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Bumparoo...two female martial artists with "lady" in their names! How can you go wrong?

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Lady Bullseye vs Lady Deathstrike in a battle of pure skill.

Lady Bullseye is in her normal, pre-powers body. Lady Deathstrike is in her normal, pre-cybernetic body (but she has her current level of skill and experience).

Both have a katana and a wakizashi, plus 20 shuriken.

Battle starts 20' apart in Rem Koolhaas's Seattle Public Library.

In character. Win by any means.

Who wins and why?

(round 2, just for kicks--Lady Bullseye with her new gas powers, Lady Deathstrike with cybernetic enhancements)

Lady Bullseye
Lady Deathstrike--except that she has no cybernetic enhancements in this battle

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I ended up going with too close to call myself.

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@pikahyper: OK, thanks for the info. It's nice to have the list, I like to set myself goals by it for the wiki--to stay in the top 50 or whatever. So it would be nice to have it back eventually.

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Is there any plan to fix the Top Users list? I know it's better than it was a while ago, at least there is a list, but it's not live/updated. It's too bad this function was lost in the various updates.

Also on a somewhat related matter, if you go to Users (top menu on the site) > Moderators, it brings you to the Top Users list, not a Mod list.

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For a variety of reasons (you can look at the Stormtrooper page on wookieepedia for details) the Stormtroopers stopped relying on clones and started recruiting normal folks.

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Wow, that Deathstroke fight looked awesome. I've never been the hugest fan but I may have to check into that.

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@owie: Sounds interesting. Do you think MM's new origin will be more similar to his first and better origin?

I really have no idea, but that's kind of what's interesting. I suppose it's possible he and Beyonder would be fueled by the space between universes, since that's been a big thing in the last couple issues. But that's pure speculation. It was just very interesting to see the conversation between Doom and Owen:

Doom: The rabble love stories. They love the lie, which is why there is no discernable difference between what they call truth and what they call fiction. History. A collection of half-truths weaved together so as to establish a supposed firm foundation supporting all that has been built--modernity. We can agree on this, can't we, Mr. Reece?

MM: ...They think they understand who I am--what I am--but they're wrong. You're wrong. What's an origin, but a story? What's my story, but a lie? We all love our stories, don't we?

Which could all tie into the main storyline, but also could easily be MM being meta and talking about himself.

Then later:

MM: Too much talk. But if we must talk, we should talk about beginnings--also, endings....Do you know the story? First there was nothing...then there was everything."

Which is of course the way most creation myths go, but it's also how the Beyonder's origin goes. One day he's in the Beyond realm, being nothing, then the portal to our Earth opens up and he's aware of everything.

It could also explain the reason why Earth is the point of contact in the convergences, since that's where the Beyonder first noticed our universe, and where he spent most of his time. But anyway, this is all me just guessing right now.

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@tparks: A few points about classic Drax. First, three of those scans (grabbing on the Surfer and his board and punching him) aren't even what I could call "classic" Drax, they're Drax after he was reincarnated and highly amped. The one where he grabs Surfer's neck hardly seems like "speedblitzing" to me; they're in a normal melee situation, Drax grabs him. Surfer doesn't use any kind of super-speed to try to avoid, nor does Drax seem to use any unusual speed to grab him. I don't think that scans shows anything. The part where he holds onto the board and keeps it in place, yes that's totally impressive but again is from a different era than what I would call classic Drax.

The original, classic version (before being resurrected and made stupid) was listed as a 40 tonner in the '86 OHOTMU. I know he smashed those planets (or planetoids) but other than that he didn't really do much at that level and I'm more likely to interpret those as acts out of his normal range (or as examples of destructive power other than just strength) than as examples of his standard strength. For instance, he was regularly grappling with Mar-vell in that era, and Mar-vell was a 10-tonner. And he was clearly inferior to Thanos at that period, despite having been created to fight him; he had nowhere near Thanos's class-100 strength then.

So I just don't see him as anywhere near as fast as WW in fighting speed--maybe interstellar travel speed, but he never speed blitzed in terms of multiple punches per second or anything like that. And he would also be dramatically below her in strength as well.

The only area he would have been her equal is in durability. That era of Drax was practically indestructible.

Also, about the Thing and MOBs--the Thing's strength and durability has explicitly evolved/increased over time. He was a 50-85 tonner at the era in the MOB fight. (For context, he was only a 5 tonner or so when he was first created.) Also, Surfer doesn't seem to be going particularly fast in his encounter with the MOB, he looks like he's just cruising in standard atmospheric flight. Nonetheless Gamora's fight against the MOBs is very impressive even with all those qualifiers.

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Ah, Molecule Man. What is going on here? So many possibilities.

My theory is that al this end of the world stuff is leading directly to the new Secret Wars. And that Molecule Man is a central part of it.

There have been some interesting dialog lines dropped in the last couple issues. Doom is interested in what started this whole convergence thing, not in its end. He wants to know why the rock from another world has the same energy signature as Reece.

My theory is that the Beyonder is what tipped the first universes to start contracting together, and he’s taking bits and pieces from each one and putting them in this Secret Wars battle world. And that Reece and the rock have similar signatures because the rock is tied into the Beyonder’s power, which Reece is connected to through their shared origin. Doom is using Reece to learn about the Beyonder, so he can reverse engineer the convergence problem. And of course Doom has had close relationships with both of them (Reece and Beyonder) in the past.

But, Reece is also talking about origins and stories in this issue, and how they may seem true but can be false. I think we are going to be getting an all-new origin for him and Beyonder, something different than the cosmic cube, that will turn all this on its head.

It’s exciting stuff for fans of Owie, such as (obviously) myself. These last couple of issues have really amped up the story arc.