capable of crushing diamonds into fine dust due to the sheer force of the kinetic energy ensuring nothing short of super human durability on par with a class hundred can survive this, the last ten feet release a green organic EMP that temporary disables the nervous system of carbon based life forms thus paralyzing them completely with the effect lasting shorter the greater the natural durability of their enemy usually a meta human with moderate levels of durability will be paralyzed for several minutes while a human can last for several hours.

Cons & Strengths

  • Fire Power (This can one shot must beings street level or even global threats the fire power of this explosive ensures only the most powerful of beings can survive this so those who can't must flee before the three seconds are up)
  • Anti Magnetism (Can't be moved or repelled by magnets)
  • Shut Down (The person who throws it is capable or remotely disabling it via thought before it explodes)
  • Only Light Forces can pick it up or activate it (A special counter measure prevents the grenade from being thrown back if somebody does try to throw it back they will find that the small sphere would weigh several thousand tons)

DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System

Weight: 5 kilograms

Magazine Capacity: 5,000 shots needs to be fed clips

Maximum Effective Range: 10 kilometers (On maximum power)

Projectile: Super heated plasma gas in a concentrated form

Projectile Speed: 3,600 Milers per hour

Projectile Fire Rate: fifty shots per second (When fully automatic)


The DC-17m is a very special and unique weapon only high ranking units carry and is relatively knew, this weapon has three attachments and three functions it,

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Cvnu The Light (New Paladins)


Captain Crimson leading the 32nd battalion

We are the Light an Omniversal wide organization, we fight for freedom and justice while also protecting the weak and innocent...(More to be added)

Forces (Pawns)

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200-250 lbs

Gender: Male

Age: Mid twenties

Skills: Markmanship,Close Quarters Combat,First Aid,


  • Peak Human Physique
  • Enhanced Durability via C1 Battle Armor

Population: Very high estimated to be in the low Googol's


Height: 6'5-6'6

Weight: 250-350

Gender: Male-Female

Age: Late twenties-Thirty

Skills: Enhanced Marksmanship,Clos

e Quarters Combat,First Aid,Advanced Recon,Photographic Memory


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Perception
  • Gadgetry

Population: High estimate to be in the high Quintillions.


Height: 6'5-6'6

Weight: 225-250

Gender: Male-Female

Age: Early thirties

Skills: Enhanced Marksmanship,Close Quarters Combat, First Aid,Advanced Recon,Weapon Mastery,Intuitive Aptitude, Photo Graphic Memory, Master Martial Artists, Pressure Point Knowledge


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Perception
  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Gadgetry

Population: High estimate to be in the high Quadrillions

Supreme Legionnaires

Height: 6'5

Weight: 200

Gender: Male

Age: Early thirties

Skills: Enhanced Marksmanship,Close Quarters Combat, First Aid,Advanced Recon,Weapon Mastery,Intuitive Aptitude, Photo Graphic Memory, Master Martial Artists, Pressure Point Knowledge


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Perception
  • Enhanced Marksmanship
  • Gadgetry
  • Enhanced Leadership
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