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This one has been bugging me for years.

X-Men (and Spider-Man) are the reason as to why I got into the Marvel Universe. For a while they were my favorite team and to date they still occupy a unique position in the Marvel U so I have to ask... why do some people want the X-Men to be placed in a separate universe from the rest of the Marvel U?

I get that ever since Chris Claremont's defining run the X-Men have indeed mostly existed in a vacuum with many heroes not facing the same level of hate as mutants and things like Genoshia being ignored by the Marvell U at large... buuuuut I always thought it was just lazy writing. To me the idea of the X-Men being in a vacuum was more of other writers and even the X-Men writers not taking into account the idea of the larger universe outside of their own books.

Though I dislike Avengers vs. X-Men, it at least called to attention some of the hypocrisy going on in-universe and again while I don't like Uncanny Avengers as executed, I loved the idea of actually trying to bridge the 2 halves of the Marvel U and still do. IMO actually trying to remember and recognize that the Avengers and X-Men parts of this world are not mutually exclusive and face the consequences (say Captain America being attacked by Anti-Mutant extremists, or Cyclops leading a special strike force against Kang given the X-Men's propensity for time travel adventures) is a better answer then just copping out and making the X-Men completely stand alone.

Integration (no pun intended) of mutants into other books would encourage thought, social commentary of racism vs. legitimate threats and misaimed racism (IE, Spider-Man being mistaken as a mutant and embracing it) just seems like it opens far more interesting options and stories. Granted this stuff should still be predominantly handled in the X-Men books themselves but don't have other heroes just ignore the issues constantly presented. Plus why deny the crossover fodder?

Those are just my thoughts. What are your thoughts? Why do you think the X-Men SHOULD or SHOULDN'T be thrown out of the Marvel Universe?

(PS-Any argument involving movie rights will be ignored on my part. I'm dealing with comics here not movies. Just FYI)

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Out of all the heroes out there that have become Avengers in some capacity, the only one I think really, REALLY shouldn't be an Avenger is Captain Universe. Regardless of the threat and its nature, I think Captain Universe should remain completely independent of ANY mortal conflict because of the Enigma Force's story breaker power.

Spider-Man and Wolverine can work for certain sub-teams (a street level team and the uncanny and secret teams respectively) and I did an entire blog trying to explain why I think Hulk works better without the Avengers (long story short, the Avengers mythos simply conflicts with the Hulk mythos) but Hulk should be a part of the Avengers ORIGIN story. Captain Universe however just clashes with the usual Marvel antics period.

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My team (its a little big but...)

1) Captain America-Field Leader

2) Iron Man-Team Chairman and primary supplier

3) Thor-Most physically powerful member of the team

4) Black Widow-Infiltrations expert

5) Scarlet Witch-Magic user and mystic link (and technically the most powerful member of the team)

6) Hawkeye-"Sniper"

7) Wasp/Giant Girl-Team Face and heart

9) Antman (Pym)-Primary scientist and brain power

10) Mockingbird-SHIELD Liaison and a field medic

11) Mantis-Martial Arts expert and team psychic

12) Black Panther-Team strategist and secondary supplier

13) Vision-Team Wild Card

14) Devil Dinosaur-Team Ace in the Hole ("Let them fight!")

15) Spider Woman (Earth 1610)-Cheeky way to have Spider-Man on the team without taking Spidey out of his street level status

16) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)-Second in Command after Cap

17) Falcon-Team Scout

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Just to get this out of the way EMH is IMO, a work of genius perfectly blending the mainstream comics, movies and ultimate universe. Season 1 doesn't have a single bad episode and Season 2's Secret Invasion stuff was tense, exciting, surprising and all around excellent (baring the ending). It was perfectly written, perfectly acted (baring Drake Bell's redub of Spider-Man, IMO) and the only complaints I have is the fact that Scarlet Witch didn't join the team before the end, and Nick Fury just becoming Samuel L Jackson by Season 2.

To answer your question however, Avengers Assembled to me... is 90% of the time a subpar 90's TV show and the remaining 10% of the time it is... ok. Sometimes you get a good episode like Hulked Out Heroes (mostly because I think Fred Tatasciore's Hulk is unequalled and Laura Bailey is 1 of my favorite VA's ever and her Black Widow is decent), but mostly I think the episodes are mostly "Interesting premise, bland and forgettable execution). Plus I hate the fact that the team is a sausage fest.

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I'd rather Marvel figure out a new unique direction to take the Fantastic Four. While I have MASSIVE doubts about the new movie, I do think the idea for the team to focus on exploration of new worlds, dimensions and timelines. To me it's just not the Marvel Universe without the Fantastic Four (or the X-Men for that matter).

Still I'd be willing to accept the FF characters leading an Avengers team until Marvel can figure out what they want to do with them just to keep them relevant.

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For Spidey, I think he would work best as primary member of a more street level Avengers team (say lead by Daredevil or Luke Cage to take on things like the Maggia) but as an on call reserve member for the main team (because damn it after all this time Peter deserves it).

As for Wolverine, I believe that he works best as a member of the Uncanny Avengers (he is 1 of the most prolific X-Men so why not be on the team) and as a member of the Secret Avengers (given his rather liberal view on killing bad guys and his high skill set and powers). Plus this can continue the tradition (and in universe jokes) of Wolverine being everywhere at once.

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Captain America (Field Leader)

Iron Man (Team Brains, Mechanics)

Thor (Team Powerhouse 1)

Black Widow (Infiltrations Expert)

Scarlet Witch (Magic User)

Hawkeye (Team Sniper)

Wasp (Team Heart/Chairman)

Mockingbird (Team Brains, Biotics)

Mantis (Team Psychic, Heavy Experience with Space Threats)

Vision (Unique Power Set, Computer Mind)

Black Panther (Team Strategist)

Carol Danvers!Captain Marvel (Team Powerhouse 2)

Jessica Drew!Spider Woman (Mostly to have a Spider-Man tie)

With Hank Pym acting as the primary scientist and occasional field man.

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I for the most part agree with Linkara's sentiments as he states all the problems that come up when Spider-Man is written poorly. Namely taking his worst traits, guilt complex, immature borderline stupid behavior, his status as a loser, refusal to stop being acting like he's 15 even though he's in his late 20's at minimal and has been married (or EFFECTIVLEY MARRIED post-OMD) for years. These traits are often amplified under lesser writers or those who don't know the character to the point where Peter seems like a barely functioning man-child which Marvel seems to think is his ideal image (see the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series for example).

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Looks like Ultimate Spider-Man but replacing the new team with the Avengers... I'll stick with Spectacular Spider-Man. 75% for the better handled everything, 25% for Josh Keaton as Spider-Man.

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For me I'd say Mark Waid, Chris Yost or see if Marvel could hire Greg Weisman (they managed to get Joss Whedon to write for the X-Men, why not Mr. Weisman?)