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This... was great, but ended too soon. Why couldn't this have been the New52 launch?

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WW, far greater skill>slight speed advantage.

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@baron_von_santa: Go read the posts on the front page then if so difficult for you. I'm done.

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Depends on the artist. The modern version was quite large (some 12-15 floors above ground):

Whereas the old one seemed impractically small:

While this one was never built:

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I was rather expecting for Hephaestus to turn on Diana at some point, it just seemed to me he had so many reason to do something like that to get one over on the family that threw him down a mountain.

I was halfway expecting most of the deceased Olympians to be revived in some form by the end of it all thanks to the normal practice of comics to leave as they arrive. Imagine Diana ending up with moral dilemma of either siding with the First Born or bringing back her extremely flawed extended family.

But I am not saddened by their absence.

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@maccyd said:

@outside_85 said:

@maccyd said:

They'll probably keep streamlining the game and lessening the RPG aspect to concentrate on the action part of ARPG.

Let's hope not...

They've been pretty much doing this since Morrowind so if history is any indicator...

Hmm, well if they just kept it at Skyrim levels, you'd hear no complaints from me.

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@tparks said:
  • If Chris is below peak human by your standards, then X-23 is a complete weakling. Chris is not a real life human that is restricted to the laws of actual humanity. Peak humans in the world of Resident Evil are much higher then actual humans, and even higher then most comic book characters considered peak humans, at least as far as strength goes.
  • Take a look at this character design by Mikami that he gave in an interview with Wildstorm comics that was originally intended to be in the first Resident Evil, but was cut because he couldn't fit another character into the story.
  • He's a normal, but muscular, human. Nothing says that he would have been super human, but would probably be considered at peak of humanity. Even though he has no super strength, he was intended to have a scene where he holds the entire ceiling from crashing with pure strength. This is a good 10 ton feat depending on the structure (it could be much more even), and it's coming from a non T or G-virus infected human.
  • Now why would it be so hard to believe that these feats Chris is performing, who is the tank of the RE roster, to not be able to perform the feats NickZ has shown to not be well above a normal human?
  • Stun Rod
  • You say zombies like they are nothing more but rotten flesh. Zombies in the RE Universe have greatly enhanced physicals. The T-Virus increased strength of it's host by huge amounts.
  • Normal dogs infected with the T-Virus became so strong that they could rip through the thick restraints as seen on the operating table. As someone who has done a lot of rigging in my line of work (construction), I can guarantee that it would take well over 10 tons to actually break through one of those. While I don't believe the dogs have 10 tons of strength, but even if they only had 1 ton, that's still an amp by well over 10 times their normal abilities. Think of what that would do to the average human.
  • Normal "Zombies" have their strength, resilience, and aggressiveness boosted a hundredfold. While I don't claim they are actually a hundred times more powerful, they are absolutely greatly above a peak human, yet Chris can overpower armies of these creatures with his own strength, and these are just the weakest of his attackers.

  • To be fair, nothing has been really shown for X-23 besides slaughtering fodder, which is impressive, but nothing that hasn't been discussed about Chris. The only difference is that the fodder Chris has beaten in ridiculous amounts is much more dangerous by feats then anything the fodder X-23 fought. These zombies have actually destroyed entire cities, starting with just a couple of cerberus dogs, or the release of a single host into a population. If Chris is only a normal human, he would have died with the other hundreds of thousands of normal humans that have died from these creatures, but time and time again he's not only survived, but destroyed armies of these superhuman creatures.

  • But there isn't any feat that shows X-23 is anything that much more then what Chris has faced and beat so many times already, but since you think she easily beats Chris, it would appear that you are either greatly over-estimating X-23 or greatly under-estimating Chris. I think it's more with Chris, since you stated you think he's nothing more then a normal human, which is completely incorrect when looking at every action he has performed in the series.

  • How are cut-scenes not relevant? This is completely backwards to what should be considered feats for video game characters. Game play elements like pausing are completely irrelevant to this conversation. It's starting to look like you just have a very large bias to comics over video games, which is fine, but it shouldn't have any effect over a battle scenario like this. This really hurts everything you've said this entire time, because it shows you do not even consider the canon of Chris's story to be relevant in this battle, which I can't understand at all.

  • Again, Chris has killed hundreds of characters with the same stats as X-23, and calling Chris a normal dude with a gun is like calling X-23 a normal girl with claws. You're ignoring all of his advantages like an arsenal of gear (which is silly to say isn't acceptable when we accept that characters like Punisher, Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon, etc.. can carry entire arsenals of gear without being over-encumbered), much better strength, enhanced speed and reaction times, etc.. Same thing would be silly to not give X-23 her acknowledgements with her very powerful healing factor, claws, and skill. Disregarding either of these characters advantages really takes away from any point you're trying to make, because it shows you are only considering what X-23 is capable of, and disregarding everything Chris has done.

  • This here is completely unnecessary. You're basing intelligence and maturity over a handful of comments about fictional characters. This is uncalled for in any debate. I suggest you edit your post and take #8 out, because people on the battle forums remember these things, and once someone has a bad reputation, they are never taken seriously. I'll edit this post too and take it out of my comment also if you do as well, so you don't have this out for everyone to read. Up to you, but it would be nice to continue this debate without it turning into unnecessary disrespect, so we can have some fun while we do it. :)
  • Peak human is a very slippery slope to get out on, you know this. Captain America is supposedly 'just' peak human, so is Batman, yet we have seen both commplish feats far beyond anything human is physically capable of. Laura on the other hand is decidedly superhuman, her mutation allows her to keep moving long after 'just human' characters would have given in (she produces much fewer fatigue poisons than they do). Add to this her upbringing and training means you have to shoot her a heck of a lot before she stops moving, she feels pain obviously, she just ignores it. Besides how strong Chris is, is rather irrelevant save for how much he isn't being slowed down by the arsenal he is carrying around.
  • I can't really say the initial design is something we can use here, as he says, the guy was big and strong... but eventually that character turned into a guy named Barry rather than Chris.
  • Just a side note, holding up the ceiling may make him look superhuman, but there's no description of how big it is or how heavy it is... remember that (Jim Lee drawn) image of Spiderman holding up the Daily Beugle? Most agree (even Spiderman on the page itself) that he was not holding up the entire building, but only a key part of it, and still had quite a lot of supports helping him.
  • Because within the context of the game, these characters are still supposed to be just human. No one finds them remarkable other than the fact they are still alive.
  • I would call getting in close with Laura that's out to kill you, with a weapon like that to be the king of bad ideas. If it doesn't KO her instantly on the first hit (which I have never seen them do), he is either dead or missing a limb. Look at it this way, the people who made and trained Laura, considered it a safety precaution to only handle her when she was either unconscious, restrained, at the end of a few feet of pole or by someone with a completely indestructible body.
  • And I would say the T-Virus doesn't boost strength, it just disconnects the pain-receptors meaning someone that's infected can keep pushing despite how badly it would hurt a normal person.
  • Ehh... let me just point out the zombie dog had gnawed it's way through the restraints using it's teeth... thats not terribly impressive (as to know you can also cut those straps with knives and siccors, with some effort.)
  • I wouldn't call zombies, of any sort, 'peak human' as they lumber slowly into range of ones fire arm, I wouldn't call them peak human either as even if they get hold of you, you can still shake them off. Zombies in RE are the same as they are everywhere else: easily disposable level 1 monsters you can dispatch in huge quantities in most cases.
  • The only reason the zombies are so effective is because they turn who ever is fighting/resisting them into members of their army with one scrape or bite. It's not like they arrive enmass and then storm/lumber over well manned castle walls. The virus is always released upon an unsuspecting enemy that only realizes the danger when it's too late. Chris is a normal human, with a lot of combat experience, survival training and armaments, most of the zombies were housewives, reality stars and accountants :)
  • Well if we must move away from fodder, then Laura has gone toe to toe with Wolverine, she gutted Lady Deathstrike, standard policy towards Laura in Avengers Arena was for everyone else to run the other way, in BotM most people actually agreed she could take down Batman... The thing is that as far as I can see, Chris isn't that much better than the fodder that Laura has already faced so many times before, if I am to be charitable he's basically the Punisher... and he ended up in pieces when he went up against the 3rd 'Logan' who just didn't care about keeping him alive.
  • Then start showing me these characters actually dodge bullets. Because it really flies in it's face when they can barely out manoeuvre a group of zombies.
  • I am going to point out that not even the comic characters you listed can carry a rocket launcher, 3 rifles, a shotgun and 3 pistols along with ammo for all of them and along with everything else they carry along. If he can carry all of that, great for him, now please explain how he is going to get one out and ready in the time it takes for the unencumbered Laura to reach and disembowel him when he is also bloodlusted?
  • Leave that comment for your associate, I will fire back in the same way I am fired upon.
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@longbowhunter: Think we all know that battleforums aren't the peak of reasonable debate climates under any circumstances and sadly it's also created the rather annoying 'feat'-mentality that makes or breaks comic runs.

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@zhurong said:

@outside_85: @csg_cl: I'm glad I am not the only one to notice some users heavily bias against her.

Is the bias you're seeing in the battle forums or all across the site?

Battleforums mostly... though we do have one nitwit on the WW boards thats continues to bash her down whenever the subject of Kryptonians come up.

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@baron_von_santa: And for the ONE AND ONLY time; ITS THE BASIC RULES OF THE BATTLE FORUMS! deal with it.