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@teerack: I see, thanks. Still, I was kinda looking forwards to having a kind of buddy-cop segment in the book.

Btw, is there any of the more modern Inhuman stories that are worth getting? Like their time in outer space? Or is that mostly irrelevant at this point?

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@somayareece said:

@static_shock: @godxdarkxopal: She recently overpowered and pushed back Aquaman,Shazam,Flash,Amazo, and a few others all at the same time in Justice League #39 (something that Namor could only dream of doing)

She broke through Hal's constructs that were strong enough to tame her, she lifted a spaceship that was the size of Themyscira, She closed a rift that Mongul struggled to close even though he had help from a kryptonian.

Breaking through GL constructs is a bad example of strength, but I can deal with the Themysciran-sized spaceship. What issue did this feat take place?

As for closing a rift in space, in what issue did this happen? Where there any circumstances behind it? It seems like one of those "questionable" strength feats. Other than that, understand that I was never saying Namor is stronger than Wonder Woman. I just wanted some clarification because I don't read the New 52, and haven't read it in two years.

Dunno about the 'spaceship', but I can say the rift feat was part of Doomed. While I dont know the full story; the idea was that Doomsday (possibly with some interference from Brainiac) had managed to break out of the Phantom Zone. Diana, Steel and Batman went into the Phantom Zone to find out how Doomday got out and find Mongul (stuck since the Batman/Superman sent him and Warworld there) and Non wrestling with the rift Doomsday left because they couldn't use it to escape and it was threatening to tear the place apart. Then Diana showed up and closed it for them, gets and explanation and has to race them out of the Zone before the pair could escape.

She would later return to force Mongul to use Warworld on Brainiac.

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New to the franchise, and basically just read the two most recent TPB's. I'd say the books are solid, I do like that they launched the new series with a 'new kid on the block' getting introduced to everyone that's left. The big problem however is that like those new kids, I have some difficulty with the 'who's who' and why I need to care about this or that person when they appear. Key example is The Unspoken, from the book I know he was the ruler of Attilan before Black Bolt and that he was terrible at it, then I get the brief on his powers, but by then I am lost with 'am I supposed to be fearful for the others wellbeing with him around or not?'

My other major problem with these new kids is how quickly they seem to be replacing seemingly ancient/well established characters, like the surgeon (not replaced as far as I know) and the lone surviving 'cop'. Which I think is a shame really.

Overall though I am looking forwards to the next TPB.

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The question is often asked: "Why is Thor a god?"

I assume that this is asked mostly by people who thinks its amazing that other people worship(ed) him.

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Even in a shared universe, I dont think BP can pull off what Batman appeared to fail to do with 5 years. Unless, as mentioned, we dip into the subject of 'pulling previously unknown counters and weakness' out of our sleeves' department.

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Seems like every week there is an Awesome Art Picks that features a better redesign of WW than this new one:

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  1. I kinda hoped Damians interaction with the JL would result in him getting punched through a wall atleast once.
  2. I see New 52 Shiva still isn't worth a damn, which is sad.
  3. Red Riddler is now at Marvel.
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A case of best saved for later... preferably when Raven have some feats to her name.

Till then, Strange. (At the current rate I dont expect this to change for atleast a couple of years, if ever.)

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@outside_85: read the op, its equalized

So this is more or less futile since Diana has never been as weak as Jason and he's never been as powerful as her.