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@malachi_munroe: Unless she turns into Thanos, I don't believe it matters that much. Besides, Vixen doesn't change shape at all, she just takes on several properties of an animal while remaining in human shape.

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Gamora, because terrestrial animals aren't really any threat to her.

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How does any of that still justify straight murdering the sailors though? The Amazons boarded their ships, gave themselves over to the sailors to bare their children, but none of that justifies killing the sailors.

In the minds of the Amazons it does. They don't want to be followed or their home found.

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On a serious note why she is hanging out with innocent men Killers

Like I said, they are her sisters. Diana is one of comics most compassionate and forgiving characters ever created, why should she disown her own people over this when she's forgiven and shown compassion for far worse people?

Why did they have to kill the sailors though? No one's going to believe their story anyways, so what's the point of killing them other than being straight up murderers?

Picture this; You are a sailor, you live your working life at sea on a boat of limited size and surrounded by nothing but other dudes. When you are in port, you drink like there is no tomorrow and generally relieve yourself of all the pressure that's been building up during your months at sea.

Now, while you are out at sea, you boat gets 'invaded' by a troupe of enticing ladies who all take turns on getting knocked up on you and your fellow sailors before heading back to their boats. You have sails or even an engine to power your vessel, they have oars and paddles. So, how many sailors do you think would pass up the chance to follow these girls home?

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Because they are her sisters.

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Anyone hitting their kid anywhere, any place or at any time should be beaten within an inch of their lives before being kicked off to jail for child abuse.

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@outside_85: thanks for the correction dude.. still tho, if Raven's empathic powers are considered magic, then there's not way she'd be enough..

If you only think of magic in terms of destructive powers, then you'd be right. But that kind of magic normally isn't the kind Raven employs anyway.

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So a c-lister get a little time in the sun, good for him... for as long as it lasts.

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Injustice... the endless line of crappy send-offs, courtesy of Tom Taylor...

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He is on his own side, and he resents God for having dictated that he was to be the bad guy of his creation.

Actually, just read his appearance in Sandman: Seasons of Mist and you pretty much have his own view on his situation.