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@skit said:

Well he's been doing good a good job on ballers with occasional arrogance/condescending attitude, talking to adults like they're children. He's also charismatic, though it's been in a different way.

While I am totally blank on whats going on in Ballers (other than it's a thing Johnson seems really pleased about), I doubt the attitude and presence he has there is the kind Adam has; which is much like being trapped in a room with a gorilla, you never know where that one thing you do is going to set it off and has it charge across the room and rip your arms off. Charisma might have been the wrong word :S

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Always the guy with ranged weapon of a bygone age. :)

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Well, Dwayne normally has the middle-eastern-look you would expect of Black Adam...

Well he is from Hawaii...

True, it's the black hair and the tan he always has.

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@outside_85: Except the knife Thor was stabbed with was identical to the ones Loki used in the first Thor movie to sever entire arms off Frost Giants and the ones he used to kill a bunch of Shield agents with at the start of Avengers.

Considering the knife clearly had Asgardian symbols/patterns on it, its reasonable to assume that it was Asgardian, or at least alien in nature. Suggesting that it was just a random piece of Earth metal Loki picked up is a bit ridiculous picked up since Thor has tanked having his face rubbed against a cliff at high speed, punches from Hulk and a fall from 30,000 feet (and lots more besides).

And anyway, Thor recovered almost instantaneously from the knife and carried on for the rest of the movie like nothing had happened.

Star of the Avengers? Pardon for asking this, but didn't he just shoot the ones he didn't stab with his 'glowstick of destiny'? As for the Frost Giants, I hate to say this but; how durable do we actually know them to be? Because all we see them fight is Asgardians and they pretty much fall over like flies.

Yes it is reasonable to assume that's where it came from, but how do we know it's any stronger than earthly metal? Look, my point is that Loki is still massively strong compared to a human, and when he stabbed Thor it was with the tip of a knife that would effectively amplify the effect. Like when a person leaves marks in a wood floor if they are in high heels, but not when wearing flat shoes. Similarly, Thor is an Asgardian prince, but most of his striking power in the movies lie in the hammer, his durability however... well we saw Fandral skewered and Odin himself blinded on one eye by nothing more exceptional than icy spikes.

Yes he did, but it wasn't a fatal or even crippling wound either.

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@outside_85: Well if we going to get someone that doesn't look like Wonder Woman then we can get somebody that doesn't look like Teth or Billy.

Except Gal actually does look like Diana.

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where did this myth come from?

From not looking at those coming out of fast-food restaurants.

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It's not worth much if there aren't any feats to back up the claim. Something like this:

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  • Hulk
  • the Thing
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Animated Cyborg (can't do anything without shouting)
  • Hawk-people... Both Man and Girl tend to approach things while bellowing.