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Really hard to cut it down. But I'll go with Secret Wars 10 for its fantastic showdown between Doom and Beyonder, with its great cover; Moonshadow 1 for its amazing coming of age story and art, and its introduction of sex in an (Epic) Marvel comic, which I had no idea was even possible as a kid at the time; Thor 362 as one of the many masterpieces of Simonson's run, but this story of the death of Skurge was incredible; and Mage 6, which I semi-randomly chose out of the superb Mage series because it's also the first one to have the Grendel back-up story.

Alternates: Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters 3, which had a great cover and introduced me to the idea of how profane and parodic a comic can be; Avengers 266, which has the wounded Molecule Man's feat of healing the earth from the Beyonder's strike with the Surfer's help, and has a couple really touching moments between MM and Surfer; X-factor 14, with Cyclops against the Master Mold, alone and in an existential crisis; the Elektra: Assassin min series/graphic novel, which introduced me to the great Bill Sienkiewicz's art, which I didn't realize was possible to do in comics before; and Uncanny X-Men 208/209, the battle against Nimrod, just because it was awesome (and an alternate to that is 205, Wolverine's fight against Lady Deathstrike with the amazing art by Barry Windsor-Smith).

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Jim Shooter vs Joe Quesada

Round 1: impact on the Marvel universe as a writer/artist

Round 2: impact on the Marvel universe as the Marvel Editor in Chief (Shooter: EIC from 1978-1987, Quesada: EIC from 2000-2011)

Round 3: overall impact on comics culture

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This has one of the sweetest photoshop pics, nice!

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@humanrocket: It is the Beyonder. Blue eyes, black hair and a white 80s glam rock leather jacket.

Definitely the Beyonder. But he's missing his 'fro!

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I was thinking the same thing as the first paragraph of the review--the great thing about this comic is that it's so creatively unpredictable. Who could've guessed what kind of craziness happened in this issue ahead of time? Or last issue? Or the issues before that? It's just great to have such wonderful surprises month after month. Such a pity to lose this.

My one thing I am less excited about is the final showdown implied by the last pages. (Although it is unpredictable, so who knows! But I feel like we've seen enough Bullseye and Elektra battles. I just feel like there's only so much to mine out of that relationship. I like Bullseye, but their mutual obsession is just kind of boring to me somehow. I'd rather she found some other newer chief adversary, someone who wasn't just a physical rival, but had some other advantage she had to try to overcome. Someone who would then force her to show off other strengths in addition to her combat expertise. For instance, Joker is Batman's archenemy, but not due to his physical prowess. Cap has physical rivals, but some of his main bad guys are guys like Red Skull (who, OK, can fight, but that's not the point). And so on. But other than his brief time in a coffin, Bullseye is basically just a fighter. It would be nice to give her a long-standing tactical adversary, or someone whose powers make him/her beyond her fighting skills. Anyway, the last issue will be great I'm sure. I was just hoping to get through this without it being about Bullseye again.