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@frozen said:

@outside_85: What if Superwoman's child's father is Alexander Luthor and the child is Alexander Luthor Jr?

Sounds unlikely considering how she and Owlman hover around each other.

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@darknightspideyfanboy: Unfortunately Nyx appears to be defeated by shining a bright light at her (which does make sense considering what she is a personification of darkness).

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Giving it to Judas Priest.

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1) I was thinking of the exact same thing. They wouldn't need speed boats or planes but would need to deal with things like broken and severed limbs often enough.

2) I also wonder why they need to keep buying weapons from Hephaestus. THEY DON'T FIGHT ANYBODY! The weapons they already have prior to trade should be sufficient for piracy.

3) And sorry but who is Megala?

1) Fair enough, they could progress in that field, but it's still going to be limited simply due to the amount of plants they have on the island and their understanding of the world around them.

2) They do actually, but you would have needed to read Batwoman to know about it. As it turns out, the Amazons function as a sort of mythological police force who go out and either kill or capture various monsters that's growing out of control. They even have a prison deep beneath the island, where they kept the likes of Medusa and the night goddess Nyx.

3) Magala was a John Byrne invention, she's his explanation of the existence of Donna Troy, being the one that brought Diana's mirror image to life. And she's probably the only Amazon that looks like a Neanderthal :)

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He would land on a rock and die... then everyone would have a laugh at his stupid hair :)

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@hawk80 said:

@outside_85 said:
Just look at those isolated tribes that's still living deep in the jungles around the world, they are still extremely primitive because of their isolation.

I think this is not the same case.

A - Amazons (DC's Amazons) had a greek culture level before isolation. Once progress starts, stasis is unlikely.

B - Technoloy requires more and more energy and natural resources. They live on a island, but magic is everything you need...

C - Limited population means limited ideas, but they could take ispirations from Athena and by spying the outside world.

They could easy have devolped some advanced ideas, even more advanced than ours (es. purple ray). At the same time they would lack various things that are normal to us. And they would of course feel the need to preserve their traditional lifestyle.

A) Actually it is when most of them can live for thousands of years, eventually the old Amazons would have to run out of fresh ideas. Like much of todays European/Western science is actually built on muslim/arab maths that had taken centuries to work out, but not shared. Europe scientifically bloomed after Spain was converted... or should I say conquered?

B) We haven't seen one single Amazon yet that was a magician. Even before FP the only one I can remember was Magala... who was considered a basket case.

C) For what reason? If the Amazons thought so ill of the outside world that they were prepared to go into complete isolation from it, why would they continue to spy on this place? Its... actually a bit like Skippy in the other thread saying "I hate the current Wonder Woman book and I wont buy it, but I still want to know whats happening."

The thing is that innovation is motivated by needs, the Amazons don't really have any needs; their land is fertile, game is plenty, weather is great, peace reigns 99% of the time. Why would the Amazons need to develop things if everything they have is more than sufficient to their needs?

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@sayaotonashi: Honestly, I'd rather have the Amazons being beyond belief skilled with their much improved ancient armaments than gearing them up with all kinds of weird doo-hickeys we only see in one fight. I'd rather have Amazons where Io pops out a new sword of her forge and Artemis goes out and turns a tank into building blocks with it.

It's one of the reasons I actually (as one of the few apparently) like Amazons Attack, ignoring the killer bees and how poorly it made the Amazons look, you cant deny the story cemented how dangerous the Amazons as an army actually are.

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Killer Croc digs himself out of the sewers only to end up right infront of Godzilla. Godzilla immediately adopts Croc as his son, and they lived happily ever after, the end. :)