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Sadly the art looks like the bland-sandwich I was expecting, might look better or worse after the colorists and inkers have had their shots at this.

Story wise it's the same story, from the preview, it looks a lot more like Johns' barbarian than Azzarello's Diana.

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@dondave: Which she succeeded.

No, we are not.

As if he could.

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@reaverlation: You mean that fight where Amazo thought he was red Tornado where Diana was the deciding factor to get the andriod thrown into a Black Hole? That one?

Where Diana was blindsided and later managed Primaid on her own and Wally and Kyle later got thrashed.

Also managed by Hal with Steel's hammer: Not exactly a top notch performance from someone who has major problems with a talking gorilla.

Eh... No, Diana would just have kept going till she woke up on her own. But that the Earth was in the way just shows how insanely durable she is to survive unscratched from going as fast as light to a dead stop.

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@jashro44: Either thats Barry or somekind of AU or dream. And he's not actually taking any hits, so whats it here for?

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@dondave said:

It was only when she realized that he was going to throw her into the Sun that she increased her struggles to get out of his grip.

If being in the Sun wasn't a problem, she could have easily waited until he threw her into the Sun, allowing him to think Doomsday dead and just come out unscathed.

Ahh no, getting choked to death was the main concern.

And I have to say, even if she should be able to survive it, it's probably not a pleasant experience for anyone.

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@dondave: You mean besides that he was also choking her and shooting her in the face with heatvision? The Sun wasn't a concern.

@reaverlation: She actually survived if not won a fight with a foaming at the mouth Superman. What does Wally have?

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@outside_85:Diana was getting her as$ handed to her by Zoom's hits while he was holding back.Wally was taking Zoom's hits while Zoom wasn't holding back just fine.Wally has numerous feats to suggest he's more durable

She had a few bruises and a nosebleed from getting punched across a continent. Zoom was out cold after she knocked him out of a house. Io, a normal Amazon, survived 200 hits from him as well.

@frozen said:

  • LOL what? Superman can barely pull one planet for a few minutes with two other beings around his strength. Prime can easily tow multiple planets at a time at super-speeds. It's a strength comparison and the latter is clearly stronger
  • You are SERIOUSLY underestimating Hal if you think he's 50% of the power of a Kryptonian. He's above them due to feats, above Supergirl, Power Girl, etc and even Superman himself. Other Kryptonian-LIKE have had Lantern rings (e.g. Mon El) and he's still considerably below Hal
  • Um, no - he's tagged close range speedsters
  • The scan I posted...the League are getting telepathically assaulted

You are lowballing Hal if you think he's half the power of a Kryptonian, going by feats I'd say he's above Superman (and he usually wins that matchup here).

  • Is it ever going to dawn on you that pushing a planet around means nothing as long as the battle doesn't actually involve any?
  • What feats? He doesnt have any. Every single time Hal or any other GL gets called in to handle Superman or someone like him, they are beaten into the ground with contemptuous ease.
  • Bull
  • By who? With what effect? Whats the context?
  • I am not lowballing Hal, it's you thats overestimating him by miles. Hal is not a match for Superman, he never was, and quite frankly since Johns has left GL for pastures new; he never will be.
@dondave said:

She was definitely scared of Superman throwing her into the sun during Sacrifice

You know. I'd very much like you to show us where Diana shows fear during that encounter.

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@outside_85: Wally's durability would allow him to take her hits just fine.I'd also argue he's more durable than her

You'd be wrong, Diana sucking punching Zoom was enough to temporarily knock him cold, Cheetah did pretty well in ripping Wally a new one as well in the same story and she usually fares pretty poorly against Diana.

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  1. Which is only through the words of a 3rd person narrator, you have no way of knowing if it actually just headed back after Mars or not. This is the same kind of non-logic I've seen people try to use and gie Storm Flash-level reflexes.
  2. Have you ever heard of Diana's guard breaking? No? Thats because it hasn't. But look below:
  3. Also it is still not Thor's actual throwing speed, the hammer gains speed on it's own.
Omega-Beams meant to kill Superman, whom we should be able to agree is more durable than any planet

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@reaverlation said:

Wally West is human and he can take Diana's hits just fine

She hasn't tried to kill him either whenever she hit him.

@frozen said:
  1. Prime breaking his bones is completely irrelevant. I've given you the feat of Superboy Prime towing planets whereas normal Superman cannot without major help, and Prime manhandling Superman, Supergirl and Power Girl at the same with ease in SCW.
  2. It's not useless - his AOE will stun her and hurt her given her sub-par durability. Hal is a human with a G.L ring, he's more poewrful than most Kryptonians given his feats, this 'human' argument doesn't stand.
  3. Do some research. Lanterns, Hal included have reacted to speedsters and tagged them.
  4. Yes. He's mentally attacking the League at once. There's also the time he mindwiped the JLA including her.
  1. What is completely irrelevant is pushing planets around unless the opponent happens to be Mogo or Ego.
  2. More powerful than most Kryptonians? What the hell are you taking about dude? WTF? Hal isn't even half the power of a Kryptonian.
  3. Maybe to attackes coming from half a galaxy away, Diana is 5ft away, big difference (not to mention it's not even remotely consistent).
  4. Is he now? Where in that scan is that shown?