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@a1l_s2a3m4e5n: Btw, are we just presuming this is Aizen in his wtfpwn shape or does it matter if it was his earlier 'gentler' persona/disguise? Btw, the sword is really all he has, because Raven has dodged close range mountain-busting attacks before and his durability isn't really coming into play here.

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Atom, easily, because he can just turn their blood into cement while the Lanterns dont really have anything that can harm or even slow him.

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@primebonnick: It's not so much about them being 'beutiful'. I find them far more intersting to look at, they are unique now, not just another knock-off of classical paintings, 300 or something similar.

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@primebonnick: I hope they dont. I do hope that some of the deceased ones return in one form or another.

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@oldwasher: A nod to the equally hysterical response to that nurse in Maine.

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Better give kids that have been in contact with them 21 days of quarantine now that they are at it.

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The team will win by mocking him as his pair is locked in a box that Umar keeps safe.

Then the pimp hands come out.

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@a1l_s2a3m4e5n: Well thanks for the link, but it really didn't say anything. He's above Captain-level (dunno what that means because I have zero knowledge on Bleach), and he had a tricky sword... and thats about it.

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Here are a list of people who may be a problem to Diana:

  • Dr. Strange
  • Thing
  • Rulk

Everyone else is either not strong enough or have the needed staying power to add anything other than bodies.

And the universal problem of those three are: lack of speed. And they have this problem against a character that can survive nukes, and has a strength level far exceeding anything this group has (without Loebforce).

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  1. Could simply be the old science vs magic stick, Amazo is rooted in science and magic normally tends to break science. So perhaps, if magic isn't a skill that can be learned by anyone, Amazo might simply be incapable of replicating it.
  2. True, but I didn't mention Ares because noone actually lays a hand on him other than the Annihilator.
  3. That is true, but how the New Gods act and look is all based on Kirby's perception of gods and god like beings simply being the astronauts from other worlds. And thats no more true really when looking at the JLU show where everything they do makes them look like invading aliens rather than deities.