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@owie: Nicely done!

Thanks...figured it was about time I got around to it.

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These posts will focus on Hunter's fights with Argent and Batman, but first one other skill- and speed-based scan: a cop notices that a perfect tube of flash has been cut out of a guy. She says it would take incredible skill and speed to do so.

Argent is his archenemy. He was a Native Canadian who was magically cursed to become a wolf, and has superhuman strength (maybe around 1 ton) and speed (to the degree that others can only see of blur of movement when he runs).

Argent is hundreds of years old, but in Grendel's time, he works with the cops and thus tries to take down Grendel's reign of crime. They fight many times. Unfortunately many Grendel stories are short stories, so the on-panel fights are often more like vignettes than full battles with a beginning and an end.

Here he fights Argent at a feast. Note that even when facing his greatest foe, he has the time and presence of mind to throw a knife at a cop who is off to one side.

Grendel then burns the house down and leaves.

Another fight with Argent:

And another fight, note the agility:

This is Argent slaughtering some criminals, just to show his ferocity.

Here are scenes from Batman/Grendel. Again, this is considered to be in-continuity for Grendel since events from it and its follow-up, Batman/Grendel II (featuring Grendel-Prime) are referenced back in the standard Grendel comics.

Stealth: Grendel sneaks up on Batman without Batman realizing it, and kicks him off a balcony. "Didn't hear a thing until it was too late. My foe is sleek."

Speed and skill: Grendel cuts down a dozen cops who are encircling him at point blank range before they can fire.

The first real encounter between Batman and Grendel. Batman reacts to Batman's surprise silent attack from behind by rolling and kicking Batman out of the way before Batman can get him. Batman remarks that "He's lightning fast." Then Grendel leaves to further his overall strategy of playing tricks on Batman.

Their second encounter. Once again Batman tries a surprise, silent attack from behind, and again it doesn't work--Grendel slashes him seriously in the side. After some running around (Grendel is playing some characters off each other in a hostage game at this point), they melee. Both get in several hits, and although you don't see it, Batman breaks Grendel's arm (this is confirmed later). Batman finally knocks him down and takes off his mask, but he's got make-up underneath. With Batman surprised, Grendel manages to burn Batman's hand, but they separate and the fight is unresolved.

It's pretty awesome.

As an aside, here's Hunter back in the normal Grendel comics, easily killing some mobsters even with the broken arm he received from Batman:

From all this, you can see that Hunter can fight on par with low-level superhumans, and with top-tier-skilled humans.

Hunter's extra brain capacity, his ability to learn quickly, his incredible speed, his skill, and his lethal weapon make him a true force to contend with for any street-level combatant.

Vivat Grendel! Respect Grendel!

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Princess Python from the Circus of Crime vs Croc Master from Cobra (GI Joe).

Princess Python has her snake, Croc Master has one crocodile.

Battle takes place on Tim Sawyer Island in Disneyland, starting at 20'.

In character. Win by any means.

Who wins and why?

Princess Python
Croc Master

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Hunter Rose is the first (known) Grendel.

He is an intellectual genius, best-selling novelist, peerless mob boss, ruthless assassin, and top-tier streetlevel combatant.

Intellectual genius and best-selling novelist:

When he was four, he had memorized the phone book for several counties; at six, he could quote every line of Shakespeare; at eight, he had written numerous plays, short stories, and novels.

He wrote his first best-selling novel before he was 18. He continued to write several others before his death (around his mid-twenties).

He has a mutation that allows him to use more of his brain than usual, thus thinking far more quickly and comprehensively than normal humans, essentially like Deathstroke. He has almost total recall.

He is able to learn new skills very quickly, which is likely due to his brain mutation. This ability is sort of like Taskmaster, but not as efficiently or quickly---I've never seen him watch someone fight and then be able to immediately copy that fighting style, for instance. But on the other hand this is how he was able to learn fencing at a world-class level very quickly. (More on this below.)

His genius includes tactics: using the Riddler’s persona as a disguise, Rose successfully matched wits with Batman, in a crossover that is canonical with the Grendel universe, leading him through a series of clues and traps.

Mob boss and assassin:

He started working as an assassin before he was 18 and quickly became the top assassin in New York, after easily killing his predecessor.

However this was too easy and he decided to take over all of the crime in the city. He quickly did so and essentially became the Kingpin of his universe. Then he spread his influence wider, taking over all crime on the eastern seaboard, outdoing even the Kingpin's achievements.

In order to do this, he had his minions kill 23 mob bosses across the east coast, in a masterly display of planning and power. Here is a brief selection from this action:

After that, he had essentially no rivals as the head of crime on the east coast.


Grendel is extremely fast, agile, skilled, and accurate.

He is very skilled:

He rarely fails anything that he attempts to do in any arena of his life, including fighting, to the degree that it surprises him when he fails even a complicated goal, like throwing three darts at a dartboard at once (this took place at a time when he was being followed by a demon that was giving him bad luck).

As a young teen, he decided to take up fencing. He quickly became a world-class fencer and got to the finals in the world championship at the age of 15 (14 in the original story). He then intentionally threw the match because it would be too easy to beat his opponent and he wouldn’t respect himself for doing something so easy.

Here he cuts off a guy's head, but it doesn't fall off until later.

Here he slaughters some Korean martial arts expert mobsters. Note that he breaks a guy's sword and then uses the fork to throw the sword at another guy:

Fighting some zombies, which is so easy to him that he calls it boring and self-indulgent:

He is very accurate:

Even as a child, he could hit a fencing ball without missing, for hours, using either hand:

In one situation, he throws his fork and spears a cigarette that is falling from a window multiple stories above. In another, he spears a cigarette out of a guy's mouth.

Here he uses his fork to deflect a bullet back to the shooter, and even more specifically, he intentionally hits her right in the eye, so it makes a mark similar to the classic Grendel eye:

He intentionally cuts only the fingers off the hand of a guy who's holding a gun on him at point blank range so he drops the gun:

He is very fast and agile:

He likes to jump around the skyline like Daredevil or Batman:

He dodges bullets like any self-respecting top-tier streetleveler. Here he dodges gunfire, then kills the mob's top hitman:

Some more graceful, agile bullet dodging.

Dextrously hanging on a careening car:

Jumping through a skylight and dodging bullets to kill some mobsters (while still unsettled by the demon's bad luck):

And here, in his tour de force, killing 20+ guys before they can barely move. This is pieced together from multiple pages so you may want to zoom in.

This scene is ridiculously good and brings together all his awesomeness at once.

Just as an aside, he's not weak either. Here he holds up a fat guy with one arm. A cop later remarks how much strength it would take to do this:

His weapon of choice:

His weapon, known as the fork, is very dangerous. It is very sharp, capable of cutting through body parts easily.

It can be electrified, and when it is, it can kill someone in one strike. I don’t believe Hunter has ever actually used it to do that, but here is Christine Spar, his successor, killing someone with the same fork.

It can shoot out the fork on a line so it acts as a grapple, or as a way to kill from a distance. It can also shoot the cord out from the butt end to entangle an opponent:

Another scene with the cord:

(It also has a radio.)

I have every appearance of every Grendel, but I am trying to be selective here and not just dump a million pics.

Tomorrow I will go into detail on his fights with his archenemy, Argent, a werewolf with enhanced physicals, and the Grendel/Batman crossover.

Respect Grendel! Vivat Grendel!

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@owie: feats for Grendel?

Hunter has a brain mutation that, more or less like Deathstroke, allows him to use 90% of his brain and think faster/more complexly than normal humans. He has killed 20+ guys in a room before they moved. A bullet dodger, and he has reflected bullets off his fork back at the shooter. His main opponent is a superhuman werewolf. Fencing champion of the world at 15. Has thrown his fork and pierced a cigarette out of guy's mouth, and in another instance pierced a cigarette falling out of a window. As a teen, could hit a small rubber ball on a string with a fencing foil without missing for hours. And, in a crossover that is canon within the Grendel universe, fought Batman and barely lost. You can see the scans of most of these in this thread. I guess I should get around to making a respect thread.

My own take on this is that Grendel is more skilled than Nightcrawler They're probably about as fast as each other, Nightcrawler may be more agile. Nightcrawlers's teleportation and 3 swords may help him balance out Grendel's ruthless killer mindset and brain mutation.

The fork, when electrified, can kill people on a touch, so I've taken that out. It can still shoot out the blades on a rope.

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"hands off my son" ha ha

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Hunter Rose (Grendel) vs Nightcrawler

Hunter has his fork (with all standard gadgets except no electricity).

Nightcrawler has three rapiers (one in each hand, plus one in his tail). No tele-drop or tele-amputation.

Battle takes place in the rigging of a pirate ship, starting 20' apart and 20' off the ground.

In character (Kurt is fighting seriously). Win by any means.

Who wins and why?


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This is fine and all, but it seems to make the whole Angela thing pointless. And while I am actually perfectly fine with them switching other people into the main characters' roles every once in a while, I think this is getting a little overboard, too many at once.

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The only thing I don't care for here is that he's still got wings. Seems like that would get in the way of the shield.

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Eppy Thatcher, insane Grendel of the future, vs Jack O'Lantern (Steven Mark Levins)

Battle takes place in the air, above the San Diego zoo, starting 40' apart.

Standard gear for both.

Win by any means. In character.

Who wins and why?

Eppy Thatcher
Jack O'Lantern