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White and gold for me.

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@green_skaar: Really? Based on how much it helped Cain Marko i would have thought it would make a significant difference.

I think he means that the gem doesnt help Hulk as much as it does Cain. Cain is after all a normal human that gets beefed up to Hulk level when having the gem, Hulk however is already a massive powerhouse without the gem, so if given it, you wouldn't see such a huge difference.

Unless we dip into Loeb-territory and sends Hulk off to beat up people he normally cant, like Thanos or Odin.

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Bruce Wayne vs Steve Rogers, roughtly equal physically, bat's just have more options.

Superman vs the Hulk, there is more than strength going for Superman here.

Lex Luthor vs Ironman, unless Tony is wearing one of his more special suits, I am going with Baldy whos normal suit equates to the Hulkbuster.

The Flash vs Thor, hmm not sure tbh, depends on if it's full potential Flash or not.

Nightwing vs Spider-Man, Eh... it's unlikely Dick can cope with an adversary this strong and agile.

Firestorm vs The Human Torch, there's litterally nothing Johnny can do to him

Psycho Pirate vs Wolverine, let me just say the 'shields' he has seem kinda random

Red Tornado vs Sue Storm; going with Sue due to the shields

Hawkman vs Hawk-eye; the fact is that since death is not an option, Hawkeye is going up against a guy who has a bull's toughness.

Mr. Freeze vs Silver Surfer; what...?

Wonder Woman vs Magneto, not even on his best day.

Martian Manhunter vs Loki; Ok, Loki may be able to conjure fire, but by then J'onn has already lamped him

Green Lantern vs Charles Xavier; despite being founded by telepaths, the GLC dont have a good record against them.

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Ends in teabagging.

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He start's his monologue while they move around, she quips back, he says something about minding her surroundings... and something lands on her head :)

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Just reminded how much better the old Red Robin outfit looks compared to the New 52 one... :(

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I dont know if it's just my weird relation to humans thats playing in, but I just feel more sickened about this video than I did the report about ISIS burning the Jordanian pilot alive and then running the remains over with a dozer. It guess it just goes beyond my comprension that they'd destroy relics from their own past because their book said something about something else. I know it's a war and that we are dealing with people who score points with themselves for inhuman brutality towards their prisoners (so I kinda expected we'd see them do worse than the beheading vids... especially against muslims fighting them). But stone sculptures and parchments? What did they do?

For one they are destroying priceless historical artifacts from whats considered the cradle of human civilization, which makes them pretty important historically and utterly irreplacable. Secondly... their reasoning to do so is about 3000 years too late. They are breaking these things because they think people around them still worship Persian and pre-Persian deities and kings in a region torn apart already over the text in the same book... it's like blowing up the Acropolis in Athens because the bomber thinks it's competing with their religion.

@monsterstomp: Seriously these maggots should have been dealt with a long time ago, they need to answer for the good and decent people over there and all over the world they've hurt and murdered.

The world needs to show radicals of any type that this sh*t is unacceptable and there are consequences. They want the fear of god? Let's give it to them.

Unfortunately, 'the fear of god' in this case litterally means either Allah, one of his angels or someone from a less pleasant place shows up and kicks their heads in, otherwise (for them) its just going to be another invasion of heathens, blashemers and non-believers they already think they are fighting against.

That said, if they would all politely stand in the same barren desert, I couldn't reach for the napalm release switch fast enough.

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I suppose that has to be one of the most ham-fisted introductions I've ever seen in comics; a litteral pile of Galactus' apparently slain by a sea-sick giant with worse fashion sense than Roman senators. Not even Geoff Johns can keep up with that.

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The plot was.. okay for me. On one hand, I enjoy Diana finally conflicting with her Goddess of War status. Her title does go against what she stands for.

Diana stands for peace, only she has never been shy to use force to achieve it.

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Nearly every character is a patriot on some level, can't really think of any that actually dislikes or even hates them.