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Nope, I'm saying she has no feats of that level beyond fighting people with feats on that level, but also has trouble fighting people below that level. I have yet to see scans of feats that put her at Superman level beyond those of fighting superman. Her fights with weaker characters don't suggest she is at that level, her fights with stronger characters don't suggest she is at that level, her none combat feats don't suggest she is at that level.

Character statements suggest she is at that level if brought up in the exact context, but if it is about another topic she is generally considered weaker.

Look, what you are doing there is saying no feats in the history of comics are valid because every single hero and villain are written inconsistently in terms of power. Like I said before: Superman can struggle with just human Lex Luthor and the next he can be beating down Darkseid. We've seen Batman take on and win against both Darkseid and Superman, yet he continues to be challenged by a lunatic in clown makeup.

She is considered weaker by people who dont know what they are talking about, and usually it's made by people who are backing the other party.

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@outside_85 said:
@scorpio_cassadine said:

I can run fast, but why wouldn't I want a car too?

Because you can't run as fast as your car.

Exactly, and Wonder Woman can't fly as fast while carrying passengers as she can with her jet. If it has stealth capabilities and offensive weapons that's even better.

Problem there is that Diana carries a passenger something like once every 7 years... and your picture happens to carry 2 people who can fly as fast on their own making it even more redundant.

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They get in front of me, I will just run over them.

It's built to resist landmines, so stingers are not going to be a problem.

Plus it can go whereever it pleases.

So it's either the Marauder, or the TerraMax truck (also capable of going whereever it wants).

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@outside_85: Not like DCs intentions are important in the feats-are-everything-battleforums which are the only thing we are arguing about.

Is you who is going on about how it's the fights when she gets lowballed thats worth more than the others.

There is a reason why people who know what they are talking about don't give two shits about how Batman has on two occasions taken down Cheetah, because they know it's just bad writing. It is the same thing about Wonder Woman.

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  1. He died = not immortal; fact.
  2. If you know DA like the back of your hand, then you also know much (or rather how little) Sentry actually did before Siege arrived and he went all Void and was killed.
  3. Celestial or not; It is tech, end of story.
  4. No, he is a blank slate Marvel kept adding powers to.
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I'd imagine it's because Lang is closer to the majority of the MCU hero males; people who can wisecrack.

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@outside_85: They also let the PIS feats of her getting kicked around by Batman get published and that happened mutliple times as well, I believe.

Yes, under BATMAN editors, which is an important detail.

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Why is she automatically as powerful as SOME of her fights imply if SOME of her other fights imply that she is not as powerful. That is my entire point you can say these fights are the correct level, someone else can say those other fights show her correct level.

Because it's DC thats for the past 30-35 years now been trying to tell people where they think Diana is regarding powers. As far as anyone should be concerned, it's them that have the last word, not some alias on the internet.

Otherwise stuff like this would never get published as part of a major story:

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  1. Is that so.
  2. Read Dark Avengers if you have to.
  3. Really? I did not know that! /endsarcasm But you think it's magic then in-spite of nothing being hinted at that being the case.
  4. He is this time atleast, how knows about the next appearance.
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Hey, looking at her own feats which are not the extension of fighting another character or rather those I've seen on the battleboards, she is strength wise below the Thing. With her feats by extension of fighting another character seem all over the place, how would I blame anyone who puts her below characters that have their own feats.

Storywise I don't need to see her do any insane strength feats just for the heck of it, but arguing on the feats-are-everything-battleforums I find the evidence for her physical strength and speed rather lacking, especially given that Karate Kid can replicate anything she did fightwise easier and is established to be not in the same strength speed class as what Diana is placed in based on these fighting feats.

So she is automatically less powerful than implied from some of her fightsbecause she doesn't use her powers outside of fights with other characters very often? What kind of logic is that?

And then you wheel out Karate Kid, a character that might as well be the in-comics embodiment of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris' pop-cultural persona's. Not to mention his most worthwhile feat happend 40 years ago and has long since fallen out of canon.