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@stormshadow_x: Sorry, I was jumping in to make a Lord of the Rings joke, I don't have a big opinion on the Lanterns. Could you please take me off the call-out list? Thanks.

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I could not agree more with this article, @k4tzm4n.

In a lot of ways, he should be Marvel's Deathstroke. A complex badass villain with a lot of history to work with story wise.

I would love to read an arc that takes place in the Savage Land where he goes toe to toe with Sauron or something. Possibilities are endless.

Sauron...that's a pretty interesting idea. He's an underused villain, as silly as he is in some ways. His powers give him a lot of potential.

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@owie said:

@deathpoolthet1000 said:

This is any impact or positive impact?

Any impact.

Joe Quesada saddly, his impact was made when we have an industry where the people knew the artist and had the internet to cause impact.

Not because of talent or skills, he just came in the right time to get more impact.

I'm not totally sure I'm understanding you...you mean as an artist/writer, his work is more well known because it's more easily publicized on the internet?

If we are talking about Round 1, Artist/Writer, consider that Shooter wrote Secret Wars 1 and 2, the Korvac saga, and was partly involved in the writing to kill Jean Grey after she was Dark Phoenix, for example. So the average person on the street, or even comic reader, may not have known his name, but he still had a pretty major impact.

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Not sure how this is different from the Battleworld-titled books.

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Kraven vs Elektra would be a pretty amazing fight.

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Really hard to cut it down. But I'll go with Secret Wars 10 for its fantastic showdown between Doom and Beyonder, with its great cover; Moonshadow 1 for its amazing coming of age story and art, and its introduction of sex in an (Epic) Marvel comic, which I had no idea was even possible as a kid at the time; Thor 362 as one of the many masterpieces of Simonson's run, but this story of the death of Skurge was incredible; and Mage 6, which I semi-randomly chose out of the superb Mage series because it's also the first one to have the Grendel back-up story.

Alternates: Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters 3, which had a great cover and introduced me to the idea of how profane and parodic a comic can be; Avengers 266, which has the wounded Molecule Man's feat of healing the earth from the Beyonder's strike with the Surfer's help, and has a couple really touching moments between MM and Surfer; X-factor 14, with Cyclops against the Master Mold, alone and in an existential crisis; the Elektra: Assassin min series/graphic novel, which introduced me to the great Bill Sienkiewicz's art, which I didn't realize was possible to do in comics before; and Uncanny X-Men 208/209, the battle against Nimrod, just because it was awesome (and an alternate to that is 205, Wolverine's fight against Lady Deathstrike with the amazing art by Barry Windsor-Smith).

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