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Diana. Superboy-levels of strength isn't going to be enough.

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Anyone else thought Athena looked creepy as fuck in this issue? An owl woman was just too strange for me to handle. I mean I get she's a Greek goddess and can possibly shape shift but why that shape? I mean, I know Athena is known for her wisdom and the owl is her symbol but still, you know?

Yeah the first thing that sprang to my mind was the Blair Witch, who reportedly was a lady covered head to toe in hair. Not Chiang at his finest imo

But hey, we could end up with Athena being the inspiration for the Court of Owls :)

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It's battles like these that make me wonder how much (or how little) the Op actually knows about the combatants.

Starcraft takes place within one single sector of Space. The Imperium of Man lays claim to an entire galaxy. The Starcraft team has perhaps a hundred worlds to draw manpower and resources from, the Imperium has far over a million.

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the only thing your basing your comment on that has any bearing in reality is nostalgia. the contest hasn't been confirmed as removed, the origin just cut's off right after she found steve. either way her desire to explore man's world was her motive, not the contest. the contest in past lore was just a means to an end.

I haven't mentioned the contest once in any of the posts I've made regarding Diana's origins, and it's not been the subject of debate in any of the threads I've visited either, so why do you think my comment has anything to do with that? But my two cent's on that: it's not in any way a vital piece of Diana's past, but it still could have taken place leading to the transcript entries from Steve mentioning Diana had to fight off the others.

I was pointing out that it's quite dim to claim the Clay Origins of Diana to be in any way unique when billions of people know by heart a much older version of it.

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giving him an uninterupted 1v1 with someone on par with supes would give me a rough estimate.

From what he's done already should give you a better than rough estimate.

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You know, it doesn't surprise me this went to Fox.

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This is really the biggest bone I have to pick with this book: Why does this book have to revolve around their romance?

Because they are dating. If they were married there would be no romance

And they could just be collaborating, a revolutionary thought, I know.

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her being superman tier is exactly why i'm hoping for a 1v1, i understand it's not the way azz does things but he's unintentionally downplaying her ability. and it the final face of between her and FB seems more climatic to me.

Considering you dont know what FB would do to someone like Superman if they got into a fight, I can't really agree with the notion of downplaying anything.

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None, you just need a lucky strike or shot. Most of his enemies could have killed him at one point or another, if they didn't all have a fetish for slow-moving deathtraps.

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Because no one in a superhero comic has a true upper limit, therefore no full potential.