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@owie: Quicksilver is waaay too faster than Speed Demon. Quicksilver even has some FTL feats.

examples of FTL?

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Only Quicksilver can win

Pete has beaten Speed Demon multiple times. Quicksilver is arguably faster but not enough to make a difference.

While Beast is stronger than Spider-Man, IMHO Peter is slightly more agile, and in any case has prep and bloodlust here, so I am taking him for the win there.

I don't know what he would do to beat Storm considering that she can fly up and strike him from a distance with wind and lightning.

Wolverine, Sabretooth, and X-23 would be tough. Given his prep he could win a minority at least, and I suppose a majority is possible.

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I don't really like the whole reveal the secret identity trend in comics in general. I can buy it to a degree for Tony Stark and Captain America. Stark doesn't have the same kind of group of family that many heroes have, and because of who he is, he happens to be able to protect himself and anyone he wants with ridiculous technology. Cap also doesn't have a family, and he hangs out in Avengers mansion. And he is a symbol of honesty and so on, so it sort of makes sense that he'd be honest about who he is.

For Daredevil, on the other hand, he does have a pretty wide network of friends and loved ones, several of whom have been killed already, and his villains are often totally insane, so they are much more likely to go kill those friends and loved ones than the relatively more sane Iron Man and Cap villains. Dick Grayson fits into this same mold. With villains like Joker et al, they're going to kill your friends and family at the first opportunity. And I can't believe that no one is gong to make a connection between Dick and Bruce. Even if normal people don't, certainly their villains are going to. It seems like a big can of worms that would be hard to fix. And once this happens in a comic, it's hard to reverse. With Spider-Man, they had to have Dr Strange fix it, and with Daredevil, they've obviously been working for years now to reverse what Bendis started, only to eventually realize that they couldn't, and they had to embrace it as they're trying to do now in the new DD volume.

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@undeadpool: "Chris Bachalo’s pencils are, as always, beautifully detailed and amazingly rendered, each character looking distinct and different from one another."

This made me chuckle, because before the Cuckoos all changed their hairstyles, there were 5 blondes that were sometimes indistinguishable! Part of that was just poor costume design choices, but that was also on Bachalo. I'm fine with them changing the cuckoos hairstyles (helps differentiate them) but I feel like it was done because Bachalo was drawing every blonde chick exactly the same.

Ha! I totally agree...I can't tell them apart either. It helps a little that he has Illyana wear the black horns in her hair when she's in costume, but when she's not, it's tough. At one point Illyana had bangs and Emma didn't, but I think that has changed. I like Bachalo a lot, but this one factor always screws me up when he has a panel that's cropped down to just a heads, and I can't tell who is saying what.

As a Cyke fan, I enjoyed seeing him show off how much of a boss he can be, in terms of how he played Maria Hill. We hear about him being such a strategic and tactical genius a lot in this volume, but don't really get to see it much. So it was nice to see his dominant use of his resources in action.

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The reason it was so overgrown so fast was explained by saying that Dr Isley's (Poison Ivy) formula got in the water.

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I've never really understood the continuing appeal of either. V just wasn't that amazing, to me, from a story point of view. Not bad, not amazing. Watchmen was interesting, and I can see how, if I read it as a teenager, I would have liked it. But having read it for the first time as an adult, it was the kind of thing I could appreciate but not really care about. It is formally interesting, but didn't really pull me in. And the art is mediocre at best. A better artist could have really "sold" the story much better, and made it into something that was genuinely affecting. Watchmen is usually held up along with the Dark Knight Returns as two genre-impacting comics competing for greatest graphic novel ever, and I think that's true, in terms of their effect on the medium of comics. Watchmen certainly was influential. But in my eyes Dark Knight was a much better comic as a reading experience.

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Cool setup.

A little complicated though. Maybe clear up the rules?

so its who can win a race with blocks in round 1

and who can get to and stop pirates in round 2?

Yep, that's pretty much the situation.

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Black Panther vs Pink Panthers (tag-team between Inspector Clouseau and the cartoon Pink Panther)

This is a two-stage contest. First, Black Panther is in a Cannonball-Run-style cross-country road race against Inspector Clouseau. They must get from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon by car. Neither starts off with a car. Numerous Hydra agents, a troop of mimes, a bus full of sight-seeing nuns, and a college toga party get in their way along the trip. Whoever gets there first wins.

Once there, Black Panther and the cartoon Pink Panther must both attempt to foil some pirates, who have traveled in time from the past and sailed up the river in two boats. Whichever gets their boat of pirates to stop pillaging first wins.

No prep. The Pink Panthers have their full-on "toon force" (or whatever you want to call it in the case of Clouseau).

Can Black Panther's intelligence and prowess beat the Pink Panthers' lucky ability to win out regardless of their bumbling manner?

Who wins each round and why?

Black Panther
Pink Panther: Inspector Clouseau
Pink Panther: cartoon version

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Wow, big news. I would hope this just further smooths the long-run trend to smoothly read comics on any platform, and they don't focus on just the Kindle instead. But I think they're smart enough to keep it open.

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I agree with the 2 stars. I enjoyed this group when they were in Spider-man, but they lacked chemistry, and the plot seemed uninspired. Spider-Woman's new costume looked terrible, all the worst elements of the 90s. I was looking forward to this team, but can't see me getting more of this.