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I didn't read the comic, only the scans above, but it doesn't look so bad for Thor to me. Thor usually doesn't get portrayed as being as fast or athletic as someone like Cap. The guy just outmaneuvered him, that's all.

Honestly I feel bad for Hulk fans. That guy doesn't ever seem to beat anyone anymore. He keeps getting introduced as such a tough guy, but then he gets beaten. It's like the old days when they wanted to introduce a new streetlevel character, and they'd have them beat Wolverine to show how tough they are. Hulk's getting beat down by Thanos, Sun God, Nick Fury...granted some of them should beat him, but still the writers put him in the fight like "we've got a Hulk," and then we see that apparently that's not such an impressive thing to have.

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So is Electro dressing up like the Eel now for some reason? Or was that just the Eel? I was paging through it briefly in the store.

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Like Saga, I just want the good times to continue to roll! Why do bad things have to happen?! :) Serious Town is kind of a sad place to be. I considered dropping this after last issue, which I felt was both sadder but also more navel-gazing than normal, but this issue restored the balance somewhat.

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I personally loved Zero Year, but this was a nice fill-in issue before the next arc.

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Really enjoyable character issue. The only thing that bothers me with X-23 and Angel is that it makes her and Cyclops' mini-infatuation look like a silly retread (but a retread in the past, if you see what I mean). I think Angel is a better match for her somehow.

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This is interesting to me, because I've read a fair number of comics with Star-Lord in them--just randomly because I like to keep my toe in the cosmic scene--and I never (until reading this and doing some research) had any idea that he had powers like enhanced strength. I also didn't know his armor is apparently pretty decent now, or at least recently. All of which sort of says something to me about how effectively he uses that sort of thing.

Anyway I just can't see him beating Batman. It seems like Star-Lord's Element gun is his best advantage, and Batman beats guys with enhanced weapons (and armor) all the time. Whereas I'm unaware of Star-Lord beating anyone with Batman's level of skill and agility, such as Gamora for example. I just can't see Star-Lord tagging Batman. He fights against alien fodder, and sometimes maybe big bad dudes, but not really highly skilled fighters. Of course, correct me if I'm wrong.

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A Grendel Tales battle:

Goran, member of the Agrami Clan in Devil's Choices, vs Susan Veraghen from the Homecoming era.

Both have a pistol and a katana.

Battle takes place outside an abandoned gas station, starting at 15'.

In character, win by any means.

Who wins and why?

Susan Veraghen

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While I prefer David Mazzucchelli and Brian Bolland, I voted Jim Aparo. If you grew up in the early 80's, this was your Batman.

QFT! I think it's really interesting how easily identifiable his style is, when it's really a very classic, smooth, "non-styled" sort of style. Sort of like how it's easy to recognize a Ron Frenz Spider-Man. It's obvious, but it's hard to describe why.

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Crazy, but cool!

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I'm sure that despite all this inversion, everyone will still be mad at Cyclops because for whatever reason they can't excuse what he did but they'll find a way to excuse what they did :(