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Female Viagra no prescription is also useful for managing the so-called FSAD - female sexual arousal problem - and FSD - female sexual dysfunction. Female Viagra is prescribed if a girl wants to sense sexual arousal for a longer period of time than she normally has. The main effect of Female Viagra is provided to raise the genital blood flow and genital compliance. Female Viagra is normally taken according to individual characteristics of a girl and a prescription should be confirmed by a physician at first. Commonly female Viagra is taken orally where there's a requirement and starts to work after 45 minutes since using a pill. The impact provides by Female Viagra may last from four up to 6 hrs. Overdosing is not permitted as side effects may be increased by it. Usually dose for a healthy adult female is 100 milligrams. But if you are avove the age of 65 years or have severe liver diseases this dosage could be reduced to 25 milligrams. Store Female Viagra at 25 degrees C in a dry spot. FDA pregnancy says this drug is not dangerous for a pregnant woman or a breast-feeding mother. But consult your gynecologist at first. This checklist of side effects is not complete so see your physician before starting to consider Female Viagra. You can not consider Female Viagra id you are an allergic to its main part - sildenafil. Also notify your physician if you take or have lately taken these medicines: nitrate medicines for center issues like nitroglycerin, Nitro-Dur, isosorbide dinitrate (Sorbitrate), isosorbide mononitrate (ISMO or Monoket), amyl nitrates or nitrites (also known as "poppers"). If you take Female Viagra with any of the enumerated meds your blood pressure stage may increase which may provoke heart problems including a heart attack or even a stroke. Female Viagra is a valuable drug when it comes to female sexual excitement and among its important results we may distinguish the next ones: - boosted libido in women; - increased sexual recall in women; - higher sensitivity to sexual excitement; - several orgasms in women. This drug is also extremely efficient in girls having a menopause and/or hysterectomy. More information: Viagra Information from Viagra Information from

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