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Superman should be praying to The One Above All or at the very least Galactus so that Nimrod doesn't show up and obliterate him. 1% of Nimrods physical strength is enough to wipe Superman out, ripping his limbs clean off his body with almost no effort. Nimrod solo'ed Juggernaut for christ sake.

If Kal played the sissy card and flew away, then the Sentinals would adapt and become teleporters or invoke some flight capabilities. They didn't need any of that to take out the final group of mutants, they were more than capable of killing everyone on foot and without any means of propulsion or teleportation. Their ground game was more than enough, just a handful of them took out some very powerful mutants.

Sentinals take this with minor losses. I say Kal takes out maybe 10 out of 100 before they all adapt.

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So Bills extra 25% of power in reserve is going to skyrocket him from being able to get pummeled by Vegeta in SSJ2 form, to far beyond Omega Shenron?

SSJ3 is four times SSJ2. SSJ4 is 10x SSJ3. Fusion is at least double, but definitely a lot more than 2x both users combined. So that means Vegeta upped his power level by a factor of 80x at minimum in an instant all while maintaining SSJ2 form and not vaporizing himself, as Goku even mentioned that SSJ3 cant be sustained for long. That sudden surge of power should have ended him. But even then, SSJ2 upping his power level 80x over is only comparing to the weakest SSJ4 Gogeta could be. It is evident that some people think Bills is even more powerful than Omega and SSJ4 Gogeta ( who is definitely more than 2x SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta combined, probably a lot more ) So, are we talking SSJ2 Vegeta upping his power level by a factor of 100x? 200? more?

If you think Bills is stronger than Omega, then the answer is yes, you believe that SSJ2 Vegeta instantly acquired probably 200x his current power level from the time Bulma got smacked by Bills, to when Bills was in shock and bug eyed when Vegeta pummled him.

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@p0rtal: dude this was still a suppressed beerus

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Her brain was flipping out, not her body. There is no evidence to support that claim, but there is evidence to support how kryptonians react when suddenly being exposed to red or yellow sunlight in other medias. I dont deny she wasnt able to dodge that, she certainly could have and i never mentioned speed, but with her armor on and her new found powers that rocket almost killed her. She had double the armor Superman would have and still got obliterated.

Not minutes prior to that scene, the world engine in Metropolis was crushing cars, but not into flat disks. It was pretty much like something nice and heavy hit them and flattened them, thousands of tons on a car would pancake it to the thickness of a dinner plate. Car presses in a junk yard typically output 1000-2000kn of force which is around 100-200 tons of pressing force. Superman couldn't even fly up the world engines beam with a fraction of that pushing back against him. Superman wasn't able to catch and stop a 6-12 ton caboose train car lobbed slowly at him and failed to brace a metal tower on that oil rig from falling over.

MoS Superman is a 50-100 tonner at best, if he 1v1'ed Thing, Collosus or similar characters from marvel, he would be destroyed in an instant. Hulk would rip his arms right off his body, Juggernaut would walk right through him like tin foil, Submariner would pop his head clean off his body and naruto would incinerate him with a ki blast of some type.

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Faora was exposed to an environment her body had not adjusted to, she was at her weakest before the anti-tank missile hit her. You would also note she had enough time to turn around and hold out her hand toward the missile. She didn't have the strength to move when her showings before being exposed have her moving at blur speeds and speed blitzing people casually. Unexposed she would have easily moved out of the way.

Superman flew up to the world engine something that has the power to lift thousands of tons of material on the other side of the planet, he has great durability.

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In terms of skill, The worst mortal kombat fighter is lightyears ahead of Akuma and Oro from Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat kombatants are able to fist fight demi gods and beings that have 10,000+ years of combat training. But, the entire point to Mortal Kombat is that they fight as Mortals, their speed and physical strength is not really super human, it's meta human but not super. Kahn, Goro and similar beings have immense physical strength but all of them get impaled by spikes and die from 50ft drops. Ryu and Akuma jump off cliffs and airplanes for fun, hell Oro can withstand 600mph wind standing ontop of a plane while in flight and not think twice. Also, most of the top tier Street Fighter characters can dodge bullets with ease, nobody in Mortal Kombat can really do that in the manner the SF characters often do.

Ken wins, but if it were even in power and speed Cage would wreck Ken without much effort at all.

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Zod hitting Superman upside the head with a small piece of metal and dazing him, Hancock getting hit by a train and not really noticing. Why is this even a debate? This is a spite and unfair battle that needs to be flagged.

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In terms of Feats, Godzilla.

In terms of lore and myth, Kraken. The Kraken was a godling who only actual Olympians, Titans or powerful magical beings can kill.

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Sam's sword is a family heirloom that was passed down a few generations to him, apparently. It is just a normal Katana in design and origin that was hand forged from high quality but still common Japanese steels. It was given nanotech on the exteriors by an unknown manufacturer, probably someone in the Patriots before their downfall because really only they had access to such nanotechnology. Sam's sword was enhanced before he met Senator Armstrong, which means that Sam was probably a gun for hire for someone working for the Sons of the Patriots, who then gave him some upgrades. In terms of raw skill, Sam is naturally the strongest and fastest being in the Metal Gear Universe that are more human than anything else.

Raiden said Sam didn't have much mechanical upgrades to his body, even vamp had nanomachines in his brain helping him with speed and reactionary abilities, but Sam didn't. Sam is awesome. But back to the subject, Vemon stands no chance against Raiden. :)

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I don't know about that - Jetstream Sam's sword could probably do it, though.

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Venom cannot lift and toss several hundred tons of weight, which is what Raiden is able to do on a casual level. His sword tech is nano machine based and cuts on the atomic level. He would have no problem slicing right through Wolverines body, and Venom is no where near fast enough to even remotely come close to Raiden in any way, shape or form. Not sure what happens to Venom when he gets punched so hard and fast that his body explodes, or when parts of him are suddenly not there anymore.

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SSJ2 Vegeta compared to Bills momentarily. No way SSJ2 can house more power than SSJ4 Gogeta 20 years after the Buu Saga when everything was so broken and base Goku was probably stronger than his Super Saiyan form back during the Freeza Fight.

Omega Wins without even trying.

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Faora was wiped out by a low yield jet missile, Zod whacked Superman in the face with this and dazed him. Kal in this movie stands 0 chance against Naruto level fighters.

i still want to now how come Naruto beat MOS superman.