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Round 1: Strange, due to Constantine only having a week to familarize himself with the Sanctum and it's contents (which would be like starting from scratch in Johns case), while Strange carries much of that knowledge contained around in his head but is stuck with the far less useful House of Mystery. For this I'd say the better mage wins. (Highly doubting either Trigon or Dormammu will be of any help, not in their character and not in Johns or Stranges to ask characters like them.)

Round 2: Going with the combined might of Team 2, since in this case John is nearly useless (see last big fight in Injustice Year Three between Trigon and Mxy, Fate could do something, Shazam could do something, as could Raven, while John was left standing on the porch hoping his gamble paid off.

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So when are we people not blessed with a nearby comic store going to see this on comixology?

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Is this just so you can have a nother mile or two out of MoS' 'Hoperman' joke?

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I'd say Hawkeye is less useful than she is... because he is still using a weapon that went out of fashion over a century ago, also Natasha is the teams infiltrator and espionage ace.

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I'd take the piss on them and do a parody... by casting Kanye West. He gets to pretend he's a more douche-bag version of Bruce Wayne in his own little fantasy world, the rest of us get to see him get beat up with wearing a silly outfit.

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@rickythanos: @outside_85:

Galactus don't need an army to barely try to destroy a planet...

I meant what I said quite litterally. A nanobot built on Mandrak's true size is an object that measures 70 miles, if he notices Galactus without the use of a microscope it would be a miracle.

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By comparison, Galactus is a gnat.

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Not sure why there would be Pre-New 52, since they are located half a world away from one another and the Amazons having favoured seclusion.

The New 52 however I could imagine there being euro-asian Amazons brought about by asian sailors getting shagged by one of the Amazons raiding parties.

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Round 1: As the New 52 stands, I'd say Nico has by far the longer list of accomplished feats (and therefore the proven better chance of winning) while Raven's tend to be more subtle. Also, this really depends on which point in time Raven we are dealing with; the one secretly working with Trigon for instance managed to rip out the heart of Belial with seeming ease, while Belial had managed to tank Superboy's attacks. And later on, she was able to completely avoid the Jon-El Superboy's attacks, both fists and telekinesis. The current free version of Raven however is known mostly to see more than others (like not being blind to a invisible person), seemingly immune to a time freeze, and the threat of being able to summon numerous demigods to deal with the android-woman (but settled on just calling her friends).

Round 2: Raven, either via empathy or BFR.

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@judasnixon said:

@those_eyes said:

why did storm cut her hair like that?

Because Mohawks are awesome........

Can she get a job with that haircut though?

these are serious questions

Considering she is a well known mutant, how she does her hair is not going to register...

Aside that, could you imagine Storm actually looking for a normal 9 to 5?