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@tommythehitman said:

I bet it's Arno Stark.

See that would make sense but so far the changes to the Big Three haven't made sense. Remender had been building up Ian Zola to be the new Cap and now suddenly it's Falcon and by all accounts it looked like it was going to be Angela that would replace Thor but now it's some random new character.



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The only thing this match did, was make me realize how awesome a Moon Knight tv live action series would be.

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Also, Michael Jai White as Black Panther. That suits him way better

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It'll probably be a cool show, but I've never been on board with a "Gordon is in Gotham when Bruce was little (& interacted with him....especially being there when his parents died)" origin. I prefer Batman: Year One (this was canon until mid n52, right?) where Gordon came to Gotham when Bruce was returning from his training - so they're much closer in age. The 'new' story is so overdone ("you were that little kid many years ago!").


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@lunacyde: alright, I believe you and I must say, I need to research Snake Eyes more.

I just thought that for Snake Eyes, a new combatant of which he doesn't know anything isn't the same as Cobra soldiers/enemies, which I assume they have confirmed enemy status and able to kill, as he's a soldier.
And yeah, if Snake Eyes won't hesitate to kill, then I think Bats is dead unless he can escape, which also means Snake Eyes wins.

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Love how they got the guy from original 90's flash, that show was so cheesy, bad acting obviously it was no Smallville or Arrow but I think that's a great nod to the fans wonder if he'll be Barry's dad or Jay Garrick maybe?

I hope they get more. One thing I really liked about Smallville, is that they used a lot of actors from the Superman universe in the show, that's always a nice treat.
I know there aren't many from the old Flash tv show, but they could get actors from any DC movie/series from the past, anything DC related

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@dernman said:

Soooo glad they went with a deeper red and not something bright. Still worried about the rest of the costume because it's not an easy one to pull off for live action.

I'm glad of this too.
Also, when I saw Barry on Arrow, I thought WELL HE ISN'T BLONDE, but I can say in the costume looks good. And also (also), while many people didn't liked Smallville for instance, did you see the Legion and Justice Society episodes from that show?
What I mean is, I really trust Geoff Johns to have a good input on this show.

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@lunacyde said:


So Batman is going to take out Snake-Eyes with smoke pellets? Even though a rebreather is a standard part of Snakes mask? And Batarangs are going to do what to someone who dodges bullets regularly? Not to mention even if a batarang did connect, what is it going to do to someone who has been blown up, stabbed, slashed, beaten, electrocuted, tortured and keeps on going?

Also what does Snake-Eyes have? He has a sword that is nigh unbreakable and cuts through solid steel like butter, he has an assortment of gun and knives, throwing weapons, grenades, and is an expert with explosives. He's a master of basically all melee weapons on earth so anything he can get his hands on is a deadly instrument.

I think I'm gonna vote for Batman for many (I think) intelligent reasons but, yeah, what this guy said.
Also, "Batman takes Snake Eyes with smoke pellets". Snake Eyes is a master ninja dude, smoke & stealth benefits them both, not just Batman.

I'm gonna go with Batman on the grounds of his drive to do whatever it takes to win (except killing of course), and his more awesome and versatile gear.
I think if this was a death match Snake Eyes would have a much better chance, but as Katzman said, morals are on, which means the ninja isn't gonna kill some random dude in a cape who he's just beggining to understand while they fight.
I say Batman wins, with a lot of blood loss and some broken bones.

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Really excited to finally see an entire issue of Batman VS Bane battle, and not just some one-shot gadget like the thing he injected Bane with in Batwoman's comic.

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