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@thunderbolt30: I stand by what I said earlier:

  • Storm is an outsider working the elements
  • Ivy is the element
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For it's own sake I think it should be it own show.

But I can't deny the appeal of a potential Justice League vs Trigon battle on the big screen.

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He's a character that fits in the time he was created but doesn't work now.

Think that was a pretty stupid thing to say, people are still buying Superman stories even if he's a guy who has the morality of a movie from the 1950'ties.

The real Lobo worked just fine, just not when left in the hands of one of the very idiots he was created to parody.

But I agree with the above statement, this sounds like a wasted oppertunity to get the real Lobo's fans onboard with this hipster version and instead they opted to give them the finger, again.

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Diana would actually beat Clark if she has his speed.Because she fights better than him.But the thing is their perceptions are different.Clark could perceive the world in slow motion.He can measure the time between nanoseconds,he can see everything like standing still,including Diana.

Diana is as fast has he is, in combat she's faster.

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So they get mightily owned by nearly everyone on the list.

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@teerack: The way they are apparently planning it out according to the shaky timeline of Future's End, Earth-2 will get itselt invaded again by Apokolips and die. GL will die with it and nearly everyone else will be rounded up for Cadmus experiments. Fate will also end up dead and Constantine replaces Nabu with something else residing in the helmet.

Which in my honest oppinion is a gross waste of potential.

@outside_85: Supes literally stomped him. you have to admit, though, that version of Fate was weaksauce.

No, that Fate had an interesting weakness, and still he did survive that round.

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I will say Ivy.

It's very accurate that Storm is called Sculptress, because it describes perfectly her relationship with the weather. She controls it, turns it, twists it to her liking, but she is not a part of it and she knows and accepts that.

Ivy on the other hand doesn't consider herself human at all, and most of her time is spent wanting to avenge mankind's aggression towards plants.

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Cant tell if it's a man or a woman.

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I think Barbie is in the same situation that Lego realized they were in when an 8 year old girl wrote them a letter and said she found it weird that all the male Lego men could do anything, be anything while all the females could only go to the beach, shop and cook.

The point is that I think Barbie kinda cultivates young girls into a certain mindset that what Barbie does is kinda what will expected of them later on when they grow up.

That said, I do think Barbie, in itself, isn't so much of a problem, it's the parents who buy them. Because there still is this inbuilt perception that, Dad: "My boy plays football and pretends to be a soldier." Mom: "My girl plays with dolls and pretends to be hair dresser." And if the kids dont follow along those lines or similar, then something is wrong.

Fun fact: Around a hundred years ago, a boys colors were rosa pink and girls were light blue. :)

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@teerack: Even if that's how it might feel, remember that James Robinson pretty loudly left the book and the company because someone was tampering with Earth-2 and now Worlds End is looming... I think Earth-2 now pretty heavily editorially guided towards a goal.