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Captain America (Field Leader)

Iron Man (Team Brains, Mechanics)

Thor (Team Powerhouse 1)

Black Widow (Infiltrations Expert)

Scarlet Witch (Magic User)

Hawkeye (Team Sniper)

Wasp (Team Heart/Chairman)

Mockingbird (Team Brains, Biotics)

Mantis (Team Psychic, Heavy Experience with Space Threats)

Vision (Unique Power Set, Computer Mind)

Black Panther (Team Strategist)

Carol Danvers!Captain Marvel (Team Powerhouse 2)

Jessica Drew!Spider Woman (Mostly to have a Spider-Man tie)

With Hank Pym acting as the primary scientist and occasional field man.

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I for the most part agree with Linkara's sentiments as he states all the problems that come up when Spider-Man is written poorly. Namely taking his worst traits, guilt complex, immature borderline stupid behavior, his status as a loser, refusal to stop being acting like he's 15 even though he's in his late 20's at minimal and has been married (or EFFECTIVLEY MARRIED post-OMD) for years. These traits are often amplified under lesser writers or those who don't know the character to the point where Peter seems like a barely functioning man-child which Marvel seems to think is his ideal image (see the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series for example).

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Looks like Ultimate Spider-Man but replacing the new team with the Avengers... I'll stick with Spectacular Spider-Man. 75% for the better handled everything, 25% for Josh Keaton as Spider-Man.

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For me I'd say Mark Waid, Chris Yost or see if Marvel could hire Greg Weisman (they managed to get Joss Whedon to write for the X-Men, why not Mr. Weisman?)

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I myself like Iron Man but I think one reason was actually in Tony's very conception as a character. Stan Lee has said he wanted to make a character that everyone (meaning comic fans of the 1960s) would hate then shove his many sympathetic sides and heroic character in their faces until they loved him. However when you make a character that people are meant to hate (at least at first), there will come those who you can't turn.

I just consider it part of Tony's character that he can be a brash, arrogant, manipulative jerkass, but that's just his flaws as a person. Others might not see it that way and they have every right to, but that's just my take.

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Honestly this doesn't really change the character so I won't bother complaining, but I also don't really see the point of the retcon either. (At least it's not half as stupid as Mark Millar's "Trouble")

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Obviously Spidey should go to Japan. He's real BIG in Japan.

Dr. Cox: Dear god Suzanna I think you've just created an anti-joke from which all humor is sucked into, never to find escape from just how not funny that was.

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I liked New Ways to Die, The Gauntlet, Grim Hunt and Ends of the Earth.

To be honest though, I'm really kind of bored with his run now. Give someone else a chance like Christopher Yost, Brian Michael Bendis or hell as Greg Weisman if he'd be interested in writing Spidey comics. (It wont happen but I'd love JMS and/or Peter David coming back).

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Josh Keaton as Spider-Man. That's all I ask.

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Similarly to Linkara, I would just be happy with some kind of follow up that resolves the "deal with the devil". I don't want it retconned away, I want the problems addressed and resolved. Not just for Peter but for Mary Jane as well.

Then again I also want Josh Keaton to return as Spidey but I don't see that happening for a while either.