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My personal Johns' dumb-moments list, in no particular order:

  • Batman revealing himself to Hal Jordan, of all people, in Justice League
  • Wonder Woman falling in love with Superman over the course of something like 2 pages with no prior buildup, also in JL.
  • Hal Jordan knocking Batman on his ass near the end of Rebirth... because it's not like Batman is near the pinnacle of DC's MA's. :S
  • Superboy Prime slaughtering half a dozen Teen Titans who generally come off as useless against him, even if they are able to play ball with him (not meaning the ones that died btw)
  • Dr. Light being able to stand against 20+ Teen Titans, some of whom are so far out of his league he has to use a telescope to see them, simply by channeling his own massive b***s... only to be put down by Cyborg who otherwise got blown up every second story or so.
  • Having Raven, in the spur of a moment, get a massive tramp stamp (which most people, including Johns, subsequently ignored/forgot)
  • Proving us with one of the lamest ways the Spectre has ever been ejected from a major event... with the badguy walking right through it...
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Sure, since it would mean I am either in cartoon/comic-land of wobbly physics or he is out here in the real world.

And do we get a weapon? Or a costume for this? Coz I have an idea:


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I think DC's movies are better, despite that it takes them ages to make them. Partially this is because DC make theirs with a straight face, which ofc leaves them lacking in humor, but on the other hand, jokes get boring when you've heard them 2-3 times (unless you are drunk). (Note that the Joker from DKR isn't actually funny (which I felt was a mistake)... because all his jokes are followed by someone's death.)

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@frozen said:

@outside_85: What if Superwoman's child's father is Alexander Luthor and the child is Alexander Luthor Jr?

Sounds unlikely considering how she and Owlman hover around each other.

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@darknightspideyfanboy: Unfortunately Nyx appears to be defeated by shining a bright light at her (which does make sense considering what she is a personification of darkness).

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Giving it to Judas Priest.

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1) I was thinking of the exact same thing. They wouldn't need speed boats or planes but would need to deal with things like broken and severed limbs often enough.

2) I also wonder why they need to keep buying weapons from Hephaestus. THEY DON'T FIGHT ANYBODY! The weapons they already have prior to trade should be sufficient for piracy.

3) And sorry but who is Megala?

1) Fair enough, they could progress in that field, but it's still going to be limited simply due to the amount of plants they have on the island and their understanding of the world around them.

2) They do actually, but you would have needed to read Batwoman to know about it. As it turns out, the Amazons function as a sort of mythological police force who go out and either kill or capture various monsters that's growing out of control. They even have a prison deep beneath the island, where they kept the likes of Medusa and the night goddess Nyx.

3) Magala was a John Byrne invention, she's his explanation of the existence of Donna Troy, being the one that brought Diana's mirror image to life. And she's probably the only Amazon that looks like a Neanderthal :)