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I'm trying to envision how this fight actually goes down. They start from a distance away (100'). WW is going to close for sure since she has no major ranged attacks; BRB might close but might also attack from a distance. However Diana can close that gap pretty quick, her running speeds are extremely enhanced and well documented, and in character. Let's say she closes and he attacks from a distance. He's not going to go all out in a generally populated area on his first attack. And I'm pretty sure she's going to dodge or deflect those attacks through speed and agility. They're not bullets, but being able to deflect machine gun bullets with your arms means having ridiculously good reaction time, and that applies to dodging as well as deflecting. So one way or the other I'm pretty sure she'd going to end up close to BRB and without major harm.

Close up, she has way faster tactical moving speed and reflexes. They can both fly at enormous speeds but I am highly doubtful that he has the aerial mobility/agility she does if they take to the air. I'm assuming no sword as it's not standard equipment regardless of whether it existed or not pre-52. She's not going to have much luck damaging him with pure punches or kicks with his durability, but her speed is going to allow her to land a bunch of hits. Also, she is a martial artist and wrestler as well as a brawler and she's going to use those skills to attempt to immobilize on him in the same way she has in her numerous fights against Superman, Supergirl, and Power Girl. Meanwhile Bill is going to melee right back. I think Bill is more skilled than Thor, honestly, he is a tactical fighter, but he's just not at her level. He's going to probably do more damage on any given strike than she would, but he's going to have a harder time hitting her. But in the end I don't see either one taking a win from this phase of the fight. Both of their many battles against other heavy hitters give me no reason to think they can easily defeat the other, or be easily defeated, from brute force.

At some point, all discussion of planet busting aside, the two of them are going to decide that melee isn't going to hack it. Diana is eventually going to go for her lasso, maybe sooner than later. Bill is going to add lots of energy blasts and at the very least massive winds to his melee fighting, maybe sooner than later.

At some point, one of those two tactics is going to beat the other. At this point I still can't decide who goes down first. I am leaning toward too close to call.

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guess that whole "the jean grey school is about learning not fighting" thing didn't work out :)

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@serrure said:

@owie: i posted a link to a CaV where i am using BRB against Green Scar Hulk! its got allot of his feats and fights there

Pretty solid stuff. I had been doubtful when people were arguing that BRB was definitively more durable than WW, but I'm fairly convinced now.

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Great to see such an involved debate on just the first day!

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The last issue of Grendel vs Shadow is coming out. Should be an exciting end to the series, with at least one more good clash between them.

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Interesting, I saw that the movie credited Man of Action but didn't know they (Seagle) was involved in the comic...or that the comic had an '98 incarnation.

It was a great movie.

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I'm currently undecided. Wonder Woman should be more skilled by a decent margin, and skill means a lot in a melee fight. Batman, someone who would know, has said that WW is the best melee fighter in the world, and that's backed up by a fair number of feats. She knows how to, and does, use her skill in combination with her strength and speed.

On the other hand BRB was originally chosen from all his people specifically because he was one of his people's greatest warriors. Still, I don't feel that he shows skill feats on the same league that WW does.

WW is not going to speed blitz right off the bat, but she could well do so once she gets a sense of how formidable Bill is. And even starting late may be enough. On a pure H2H fight I feel like she would have a solid enough advantage.

I'd be curious to see any scans that show WW's ability to take damage from impacts on Bill's level--some of her fights against Superman, etc.--beyond the most famous ones.

Bill has two advantages here. One, he has a melee weapon, and WW doesn't have her sword, just her lasso. So any damage she deals out is going to have to be just through her fists or through limbs breaks etc., whereas he can do quite a bit of direct damage with the hammer. Her only equal response here is lassoing Bill up, which is certainly possible.

Second, Bill has energy attacks though the hammer, and can also do quite a bit to make the overall physical context way more difficult for Diana--making hurricane storm winds and lightning strikes and perhaps flooding rain. This is a pretty big advantage that she can't really counter easily.

So I feel like Diana's options for a win come through speed and skill, along with possible lasso use, and BRB's possible wins come though surviving her attacks long enough to get in some serious impact damage through the hammer, while raining down energy and wind attacks. It could go either way and I'm going to wait to see more scans of WW against other heavy hitters (assuming someone eventually posts some) before making up my mind. More BRB fights could help too.

Here's a thread on WW's skill, good stuff on both pages.

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@jashro44 said:

@laflux said:

@jashro44: Hey!!!! I was the first person on this thread to give Bringnit a vote!!!!!

I know but I wasn't aware Owie and Higorm were aware of bringnit :p all though your pretty f*cking amazing too! You and saren!

Oh sure--the guy was real good. Concise.

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My votes:

  • bringnit
  • Deranged Midget
  • isaac_clarke
  • joygirl
  • shootingnova

all for longtime and varied contributions

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Thanks, I appreciate it.

I mostly restrict my debating time to the Battle of the Week these days so I suppose if I want to toot my own horn and self-promote, the simplest way is to list the times I won a "Viner argument of the week" or whatever it's called these days, all over the past year:

For Black Widow on Black Widow vs Talon

For Too Close to Call on Snake Eyes vs Batman

For Moon Knight on Moon Knight vs Batwoman

For Too Close to Call on Cyclops vs Ninjak

For Green Arrow on Green Arrow vs Black Widow

For Elektra on Green Arrow vs Elektra

although usually those are pretty short arguments.

I'll put some thought into who I'll vote for over the next few days. kudos to jashro44 for taking on the HOF work!