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Well, there's only been 10 released so far. But if I was going to rank those 10:

1. Winter Soldier

2 Guardians

3 Iron Man

4 Cap: First Avenger

5 Avengers

6 Iron Man 2

7 Dark World

8 Hulk

9 Thor

10 Iron Man 3

TBH until I looked it up, I didn't think Incredible Hulk counted as MCU, continuity-wise.

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I'd watch a Moon Knight movie (or Netflix show even better), or a Sentry movie, but not vs each other.

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Boba was also in the Clone Wars TV show (which is canon) as a kid, and honestly he was kind of a bad@$$ even as a kid.

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I am totally fine with this trailer. It gives us a sense of what the movie is going to be about, gives us some interesting scenes to ponder--is Supes really acting like a god, with the military bowing to him, or are being given out of context scenes to make us think so?--and of course it is going to be awesome to see Superman fight Batman on screen. Affleck was not particularly amazing, and his suit actually looked a bit bulky in that first shot, but I like that the helmet of the anti-Superman suit is semi-borrowed from DKR.

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Very good respect thread.

You know your stuff. :)


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I'm not sure what a composite Bane is like, I thought the new Bane was significantly stronger than the old one.

Using just old Bane, I would say Grendel. He's faster and his weapon gives him a big advantage.

Incidentally, @impervious (and other Grendel fans) if you're interested in Grendel, I'll plug myself and point out a bunch of Grendel-universe battles I made this summer that didn't get comments. I should have used callouts.

Drizzt vs Grendel

Tujiro vs Grendel-Prime

Grendel Prime vs Terminator 850

Grendel Prime vs Robocop

Christine Spar (Grendel II) vs Mockingbird

Eppy Thatcher vs Jack O'Lantern

Hunter Rose vs Nightcrawler

Grendel-Prime vs Boba Fett

(sorry for hijacking)

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This was one of my favorite issues so far. I thought the relationship between Kamala and the new guy was great, and so was the conversation between Bruno and Aamir. And the end, while maybe a bit predictable, should be a good moment of growth for Kamala. Very nice character-based stuff.

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What the girl said to Magneto at the end (I'm avoiding spoilers here) was pretty hard core, and very true. His face, when he realized it, was great.

This book, like Loki, has had some really great moments. Also like Loki, it was one of the more disrupted series by Axis, and it lost some of its pacing and power due to that. It seems to be getting it back now.

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The Destroyer has always been able to hold Mjolnir.

The art on Thor looks pretty good.

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@rorie said:

Are you talking about posting from Previous Uploads? How many pictures are in these folders?

From either Previous Uploads or Search the Site. The folders/tags have lots of images, but it will only show either 16 or 32 images in the selector. Whether it is 16 or 32 seems random, as far as I can tell; either way there are more images than that in the folders.

This is on a Mac with OS10.9.5 and the current version of Chrome.