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Grendel vs the Shadow--something to keep an eye on 0

I am a huge Grendel fan. I've read every issue of anything Grendel-related. Grendel started in the 80s and has come out in a variety of volumes and titles since then. It has been several years since the last series (Behold the Devil), so I was excited to see what Matt Wagner would do with this crossover.Wagner is, to my mind, one of the top creators in the profession when he's at his peak. Sometimes he doesn't quite reach his peak though (cough cough Mage II), so it's always a bit of an unknown ...

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More (Eh) Scary Monsters 2

For those who didn't watch the X-Files TV series, it had two major kinds of episodes: the conspiracy or mythology episodes, which were usually multi-episode arcs and carried the through-line of the plot; and the scary monster episodes, which are pretty self-explanatory: stand-alone episodes with scary monsters. And they were--at least to me, ten or twenty years ago--pretty scary sometimes. They did a good job of making short, effective experiences of suspense and horror.X-Files Season 10, the of...

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Lovely and Amazing 0

Wow wow wow wow wow.  This is one of the best monthly comics I have ever read, especially when considered in it's place as the capstone to a fantastic long-running story arc.   It's thoughtful, it's emotionally deep and affecting.  It caps off rich characterizations and complex plots.  It makes it clear that everything that has happened with Loki, starting with Siege: Loki onwards, has been part of a grand plan, and I've rarely seen a long-term arc come off this well in comics before.  The art w...

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Woah--with major spoilers 0

I think the overall plot of this crossover is a little confusing.  But let's ignore that.  This will be less of a review than an editorial. This story had a completely surprising twist.  I'm just going to describe it in detail in the spoiler block.  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.It turns out (unless he's lying) that Kid Loki is actually Evil Loki!  He's been playing everyone all along.  Unless (again) he's lying when he says THAT.  This revelation (or new trick) took me c...

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Some good, some bad 0

Overall I'd say this was a not-impressive book with some good stuff in it.  I've become very interested in Noh-Varr in the past several months, so it was good to see him figure centrally here.  It looks like he'll be doing some butt-whupping next issue (if the cover is any indication, which of course it isn't necessarily), so that will be fun to see; I want to see what he's like when he's going all out.  The details with his girlfriend were also nicely written.  The rest of the dialog was kind o...

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Good background to AvX 0

So, this is my first review.I haven't read X-Men Legacy before, although I've read plenty of X-Men in general. It always seemed to me to be one of those random X-titles that didn't have a reason to exist besides selling more books (this was just an assumption and not based on anything). So I finally picked up this issue because it looked like it would have some interesting AvX-related battles, and I enjoy me some hero-on-hero battles.It did have some of that, but what I was pleasantly surprised ...

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