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Loki, the magical misfit vs Betelgeuse, the Bizarre Banshee ( Beetlejuice ).

Story: Eons ago, the phantom Betelgeuse stole Odin's first girlfriend and retreated to the real of the Dream with his prize. To Mephisto's delight, Odin invaded his realm in attempt to forcibly retake his maiden back to Asgard. He failed. Bloodied and bruised both emotionally and physically, Odin set a bounty on Betelgeuse that has remained unclaimed to this very day. Loki has discovered an ancient bounty board while wearing the disguise of his brother Thor: " He who slays the vexatious demon known as Betelgeuse, shall be given a reward befitting of a King."

Fight to the Death / Incapacitation.

Round 1 - Earth

Round 2 - Dream Dimension ( With Mephisto's approval, whom will not interfere with the battle )

Loki has an hour to prepare before their first encounter.

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In the anime, all the deities were cosmic beings/aliens, not divine entities. Beyonder will literally make Nyar his pet. However, the Lovecraft lore version is the right hand of the creator of all things. I tend to give the auto win to any being with powers like that to the one that is divine. Beyonder isn't, and is it generally considered a stomp when you pit him against Michael or Lucifer. Nyar would actually be far above both of them in the HP lovecraft lore. Thats just my opinion anyway and not based on fact.

Beyonder wins against that anime version, because it was loosely based on the lovecraft lore, the anime turned those divine beings into simple alien races.

Michael = Omniversal

Beyonder = Omniversal

Anime Nyar = Multiversal

Just a justification with some others agreeing with me here http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/michael-demiurgos-vs-nyarlathotep-1478146/

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Did someone just cite Screwattacks boss battle as justification? Haha. The same guys that said a continent weighs 160,000 tons. Goro is definitely not stronger than Hugo. There is a lot of evidence to support that. We have to get over this featless debate. Everything that Ryu can handle, Hugo can handle a lot more. Chun, Honda and Gen can all blur their attacks, everyone in Street Fighter can leap off buildings and high places without dying instantly. Only Raiden and similar beings can do that, but not during tournament times when the entire Mortal Kombat cast has to fight as mortals. Flippin' Reptile did not dodge bullets, he zig zagged and anticipated, there has been no media saying any Mortal Kombat characters are faster than bullets, Street Fighter already confirmed most of them are faster than bullets, all of them are small explosives proof. Bison Teleports, Dhalsim teleports. Both Ryu and Akuma can jump 50 feet into the air casually, and Akuma punched an island hard enough to cause an earthquake though. Guess, what, Hugo hits harder than Akuma. That really isn't debatable and has been a part of the game play since Hugo first appeared.

Also, I am positively shocked that someone can say Kabal is faster than bullets because he dashed in one scene in MK9. Oh well, that just confirms bullet time I guess? Jeez. :P

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There wasn't anything great about MK Legacy except the idea of Marc playing Kung Lao and the original tone of the first pitch trailer where Cage fought Baraka. That "tone" was the closest to how MK should feel, outside of Baraka not being tarkatan and just a regular dude, that was all spot on with how I wanted it to feel in live action. Not to knock the MK movie from 95' which was awesome, it just wasn't tonally accurate to the game. Too kidsy.

The Legacy series was an abomination that was absolute disrespectful to the MK Lore and story, done only to spark controversy with how much was altered. MK9s cutscene movie experience was lightyears better than Legacy. Kangs design in Legacy was abysmally stupid. The age of Emo is over, I think people want our heros to be a bit lighter and less saturated in grit and darkness. Kang was made a psychopathic murderer assassin? What the hell...

Legacy did the Scorpion story immensely well, as well as Kenshin. They did the original pitch trailer before season 1 very well, but still goofy in story setup. Kang from the MK movie ni 1995 would wreck house with Kang from Legacy. Would lay him over his lap, pull his pants down and spank him into submission, then put him out of his misery for being so emotionally weak and pitiful. :P

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I fail to see the logic in the writers and Akira making Bills 1000x Vegitto or SSJ4 Gogeta.

Vegeta in SSJ2 did not up his power level beyond Super Buu, Vegitto, SSJ4, Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta. That is really silly even for DBZ standards. It makes a lot more sense that Bills and SSJG Goku were within the perameters of what Vegeta was capable of achieving in his SSJ2 form. SSJ3-4 maybe. But beyond that? Nope. SSJ4 is 10x SSJ3. SSJ3 is 4x SSJ2. It makes infinitely more sense that Vegeta was able to boost his power level by roughly 44x to compare to SSJ4, instead of what others claim in that SSJG goku, bills and ssj2 vegeta were all hundreds if not thousands of times more powerful than anything in GT, which in turn is a lot stronger than Vegitto and Super Buu.

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I realize opinion is subjective and all, but this comment is completely grounded in inaccurate information so I won't push my response as undeniable. Its just my opinion. :)

1. SF and Tekken characters are all meta humans, Mortal Kombat Fighters are mortals for the most part with special powers, but still grounded in peak human speed and durability. The Street Fighters are factually superior physically in every way, but the Mortal Kombat fighters are so far ahead of them in skill that it isn't fair to compare them. Kahns physiology is not like a humans, he is something else entirely. The simple fact that he can get punched clean through his chest by a human man is the end of the argument, Kahn is nowhere near as durable as the weakest Street Fighter. Cammy hits harder than him and has survived explosions capable of tearing apart buildings.

2. That was an awesome feat for Liu Kang, but not canon. Despite not being canon per say, it reflects the games when people punch one another through ceilings of stone. Point is, Street Fighter characters don't instantly erupt into a pool of blood when they are flung off high places. Mortal Kombat fighters do.

3. Raiden and similar beings have their powers nerfed during tournaments, however their powers still remain and all their special abilities are still present. They fight as Mortals, this is part of the rules of Mortal Kombat. However, guys like Goro won for so long because he is an 8 foot tall master of martial arts that can punch through solid rock. His body is more durable than most humans and it took a prodigy from Earthrealm to defeat him. Even the great Kung Lao wasn't able to defeat him. Also, regular pointed icicles are capable of killing everyone in Mortal Kombat. Bullets and even some small explosives are laughable to pretty much every Street Fighter.

4. Proof of Hugo being bullet proof is that he can get hit by Akuma, Bison and Ryu's energy blasts and walk away without much damage, blasts capable of literally causing a city building to crumble. Akuma is powerful enough to punch the ground and cause an earthquake that rumbled through an entire small island. Nobody in Mortal Kombat is that powerful, and Hugo can tank Akuma. He is factually the most durable and strongest Street Fighter, his blows are more powerful than Ryu, whom is more than capable of harming Akuma.

5. Goro's strength does not outmatch Hugo. Goro cannot lift and toss tons of weight, Hugo can. Ryu alone can hold a maybe 2 tons of weight above his head in a horse stance for an unknown period of time. Hugo is significantly stronger than Ryu. In Shaolin Monks, Goro tossed Cage to the solid ground and made a small crater and did in fact take out some pillars. I don't think it is questionable to say Goro is very powerful, but based purely on durability and feats of Strength...Street Fighters like Ryu and Guile have survived events that have caused Mortal Kombatants to literally explode into a pool of blood.

Not going to defend Hugo here, because I think as well that Goro would win but this battle is just like the Kang vs Goro debate. Goro is so much stronger and more durable, yet still lost the fight due to Kangs superior skill. This is the same as Hugo vs Goro. Hugo is just so physically superior to Goro, but Goro is an actual master of combat on par with some demi gods. Hugo isn't even 1% as skilled as Goro in my humbled view. If Goro charges in, Hugo is going to knock Goro's face off his skull on the first hit, or Hugo would bear hug him and squeeze him to death. If Goro manages to get past that, he is 100% going to find Hugo's weakness and exploit it for the win.

@ p0rtal: First off hardly, mk guys,are more powerful in general and more durable tgan sf guys. Kahn survived getting a hole punched thru his chest by liu kang, where as ryu punched sagats chest giving him a scar that nearly killed him....kahn came back almost instantly.

In the films, lol lk got kicked dead in the chest by reptile thru a 3 foot brick wall not even dazed got up and beat the hell out of reptile. He also had his hand frozen by sub zero only to sting him instead if freeze him.

There are rules in mk but that doesnt ban powers entirely..unless its someone raiden level. Lol

Goro has hundreds of years more experience tgan hugo, bullets wont stop goro. Dudes been frozen solid by sub zero and broke out of it minutes later, i highly doubt a little bullet woukd do much. Also proof of hugo being bulletproof?

Goro has beaten people whod hand hugo his butt like the old original kung lao who was earths champion and best fighter during that time before Goro killed him.

Goros strength surpasses hugo easily, hes not ripping off his arms if anything goro rips off hugos arms lol or teleports stomps him, mksm isnt canon but the showing of goros power is accurate. Dude punched thru solid pillars holding up tons....ge also tossed cage across the entire temple room and punched a huge hole in the ground.

Goro smashes Hugo then rips him in half literally.

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Haha. Work, my friend. Got some time to read the new Mortal Kombat X comics, then found out that Goro is in the new game and did some googling on any new information. This topic came up, so I posted hehehe.

As strong as Goro is, Hugo is probably 10x Goro in his prime. The entire idea behind Mortal Kombat is that they are mortals fighting as mortals. Common blades harm them, none of them can dodge bullets ( Reptile didn't dodge them in MK9, he anticipated and zig zaged when he was scaling that building, where as Ryu is a confirmed bullet DODGER at POINT BLANK range. ) As mentioned, everyone in MK explodes on impact from certain heights, where as guys like Guile were hurled off cliffs with no real terrible sustained damage. Hugo is literally the physically strongest SF character, as well as the most durable. He is a meta human even though Goro is half dragon and 8 foot tall, he was defeated repeatedly by mortal fighters.

Hugo = bullet proof and small explosive proof.

Goro = not

Hugo = fights bullet timers and beings that can lift and toss tons of weight like softballs.

Goro = never fought anyone like this ( and its not fair to use the Shokan in Shaolin Monks because such a feat has never happened anywhere else, and it was just supposed to part of a video game that was fun and hard to get past )

tldr: Hugo will punch a hole in Goro's chest and rip off all four of his arms, but if Goro makes it to round 2, I think Goro would win via some crazy fighting maneuver that was aimed at some vital point.

@p0rtal: What the...hasn't it been like months since you posted? Where the hell have you been?! (I almost made a corny joke about getting stuck in a portal...almost.)

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Hugo is faster and stronger than Goro. Goro is light-years better in actual fighting ability. It would be game over for Goro if Hugo grappled him, and none of Goro's fire blasts would have much effect on him. I don't think Goro is anywhere near strong enough to actually rip any limbs off Hugo. The fight would go to Hugo for round one and Goro would probably be left with a few broken arms, most of his ribs and his jaw. However, if Goro survives the first clash then Hugo would lose. Goro's fighting skill is just too demi god like for Hugo to handle and I think Goro would find a way to win despite the severe disadvantage he has in speed and strength. Goro would win through vital pressure points or the throat or something like that. 0 chance of him harming Hugo any other way...SF characters are too physically potent and durable by comparison to MK characters who go splat from falling off some cliffs.

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Superman should be praying to The One Above All or at the very least Galactus so that Nimrod doesn't show up and obliterate him. 1% of Nimrods physical strength is enough to wipe Superman out, ripping his limbs clean off his body with almost no effort. Nimrod solo'ed Juggernaut for christ sake.

If Kal played the sissy card and flew away, then the Sentinals would adapt and become teleporters or invoke some flight capabilities. They didn't need any of that to take out the final group of mutants, they were more than capable of killing everyone on foot and without any means of propulsion or teleportation. Their ground game was more than enough, just a handful of them took out some very powerful mutants.

Sentinals take this with minor losses. I say Kal takes out maybe 10 out of 100 before they all adapt.

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So Bills extra 25% of power in reserve is going to skyrocket him from being able to get pummeled by Vegeta in SSJ2 form, to far beyond Omega Shenron?

SSJ3 is four times SSJ2. SSJ4 is 10x SSJ3. Fusion is at least double, but definitely a lot more than 2x both users combined. So that means Vegeta upped his power level by a factor of 80x at minimum in an instant all while maintaining SSJ2 form and not vaporizing himself, as Goku even mentioned that SSJ3 cant be sustained for long. That sudden surge of power should have ended him. But even then, SSJ2 upping his power level 80x over is only comparing to the weakest SSJ4 Gogeta could be. It is evident that some people think Bills is even more powerful than Omega and SSJ4 Gogeta ( who is definitely more than 2x SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta combined, probably a lot more ) So, are we talking SSJ2 Vegeta upping his power level by a factor of 100x? 200? more?

If you think Bills is stronger than Omega, then the answer is yes, you believe that SSJ2 Vegeta instantly acquired probably 200x his current power level from the time Bulma got smacked by Bills, to when Bills was in shock and bug eyed when Vegeta pummled him.

@dbzk1999 said:

@p0rtal: dude this was still a suppressed beerus