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For me I'd say Mark Waid, Chris Yost or see if Marvel could hire Greg Weisman (they managed to get Joss Whedon to write for the X-Men, why not Mr. Weisman?)

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I myself like Iron Man but I think one reason was actually in Tony's very conception as a character. Stan Lee has said he wanted to make a character that everyone (meaning comic fans of the 1960s) would hate then shove his many sympathetic sides and heroic character in their faces until they loved him. However when you make a character that people are meant to hate (at least at first), there will come those who you can't turn.

I just consider it part of Tony's character that he can be a brash, arrogant, manipulative jerkass, but that's just his flaws as a person. Others might not see it that way and they have every right to, but that's just my take.

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Honestly this doesn't really change the character so I won't bother complaining, but I also don't really see the point of the retcon either. (At least it's not half as stupid as Mark Millar's "Trouble")

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Obviously Spidey should go to Japan. He's real BIG in Japan.

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I liked New Ways to Die, The Gauntlet, Grim Hunt and Ends of the Earth.

To be honest though, I'm really kind of bored with his run now. Give someone else a chance like Christopher Yost, Brian Michael Bendis or hell as Greg Weisman if he'd be interested in writing Spidey comics. (It wont happen but I'd love JMS and/or Peter David coming back).

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Josh Keaton as Spider-Man. That's all I ask.

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Similarly to Linkara, I would just be happy with some kind of follow up that resolves the "deal with the devil". I don't want it retconned away, I want the problems addressed and resolved. Not just for Peter but for Mary Jane as well.

Then again I also want Josh Keaton to return as Spidey but I don't see that happening for a while either.

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I don't really have a favorite Spidey writer, many have strengths and weaknesses. Overall though I loved JMS's run. I particularly love his Peter/MJ writings and the new villains Morlun, Ezekiel and Shathra and also (allow me to dowse myself in gasoline) I kind of liked the animal totem stuff.

Sin's past had merit in concept but was mangled by editorial mandate and retconing the past of a beloved character (I don't even like Gwen that much and I can tell this was rather bad character assassination). However it was a black spot on an otherwise good run and had a few good moments in it.

OMD was a mess from conception to execution that lacked ANY effort and was rather insulting to many a fan and at points comic readers in general.

Really "The Other" is where things started going down hill for me. It had a strong start but a rather weak and bizarre finish. And of course Civil War, Spider-Man 3 and Joe Quesada dragged things down further.

End of the day though JMS holds a spot in my favorite nay, defining Spider-Man writers for his strong, epic and heartwarming work on my favorite character.

My definitive Teen Spidey writers: Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis

My definitive Adult Spidey writers: JMS, Peter David

My definitive General Spidey writers: Greg Weisman and the writing staff of Spectacular Spider-Man

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Honestly I would prefer them to stay as friends or become a brother-sister relationship. To me Mary Jane is the only girl for Peter. As for Carol, I'd be open to her with either Winter Soldier or Jessica Drew.

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While I'm on the fence about the costume (I like it and it seems more in character for Carol but her Warbird outfit is very unique and iconic and I prefer the domino mask). I dislike her hair in that Mohawk thing (but then again I just hate Mohawk hairstyles in general) and miss the long hair. But I think changing her name to Captain Marvel is long over due.

Carol has been more popular, more used and overall better known and by this point the most worthy to inherit the name. While I always thought Scarlet Witch was Marvel's equivalent of Wonder Woman, Carol has always been one of Marvel's most prominent heroines. Since Mar-Vell's death, there have been many other Captain Marvels but Carol has always been on the fore front. She's been an Avenger, a stable hero with her own character development, a government agent and a intergalactic hero. She has been much more than just the distaff counterpart to Captain Mar-Vell.

Now I won't get into the who "calling her Ms. Marvel is sexist" bit that others have gotten into. I have no real problem with Carol being called Ms. Marvel. But to me at least, Captain Marvel just fits Carol's origins and arc, having evolved beyond who she started as, beyond even Mar-Vell himself. In the wake of his death, Carol has proven again and again that she is worthy to succeed his name.

(And to the comment that it "reduces her to another legacy character" I say does being a legacy character reduce ANY of the Flashs(es?) characters? How about the Green Lanterns? Bucky!Captain America? Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099 or Spider-Girl? Terry McGinnis? Or anyone else who went by the name Captain Marvel in the Marvel U?)