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The Cuckoos are normally quite formidable even when theres only 3 of them, the problem is that I don't think their powers are the sort you actually want vs someone who can KO people simply by sharing her state of mind.

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@xaos said:


Lol. I totally respect you, dude but, you really think that you can take your chance with Wonder Woman ?

Whats the worst that could happen? :)

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@xaos: Still, requires you to be in it :)

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@risingbean: That might work, but only if we assume his forcefield is stronger than the Lasso, like despite it's elastic nature, it's not like people are known for being able to extend it unless Diana wants it to. And the only one thats ever been able to break it was a guy who basically warped reality into fitting his idea of truth.

Well, by the usual battle forum rules, he has effectively left the battlefield anyways. Also she could just throw him into the sea, I recall that someone did that once and it took him more than a month to walk back up to the surface.

I figure that if she can chop off fingers, she can probably also take off a leg. But true enough, it depends on whenever her magic trumps his or not.

The thing is that the Juggernaut enchantment is the same regarless of who it's applied to, what isn't is how the bearer uses it, Cain uses it one way, Pete another and Abel grew into a giant. But none of that matters when in this case is about what others can do to the enchantment. She could do this to Pete, she probably could do it to Cain as well (but I dont know if she's ever fought him as the ruler of Limbo outside of his Kuurth appearance). As far as this goes it's about what Magik did, not what the Juggernauts are capable of... like does it matter if it's Frank Castle or a GCPD pointing the M16 at Batman's chest when the result is always going to be with them disarmed? :)

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@goldking: Not when you are a skyfather level being:

Note on the SS scan: Yeah, thats Logans adamatium bones being seperated from his flesh and the claws falling out of their sockets.

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X-23, debued in one of the X-Men cartoons and then migrated into comics.

Cinderblock from Teen Titans along with Mas Y Menos (the speedster twins... think they were killed off pretty much immediately though).

Mr. Freeze as we know him today from BTAS, dunno if that counts.

Pretty sure this was the focus of a Newsarama top 10 once... and here it is:

  • Cloe Sullivan (Smallville)
  • Phil Coulson (MCU)
  • Firestar (Spiderman and his amazing friends)
  • Bebop and Rocksteady along with Kang (TMNT 9 year catoon series... meaning the 90'ties one)
  • Mercy Graves and Livewire
  • Morph (90-ties X-Men)
  • Renee Montoya, Lock-Up (BTAS)
  • X-23
  • Jimmy Olsen (Adventures of Superman radio show)
  • harley Quinn (BTAS)
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Juggernaut can turn it on, and it is a sort of invisible field. A Juggernaut who doesn't forget he has it (and battle forums Cain, won't.) has some degree of versatility.

If Diana gets him off planet, that is the best option, and the one Thor used in both of their classic encounters.

As far as swords, it's possible Diana may do cosmetic damage. (Shatterstar managed it with his magic swords), but Juggernaut healed so fast the damage may as well not have occurred.

If you have a scan of the Magik instance, I'd love to see it as I haven't before.

I have to add that I did know he had this forcefield, but I have always simply considered it like second layer of skin that he can thank for his massive durability. Still, it doesn't really answer what good it will do against the lasso.

Off planet or just far away is normally considered a win.

Well, Diana is after all much faster than Shatterstar and much stronger, so I am counting on her being able to do a little more than just cosmetic damage. You are ofc correct it might take some time to wear him down though.

Unfortunately not any more, but I know how it panned out:

  • Illyana seeks out Pete in the ruins of his AvX farm after the dust had settled and goads him into getting the Juggernaut out.
  • Takes him to Limbo and hits him over the head with her sword, removing the Juggernaut and takes him back to the farm.
  • States she could have done it any time she wanted, but left him with it because she wanted him to know what it was like to be her, living in hell.
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@risingbean: I'm curious to know why him 'turning on' a force field would do him any good after being tied up?

Secondly, why would he be immune to being grabbed by turning it on? Since I dont recall it being an invisible-woman type of bubble that surrounds him.

Well if she goes fast enough they will eventually hit escape velocity, so the inhabited area he might hit would be a distant planet :)

Depends on the power DC Hephaestus has invested in his work is enough to penetrate or negate Cyttorak's blessings. Considering how easily Magik broke the enchantment, it's obviously not impossible.

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Alone, as in on my own but with other people in the theater? Yes, I do it all the time... because thats how sad my life is :)

But alone with noone else there? Eh, I'll just watch it on my TV...

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He is right, all of the things about Superman in MoS have taken place in comics continuity at one time or another. Even the killing. In the GA it just wasn't Zod but Luthor-like business monguls, and ofc he did actually kill Zod, Non and Ursa once by exposing them to lethal amounts of Kryptonite. Plus we have to factor in there are a number of universes where Superman is a prick who has no trouble reducing people he doesn't like to ashes.

What Snyder did was simply make an adaption of existing material that fit into his vision. His Clark was taught to avoid fights if he could, his own morals made him save people whereever he went, yet in Zod he faced the opposite; a man bred to fight and kill, and one who only he could stop and who had sworn not to stop unless he was killed. So like Clark had to watch Johnathan die for the greater good, he had to kill Zod for the same reason. Greater good>personal morals/feelings.