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I think that one day DC will give it a shot, when they grow out of the idea she cant appear anywhere without the TT banner over her... if they can give Vibe a solo, they can give anyone a solo.

In regards to stories, there are a few that might be worth pursuing:

  • Brothers Evil; So Raven now has Belial as an older brother (along with two idiots), as she is a sword enemy of Trigon and Belial is not, there is a recurring chance for stories revolving around her getting in his way maybe him trying to sway her to their side or kill her. (Use the Demattis version that appeared in Phantom Stranger)
  • Phantom Stranger; Considering she is who she is now because of the Stranger turning on her, you have a story right there with her seeking him out for an explanation/confrontation, which should be interesting considering how the Stranger has changed since then.
  • Vengeful Assassins; With Trigon's rampage, he will have made countless enemies along the way, some will still be around and not terribly interested in Raven's stand against him, she's his daughter, therefore she has to die.
  • Supplicants; Mad cult likes Trigon, mad cult would very much like Raven to be a part of them. Or turn it around, mad cult wants Raven to protect them from Trigon.
  • Queen of the Underworld; Politics of Hell, our favourite kind (imagine something like Neron's court from Reign in Hell).
  • Azerath; considering we know nothing about the New 52 version, all kinds of things could come from there
  • Hidden siblings: Aside the three we know, we could go a NTT: Games route and discover other of Trigons kids that were less successful than the 4 we know.
  • Meeting and greeting; search for plot mcguffin leads to meetings with other heroes/villains of the DCU
  • The everyday situations that may not require Raven to call on her friends to handle.

I would really hope Ray Fawkes writes since he is killing it on Constantine and Gotham by Midnight.


It would upset the crowd that expected a teen soap-opera, but quite frankly... why want that when you can have something unique and more mature? (Just get someone like Templesmith to do the art along).

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why was superboy trying to kill raven.

Because he was Jon-El, who is/was so upset with the state of meta-humanity he decided it would be best if he killed it off.

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@picard: You forget, this is the New 52 version. That version carries a sword capable of splitting atoms, like the ones making up Kitty Pryde. So whats your argument again?

  • And she's also been afected by numerous telepaths.
  • Your point? Neither Emma or Psylocke are as strong a telepath as Jean Grey, but when their powers are combined they would be stronger than her.
  • She is not going to have any trouble getting into WW's mind.
  • You are wrong here, she has been shown before to stack abilities.
  • There have been plenty of people that have gotten into WW's mind, I don't have the scans but it was discussed in another thread not too long ago and scans were provided.
  • I don't have time right now but I'll try to look after work tonight. She absorbs the intelligence and skill as well of the people she absorbs, she isn't going to just let someone hit her not knowing how strong she is.
  • That would be stupid. That was WWH and he still stood toe to toe with him for a few panels.
  • WWH has already been determined able to beat WW.
  • And again you are forgetting that it isn't just Colossus durability, but all of them combined.
  • Yes because Wolverine has no durability(eye roll).
  • And yes, most of the others, while not having durability on Colossus scale, have survived hits that would completely kill most of us normal people.
  • Yes, they do in Rogue's case, it's been shown in the past. You are the one that doesn't seem to know how Rogue works.
  • And by the way, you argument that she doesn't have the strength to put her phased hand through WW's body and pull out her heart is absolutely laughable.
  • It takes absolutely no strength to put a phased hand into someone's body, and for pulling out the heart, if Kitty Pryde could do it to Emma frost in her diamond form, I see no reason that Rogue could not do it with all the powers she has in this case.

  • So far, I have seen NO reason why WW would win here. I will say that if each of these other characters tried to fight WW on their own, she would win, but all of their power combined into one body is too much for WW to handle.
  • Which telepaths are you talking about?
  • If Diana can shrug off a telepathic attack that has more power behind it than Emma or Elizabeth is able to approach, what good are they?
  • Since nothing has been able to get in there yet? No.
  • No, she's at best been able to combine, not stack.
  • Again; WHO?
  • You dont seem to know Rogue very well at all if thats what you think.
  • You mean no panels, he made less of an impact on Hulk than Strong Guy did.
  • By a bunch of morons, chimps and fanwankers, consider me unconvinced.
  • Sadly none of them have a durability thats better than Colossus', unless you want her to loose her TP. In which case she is even worse off.
  • Have you ever considered how long Wolverine would stay down if he didn't have an unbreakable skeleton?
  • Which is going to help her here in what way?
  • Then show them.
  • Considering Diana is far faster than her, it's not going to happen anyways. But Diana's has survived point blank nuclear blasts and only been slightly woozy, none of the X-Men present have that kind physical strength.
  • Like I've said before, Diana is not some half-wit thats just going to stand around and let someone put a hand in her chest.
  • Aside from a hard right to the side of the head, thats all it would take.
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@picard: Prove Rogue has a chance.

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  • Can read her mind so yes.
  • Haven't seen a single post showing that she can't when she has the combined TP of Emma and Psylocke.
  • Others have had no problem getting into WW's mind.
  • Now you are trying to apply PIS by saying that she wouldn't go intangible.
  • Doesn't work that way and you know it. Except for the fact that Colossus HAS tanked someone that gave Sentry a good fight.
  • Once again you are trying to limit it to one power at a time while forgetting all the others.
  • She has the powers of 10 people other than herself, while it isn't mentioned it should be obvious that she also absorbs their durability(granted some don't have much but it all stacks), so she not only has Colossus durability, she also has her own durability, plus everyone else's all stacked on top of each other. That also includes all the strength, speed, intelligence and skill of each of those people stacked together as well.
  • And that last comment is just laughable.

  • No she cant. Diana shrugged off a telepathic attack that took control of nearly every mind other mind of Earth, neither Emma or Psyolcke can connect with even half of it without the help of Cerebra.
  • Doesnt matter because all she has is two sets of skills, not mixture of the two and doubles the effect.
  • Who? This is news to me, and still even if she can read it, she cant control it.
  • No I am saying she is in-character. Rogue is confident to the point of arrogance when it comes to her powers, she knows her friends and what they are capable of, she will not be expecting to feel anything from a person she knows nothing about.
  • You mean he had his arms crushed and he was shoved aside like nothing when the Hulk was around the last time.
  • The others have nothing of value to add, so yes. A bunch of B-graders dont make an A.
  • Powers dont work like that, you know this already.
  • Coming from the guy trying to argue a bunch of B-listers with B-list powers have a shot just because they are in 1 body, when he doesnt understand how powers actually work, the joke is all on you.
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  • She would know any move WW was going to make before she made it,
  • she could go intangible anytime she wanted,
  • and if she wanted she could rely on colossus durability
  • combined with the two different sources of healing which basically means she would barely feel a punch thrown at her from WW.
  • She could stand there and let WW throw a punch, instantly go intangible and push her intangible hand into WW's chest and rip her heart out, or make her hand tangible inside WW's chest and pop the claws into her heart. She simply has way too much versatility with the powerset given to her here.
  • Cant read her mind, so no.
  • Would mean she felt treatened enough to do so, which is unlikely with the amount of powers she is currently on
  • Doesnt matter squat, Colossus is not within tanking range of someone that can give the Sentry a decent fight.
  • Having a healing factor doesn't mean they dont feel anything, Logan has actually repeatedly noted that he hates getting injured because of what it feels like.
  • She doesn have the strength or the speed to actually do that and Diana is skilled enough to avoid an intangible combatant.
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@outside_85: I am new to comics.

Why would people be happy to see Batman and Wonder Woman leave under John's writing?

It is founded on history, if you pick up Grant Morrison's JLA, you get the impression Batman is the coolest character on the planet and with a definite place secured on the Justice League because he has anticipated every battle and every outcome, then planned accordingly. Geoff Johns however makes him look like an unblanced moron that is quickly running out of reasons to be included on a team composed of kings, gods and other extraordinary people.

William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman to be the greatest ideal for humanity to aspire to, strong, confident, capable, compassionate and intelligent. Johns writes her as a half-witted barbarian with some romance hammered into her in the most ham-fisted way possible.

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@outside_85: Yes you make a good point Iceman is in-character so he will hold back but either way she will never put him down at best its stalemate between them but adding the other X Men will definitely give the edge to team

She technically only needs to keep him from reforming (I haven't seen him function without collecting himself first, though I admit I dont know if he can).

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Okay... Still don't see what she can do to Ice Man & she can't do anything to Colossus really besides BFR.

Likewise, an in-character Iceman is unlikely to be able to stop her.

That said, Bobby has been stopped temporarily when his current body is damaged (like when he tripped and fell into a vat of molten steel). If Diana shatter's part of his body, he is going to need a little time to pull himself together.

In regards to Colossonaut, it may be true she can't do anything but BFR him due to his momentum powers, all she really has to do to neutralize him is to avoid him, wait till he stops or turn his own momentum against him. (depending on how likely he is tell her how his powers work when she tries to over power him)

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  • ugly to look at; David Finch in my honest oppinion should only draw freaks and monsters, or find something else to do.
  • nearly worthless in effect; Luthor is on the League, Dick is a spy and Flash lost some fans... thats about it.
  • delayed; more than 2 years in preparing for this thing... and it's final issue is delayed?!
  • forced segments into it that was best left alone; there was no reason to drag in the Dark books for this crap, they dont do well alongside spangly outfits!
  • crap ending; not looking forwards to another Johns-penned stinking mess of an event.