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I like that poster. Nice to mix the Russian/Constructivist aesthetic with the Empire.

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Vector's feats?

He's the guy who blasted all the flash off the Hulk back in the day, if you've seen that. He can reflect anything away from himself; usually it's physical things or energy blasts, but he's also reflected really abstract things like a spell from Dr. Strange trying to find him, if I recall.

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@shiryu said:

@owie: I've been reading up on Huter Rose, but I know nothing about this Grendel... please tell me, how does he contend with someone like Hellboy? Or Spider-Man?

Grendel Prime could probably contend pretty well with either of them. There is a G-P vs Spidey battle, and I went with Peter on there because he's definitely way faster, but honestly I've re-read all his comics since then and I think Prime might win, he's just very durable--he's been hit by rocket salvos, etc. and kept on going. Probably fairly equal to Hellboy based on what I learned about him this week in the battle of the week.

At some point I'll make a respect thread for Prime, but it will be a few weeks.

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@owie: Thanks bruh. I'll add some stuff when that Grendel vs Shadow stuff comes out.

Yeah, looking forward to that. I've been making a bunch of Grendel-related battles these days by the way, I can send you some links in a while.

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Magneto (standard, not in his current weakened form) vs Vector

Battle takes place in a Lowe's, starting at 50'.

In character. Win by any means.

Who wins and why?



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A battle of robot technopaths:

Victor Mancha vs Madison Jeffries as Box

Who will control or destroy the other?

Battle takes place in a computer manufacturing factory, starting at 50'.

Morals off. Win by any means.

Who wins and why?

Victor Mancha
Box (this battle is just Jeffries' mind in Box)

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@wyldsong said:

The first two posts are scan heavy, because Sonja, while people know of her, is relatively unknown in regards to her actual stats, skills, and abilities. Basically, I want to prove her baseline beyond a shadow of a doubt here, and the only way to do that, is to go a bit scan heavy. My next few posts will be lighter on the scans though=)

I think it's been great the way you've been doing it...a real primer on her abilities. (Not commenting on the debate itself here, just saying I am a fan of the use of scans.)

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Grendel had batman at his mercy. So im pretty sure its him.

He certainly did...but EVE is pretty different from Batman. She can fly pretty darn fast and her energy blasts could knock down and oil tanker. Just to argue devil's advocate.

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@owie said:

@thesilentshane said:

@owie said:

Leaning Slade at the moment. Tasky may be more skilled, but Slade does have a superior tactical brain and superior physicals, which can be a potential weakness for Taskmaster; for instance Elektra's superior speed helped her against him in her first fight against him.

Not sure how the gear stacks up, probably about even in terms of effectiveness if not diversity.

Then he changed fighting techniques in that fight and schooled her with Daredevil's skill. That's right, an injured Taskmaster beat Elektra with his eyes closed.

Even with his extreme skill and insane tactical genius, I don't think Slade would be prepared to fight with someone like Taskmaster in a random encounter. With preparation and knowledge of the skill sets at Tony's disposal, Slade would be able to formulate a plan of attack. But in a random encounter, Slade just won't be able to keep up with someone who can change his fighting style at will. A lot of Slade's strength in fights like this comes down to his ability to analyze his opponent and formulate a way to counter them mid-battle, but if Tony's constantly switching between very different skill sets and fighting styles, it's going to be increasingly difficult for Slade to cope with that kind of versatility and organized randomness. I'd like to say that his increased physicals give him an advantage, but Tony has proved to be able to cope with people that are vastly stronger than he is; including Captain America, Stature, Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, Bucky, Spider-Woman, assorted Asgardian warriors, Spider-Man, and Iron-Man. He's also no slouch in the durability department. He's been hit by a car and barely reacted, taken bullets with little to no effect, was (as mentioned before) able to beat Elektra after being injured with her sai, took an angry punch from Spider-Man and didn't die, etc. His reflexes are also stellar, capable of catching bullets, dodging through a very tight laser grid, blocking a bullet that was fired by Black Widow with a chain tied around his arm , and catching one of Moon Knight's crescent blades when his back was turned.

Taskmaster's versatility makes it difficult for Deathstroke to use his strategical thinking to its fullest and his superhuman physicality doesn't seem to be much of an advantage given the kind of people Tony has fought. They're both on fairly equal ground when it comes to ranged prowess, but I have a feeling that Tony may have an edge in the ability to dodge; not to mention he has a shield. I give this to Taskmaster, 7/10.

Right, he beat her because he was able to emotionally manipulate her by acting like Daredevil, which made her emotionally freak out, and then she lost. And then later she came back and pretty much one-shotted him. Neither his win nor his loss are good arguments for him against Slade: he can't beat Slade by emotionally manipulating him, and he can't beat him by losing either. :)

He didn't "emotionally manipulate her", he was able to put her off for one second and he took advantage of that and kicked her ass. While injured. With his eyes closed. You can't just deny an impressive feat like that because she "came back and won". He would have killed her with his eyes closed if someone hadn't come in to save the day. That's impressive no matter how you look at it. But even disregarding that feat, please explain to me what discredits his ability to take down Slade. Because I listed a ton of other feats that have nothing to do with "emotional manipulation".

The entire point of that first fight is that she was winning, but then he emotionally manipulated her by acting like Daredevil, which threw her off because of her emotional ties to DD, and then Tasky beat her.

Is it impressive that he can fight blind? Yes. I think Taskmaster is a formidable fighter.

But then, also yes, she came back and easily beat him, showing that he can be vulnerable to, among other things, a mix of high speed and high skill.

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Grendel-Prime vs E.V.E. from Wall-E

Grendel-Prime is from the Devil Quest era and has his standard weapons.

E.V.E. has her standard abilities.

No morals. Battle takes place in Wall-E's rebuilt human enclave, starting at 30'; Grendel_Prime has found it and wants to use it as a site to recreate the Assante legacy, while E.V.E. will do anything to protect it.

Win by any means.

Who wins and why?