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@owie: the enviorment also aids spock though. OP clearly states that cars are just lying around. Ock has no remorse, so he would just start chucking cars at them as he begins to close ground. 50 ft is only like 16 yards. That's not very hard for him or kraven to close the difference. Also he has webbing which wolverine can't handle.

Cars would be easy for Cyke to blast away. Or, even better, to deflect towards SpOck and Kraven. And while SpOck is much more violent than Peter, he's also much less lethal than he was as the real Doc Ock. He intentionally tried to keep within his own perception of Peter's morality, which at a minimum meant no killing.

50' is long enough to get off numerous optic blasts.

Wolverine can cut through webbing easily, although of course if he is very strategic about webbing just his hands to a wall or something like that, it's a problem.

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@owie: in a close range scenario spock needs to touch either of them, for them to be incapped. He's physically stronger. Faster. Smarter. Superior tech don't forget his spider arms are very strong and can cut through some pretty strong material (2099 Spiderman suit). I just don't see cyclops or wolverine touching spock.

If Ock hits Cyke, Cyke is obviously going down. Wolverine can generally take his hits, not counting that one sucker punch. But in the time Ock takes to get to that range, Cyke can continually blast at him with a reasonably wide beam, and it would be pretty hard to not hit him the closer he gets. From a distance, it would be hard; Ock can jump all over. But as he gets closer, he fits by necessity more and more into the cone of Cyke's beam. And Wolverine has tangled with both Spidey and SpOck multiple times and can hang with him fine enough. Heck, even DD stayed with SpOck in a fight. Spidey's stats are way higher, but Ock doesn't have nearly the skill that Wolverine does, and that skill difference has been enough to keep normal Spidey from beating Logan easily in the past. And Ock is smarter but nowhere near the tactician that Cyke or Wolverine are. (Kraven is though.)

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Champion vs Kurse

No Gem for Champion. Otherwise they are both at their best.

Battle takes place on a depopulated field hockey field, starting at 20'.

In character, but no jobbing.

Win by KO, incap, or death.

Who wins and why?

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I'll go against the consensus and say team 1. 50' is a fairly long distance for team 2 to close, so Cyke has tons of time to shoot at them with his optic blasts, both tight and wide beams. And let's even say for the sake of argument that he doesn't take down SpOck...there's a good chance he could take out Kraven in that time. And if he does, then both Cyke and Wolverine against SpOck at close range could well be enough to take out SpOck. Recall that Cyke can still be shooting beams even from arm's length, so if Ock gets in close enough to punch, Cyke could still be blasting at him, it's pretty hard to miss at that range--especially while Wolverine is distracting Ock. --And that's only if he doesn't take out SpOck in the process of closing.

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That is weird that they don't have their names on the package.

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EXCITED about the pics! If this ends up being anywhere near as great as Alias, and the Daredevil series gives me a lot of hope that it will, it should be amazing.

@pr_1030 said:

I just really really really really really hate the fact that they're using the Defenders name for a team that's not the Defenders. The Defenders is Doc Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer, etc. The closest thing that these people are are the Marvel Knights. Seeing Doctor Strange continue into a Defenders movie (instead of an Avengers movie) would have been awesome (although I don't think they have the rights to all the characters).

I am on board with this as a big old-school Defenders fan, but on the other hand let's remember that the Defenders were a non-team team, so there were tons of line-ups. Strange, Hulk, Surfer, and Namor would always join in throughout the series, but they didn't stay as the main line-up for that long. For instance I was a big fan of the Hellcat, Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Hulk era. As well as the Angel, Beast, Iceman, Gargoyle, Andromeda, Cloud, Moondragon, Valkyrie era. And others like Devil-Slayer and Hellstrom and Moon Knight (who would be great as a Netflix show). There's lots of characters that left their stamp on that team.

And, to be fair, both Daredevil and Luke Cage did join in with the Defenders for a few issues here and there, so there is at least a brief relationship.

But still, your larger point is certainly true. I'd love to see a real Defenders show. These characters are more along the lines of Heroes for Hire or, as you say, Marvel Knights.

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I'd give team 1 a slight edge, partially because they do have ranged weapons in their standard gear, and I'd argue they're minimally more skilled overall, plus they have a bit of an edge in powers with Bane and Ult. Cap.

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@owie said:

Also, the one thing I wish they did this issue was show how Dazzler faked being Cyclops, just because there were several ways I could imagine it. I don't know that I've seen Dazzler do it, but I suppose her light powers could make a hologram; or the young morphing mutant whose name I can never remember because he's been such a non-factor in this series; or it could just have boringly been the Cukoos' telepathy, which is what it probably was. Anyway I just wish they mentioned it.

Yes, she can use her powers to make holograms (see the first two panels):


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I like the idea of the poll, but it's a little hard to tell based on just a selected set of pics. I understand the need to use only a selected set of pics, it's just not easy to tell for voting.

I went with the Deadly Class, though, looked sweet. The battle in Inferno was fun..."My name is Nightcrawler, you look like my father, prepare to die!" (or something to that effect)

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I thought it was pretty good. Nightcrawler was fun. I agree that the whole "let's mount an attack at the same predictable time every year" doesn't make a lot of sense. Great to see old-school X-factor-uniform Jean Grey. The art was so-so.

Interesting that they edited the final cover art to make it less salacious (Maddie's shirt) than the first version they sent out. You'd think a book about demons and seductive-witch-ladies who have male concubines probably isn't going to worry about that sort of thing. Original version: http://www.comicvine.com/articles/first-look-at-secret-wars-inferno-1/1100-152116/