Does Hulk belong on the Avengers? In the grand scheme I mean.

Don't get me wrong. I loved Banner/Hulk in the Avengers movie and FREAKEN LOVED Hulk in Avengers EMH. He brings a unique personality to the team and is very fun to watch interact with Cap, Iron Man Thor, etc. and I beleive Hulk is an INTEGRAL part of the team's origin but then you actually add in the Hulk mythos/universe into it.

Bruce Banner is classically "The Lonley Man" a wonderer trying to find a way to deal with the Hulk while being chased by the relentless General Ross as he keeps stumbling into situations only Marvel's (non-copywritten) version of Godzilla could handle alone. Hulk on the other hand is a force of rage and destruction desparately seeking a friend who won't hurt him while struggling with Banner's memories and Banner's own attempts to kill him when Savage. And when intelligent Hulk struggles with his own status as a hero and Marvel's version of Godzilla as well as his own cynical beliefs and attitude born of the abuse given to him in his Savage days.

With Hulk as an Avenger, his status on the team being VERY public where could Hulk's supporting cast come in without involving Red Hulk, A-Bomb or Red She-Hulk so early in the game? What if Hulk goes on a rampage? Is his status as an Avenger even put into question or his motives questioned by the authorities (sp?) or do they just shoot him. How much strain does Hulk's rather unstable character put on his membership on the team before Nicky boy says "Ok Dr. Banner, for public safty I'm asking to to be placed in this Guilded Cage in New Mexico until we need you." How would either Bruce or Hulk take that. When you factor in the themes, motifs, workings, characters and general workings of the Hulk Microverse within the large Marvel Universe context and Hulk being an Avenger for an extended length of time just makes less sense from the Hulk mythos POV.

This is just my personal thoughts and I do love Hulk on the team but... as I say for Hulk to be an Avenger, you have to give up at least 1/3 of the Hulk mythos. To be honest She-Hulk was a much better fit for the Avengers. However the thing that made Hulk work as an Avenger was his cynism and jackass-ish behavior that Jan is just too developed a character to really be altered to fit and not piss off hundreds of people. My own personal solution to the problem was to give the C-List Avenger Mantis an overhall to make her "Hulk without the baggage".

Thoughts? Solutions? Things I missed? People having a rather immature argument just to be immature? ...Anything?


Movie Revamps of Classic Costumes: Good, Bad or Ugly?

In many recent movies, some of our favorite heroes have gotten redesigns done by the big shots in Hollywood. Is this revamp to classic looks a good idea, or are they just screwing with classics? 
You ask me, it depends on which hero they're redesigning. 
I think some redesigns are better left at Deviant Art. There is no real reason to redesign them because the standard design is both, massivley iconic and looks respectible in real life. Take the costumes of Spider-Man and Superman. As the Rami movies proved for Spidey, the classic design looks respectfully good in real life if done right. If the Amazing Spider-Man movie wanted to go for a more realistic look over the Rami movies, they could have just gone with the same texturing and material they had already chosen but mildly tweek the design instead of almost overhalling it. Spidey's costume will always be respectible, no matter the media; animated, live action or otherwise which presents little reason to change it as drastically as it was. Then there's Superman. Superman's very essence means that his costume needs no changing what so ever. He was the first superhero to grace comicbooks and has a simple, yet massivly iconic costume that wouldn't feel right to see altered in a transition from comic pages to the big screen (Underwear on the outside not withstanding). Supes' suit is just too iconic to alter and, given who we're dealing with, there wouldn't be a practical reason to completely alter the costume. 
In spite of what I just said, some costume redesigns I like better then in the comics. For example Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and Batman. In the cases of Cap, Thor and Bats, the costumes are as close to the originals as possible (or the modern in Thor's case). They all pay tribute to the original without being carbon copies. In Cap case, his costumes would look fairly rediculous in real life (see the 90's Cap movie) and an utter realistic redesign is out of the question (see the Reb Brown "movies"). First Avenger is respectful to the iconic Cap costume but takes enough twists to look relistic and respectible in real life. For Batman, since his first appearence in film (the Tim Burton film) Hollywood knew there was no way they could make Batman's costume look respecible and realistic on the big screen, so the went the way that movie media would start (Burton), lose (*cough*Batman and Robin*cough*) and regained (Batman Begins) all with Batman. The design is more favored toward realism then the comics, but it still pays enough tribute to the original to be loveable. Then there's Thor's costume, which is the realistic version of his modern costume. This is the apex of movie versions of superhero costumes. The costume straight from the pages, but tweeked to look resepecitible in real life. As for Wolverine, his comics costume is by all acounts REDICULOUS! Granted his powers, attitude, skills and friends mean the he can wear any clown suit he wants (sorry Linkara) but there is no way that Wolverine's classic costume could NEVER work on the big screen without the audiance busting into laughter (unless its his X-Force uniform which is somehow badass). Now, I like the X-Men to have team uniforms that are stylized to fit the individual, but Wolverine just looks better with what Hollywood did to him both on and off the X-Men (but his X-Men uniform needs more yellow, maybe closer to his Ultimate costume). 
Well those are my thoughts, it all comes down to how iconic the costume is, how respecitble it would look in the real world, and how much tribute the redesign pays to the original. Some redesigning, can be good (Cap, Batman from The Burton films and Dark Knight trilogy), some redesigning is completely unnessissary, asside from SOME tweeking (Superman, Green Lantern, Rami Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man,Thor) and sometimes its a nessessity (Wolverine). 
But enough about my opinions, what about you guys?

The Return of 2099?

Ok, so the chances of 2099 making a return are becoming almost imminent, given Shattered Dimensions and TIMESTORM (which I never read). How would YOU do it? What would be your version of this "Ultimate 2099"? Me? Myself? Personally I'd have it like this; 
-Spider-Man 2099, a teen Miguel with the same personallity of the original Miguel who works along side a female Wolverine, Deadpool and Ms. Marvel all around his age in Avenger esque team ups. 
-The return of Punisher, Doom, Ravage (Stan Lee writings), Ghost Rider and Hulk with little alterations from they're 2099 originals (though it would be cool if Punisher was bonded to the Venom symbiote) 
-Galahad as a Captain America figure
-Some kind of desendent of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist
-and the Fantastic Four portrayed in an Animorphs esque fashion


Your Spider-Man Animated Series cast

If you were able to create a Spider-Man animated series, who would be in the cast and the over all story?


Mine would be "The Amazing Spider-Man" a continuation of the Spectacular Spider-Man taking place one year after the last episode.  
The princible cast would be; 

Matt Hill-Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Andrea Baker-Mary Jane Watson

James Arnold Taylor-Harry Osborn

Jennifer Hale-Gwen Stacy

Stan Lee-Narrator 

Daran Norris-J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson

Deborah Strang-Aunt May

Grey DeLisle-Betty Brant, Sally Avril

Joshua LeBar-Flash Thompson

Samuel Vincent-Eddie Brock/Venom

Andrew Kishino-Kenny Kong, Ned Lees

Cree Summer-Glory Grant

James Arnold Taylor-Fredrick Fosswell 
Spidey would also be an Avenger as a member of the team's new East Coast featuring;

Justin Gross-Steve Rogers/Captain America

Marc Worden-Tony Stark/Iron Man

Cam Clark-Thor

Colleen O'Shaughnessey-Janet Von Dyne/Wasp

Steven Blum-Logan/Wolverine

Mirabelle Kirkland-Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel altered somewhat to be Peter's age and to have a sibling relationship with him)
Spidey is also a part of the Marvel Knights, featuring;

Cam Clark-Matt Murdock/DareDevil, Marc Spector/Moon Knight

Khary Payton-Luke Cage

Michael Donovan-Danny Rand/Iron Fist 
With music by  Kevin Manthei  who did the score of the Ulitmate Spider-Man game, Batman Gotham Knight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Invader Zim


Spider-Man Games

Ok, so this is a run down of what I think of all the Spidey games I've played. Feel free to disagree but this is what I think. 

Spider-Man (PS1)

Strengths-Good voice acting, excellent story, good amount of guest stars (Daredevil, Cap etc.), good game play

Weaknesses-Poor graphics (even though I don't really play games for the graphics it bothers me)


Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (PS1)

Strengths-Improved graphics (mildly), "Create-A-Spider" feature, recurring voice actors, good story, first varient of free roam (in the training)

Weaknesses-Nope, I got nothing. 
Spider-Man 2: The SInister Six (Gameboy) 
Strengths-Nice story (really feels like a comic)

Weaknesses-Meh, it's an ok game, nothing too bad or good about it


Spider-Man the movie game (PS2)

Strengths-Great story, good game play, limited free roam, epic boss battles, Bruce Campbell as the tour guide

Weaknesses-Stealth missions are difficult, web swinging is a little difficult, hard to control sticking to walls


Spider-Man 2 the game (PS2)

Strengths-Powerful story, great voice acting, true free roam, the graphics (they just work for me), the Daily Bugle, unlimited webbing, the city (really very fun to be in), the return of Bruce Campbell

Weaknesses-The sinking boat missions (they are just a HUGE pain), Cops DO NOT HELP YOU! What, are they anti-superhuman or something? Geez! Spidey can not get a break in this game

Spider-Man 3 the game (PS3)

Strengths-Larger City then ever, subway and sewer systems (real fun to play around in), black suit, cool boss battles and interactive cutscenes, bigger better Daily Bugle, multipe stories all well written, improved crime system, cops actually help you, Bruce returns again!
Weaknesses-Dodging system is hard, car combat is made more difficult then need be, graphics (they just don't work for me), there is little to no diffrence between red and black suits, lack of Spidey jokes
Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2) (I am aware that Ultimate came before 3) (My 2nd favorite Spidey game)

Strengths-The addition of Qeens to the city, EPIC story, great voice acting (ft. my favorite Mary Jane voice actress), Ultimate Nick Fury baby!, play as Venom, return of alternate costumes, landmarks from both the real and Ultimate Marvel New York City, epic boss battles
 Weaknesses-Hard as hell to unlock Black Suit costume, no Bruce, no Daily Bugle (I want my Jamason rants :'( )

Spider-Man Web of Shadows (PS3) (My fav Spidey game)
Strengths-Great voice acting (Ft. my fav Spidey, Black Cat and Venom voice actors), epic story (I know all the endings but I've only done the MJ good ending), Spidey's animations and fighting style (this... THIS IS HOW SPIDEY MOVES AND FIGHTS), the Web Strike, the guest stars, the choices, a real diffrence between red and black 
Weaknesses-The city gets very chaotic at times making it difficult to really enjoy being Spider-Man, the city is not very acurate for either a real or Marvel New York 

And Now; my thoughts on Shattered Deminsions

Strengths-Previous Spidey voice actors, 4 unique Spideys, Spider-Man 2099 baby!
Weaknesses-Limited free roam


Favorite Marvel Pairs

Who are your favorite pairs in the Marvel Universe? 
 Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson-Parker 
Deadpool and Copycat 
Wolverine and Silverfox 
Daredevil and Elektra 
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones 
 Iron Fist and Misty Knight 
Ronin and Mockingbird 
Iron Man and Pepper Potts
Ms. Marvel and Bucky Cap (Hay I don't know how my mind works ok?)

Create Your Own Marvel Team

If you could make your own Superhero team in the Marvel Universe who would be on it. What would their history be and where would they be now? 
My team would be: Luke's Crew.  
Roster: Luke Cage (Power Man) as leader, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel 
Base: Mobile, but moslty Harlem, New York City, New York 
Transport: Deadpool's teleporting 
Origin (takes place sometime after the Avengers break up, Post House of M): When framed for an explotion that killed seven people, Luke, Spidey, Wolverine, Deadpool and Ms. Marvel would join forces to find out who really caused the explotion. They'd eventually find out it was none other then Mr. Sinister, who was convinced at that point that  those five would be the perfect template for he perfect mutant (Luke's durability and strength, Ms. Marvel's energy projection, Wolverine's claws and animal senses, Deadpool's healing factor (with is stronger then Logan's) and Spider-Man's speed, reflexes and "spider sense"), and wanted to gather them all in one place to capture them, with the aid of Juggernaut. But the five heroes managed to defeat Juggernaut and Sinister (though he did get a small amount genetic samples from each). The group, believing that if Sinister thinks they could create the ultimate mutant, then perhaps they could do so much more as a team then a simple temp-team up. And so, they agree to team up again, shoulg the need ever come. The day after the Daily Bugle would publish a story labeling the group "Luke's Crew" and the name would stick. 
Allies: Iron Fist, Daredevil, Weasel, Bob of HYDRA, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Avengers, Captain America (Steave), Jessica Jones, Dr. Strange, Young Avengers
Enemies-Sinister Twelve, Mr. Sinister, Ultimatum (Sinister's Ulitmate mutant, also an X-Men and Fantastic Four villain), Dr. Doom, Purple Man, Arcade, Robot Master, Carnage, Moonstone, The Legion (a space insectoid creature who wants to eradicate all free will and indeviduality and introduce everything into her "Sworm", Based on Legion from The Gamera trilogy, and the Fold from MUA2), Grim Reaper, Kingpin, Silver Samurai, Magnito, Toomstone, High Evolutionary, The Brother Hood of Mutants, HYDRA, Dark Avengers and the worst of them all J. Jonah Jameson! DUH DUH DUH (woman screems).
Where they are now: During the Civil War the team would break up over diffrences in opinions concering the SHRA. However, in the wake of Secret invasion, the team reunited as a black ops team to strike against Osborn whenever possible. Even becoming frequent enemies of the Dark Avengers. They've also taken to wearing diffrent costumes to avoid pubic assosiation with them. (Luke wearing his Secret War outfit with a Black Goliath style mask under the alias, "Cage", Wolverine wearing a costume similar to his ultimate costume with Wolverine mask, Spider-Man wearing his Stark Armor and posing as a Scarlet Spider and using the alias Scarlet Spider, Deadpool wearing a new costume closer to the one we see in MUA2, and Ms. Marvel wearing a costume resembling the one her alternate self Warbird wore and even using the alias).