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What makes you think anything would be better?

The mutant race becoming endangered wasn't Cyclops or Wolverines fault and they couldn't have prevented it.

The X-men going to war with the Avengers would still have happened. The Phoenix would still have come and Storm was on Cyclops side during that fight.

The mutant race becoming divided wasn't a Scott vs Logan issue it was about whether or not it was necessary for students to be prepared for battle. Once again Storm stayed with Cyclops and even Rogue had a difficult time deciding.

The Black Ops team wouldn't have been formed if Storm was in charge but it probably would have if Psylocke was seeing as she became a member of the second team. Other than being ethically immoral the black ops team was necessary and probably one of the most effective decisions Cyclops/Wolverine has made.

The decisions weren't based on whether the character was male or female but on their personality. Even still most of the decisions were made out of character to further the story. Take schism for example, Wolverine was portrayed as the caring protector of children while Cyclops was portrayed as a man who wouldn't give a damn if they all died. But up until that point Wolverine barely interacted with any of the students while Cyclops mentored a few of them and actually cared about them.

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So Cyclops kills Prof X and is now considered a terrorist while Namor drowns Wakanda is now going to work along side Captain America?

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the real jean is back (even though its only for this issue). she is my fav character PERIOD, x-man, marvel or dc she is IT so was just staring at that page for the longest time even went back to it after finishing the issue. saw it coming a mile away but still glad to see it. hope she stays/gets trapped in present day so she can be back for real this time

Is this the real Phoenix Jean? Or is this O5 Jean as an adult come back in time?

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@hopesummersforthefuture: So that makes it alright? Scott didn't sleep with Emma either they both just thought about it.

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@hopesummersforthefuture said:


warning dont read my answer if you dont know what happens

um if at the end of all-new x-men 16 was really adult jean grey why was iceman and beast so old(like in thier 70's-80's)???? Something is fishy

Because maybe teen Jean stays in the present so therefore she wouldn't be as old as beast and iceman. Pretty much we just need to resolve the issue of the O5 x-men being in the present and seeing how they explain the conflict. Hmmm I'm so behind XD I don't get comics till like next week or so for the month of august lol

Where does it say Beast and Iceman are 70-80? looks more like they just mutated again.

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I don't really like her with Beast as it came out of nowhere, it's never been mentioned before. Cyclops at least was already in love with her.

I hate how people seem to think that Jean and Cyclops together ruins either/both of their characters. They've had plenty of great stories together (Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix, Phoenix Saga, The Twelve) and they've had plenty of great stories apart: Cyclops (Whedons run, The time after Giant-Size X-Men #1 before Jean rejoined) Jean Grey (Most of the Morrisson run she didn't bother much with Scott)

The characters don't ruin each other the WRITERS do. There's no need and there never was any need to destroy their relationship when one of it's defining traits was how they were able to overcome anything even death.

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Cyclops is the biggest idiot on the marvel universe because he could have spent his life with jean grey but leaves her for a bimbo

How many times did Jean and Wolverine kiss before Scott and Emma started their telepathic affair?

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@leokearon said:

Dodge Photomanip but you get the point

When was the last time Cyclops stopped fighting an ENEMY when his visor was removed?

Edit: Also the city is unpopulated so he doesn't have to worry about hurting anyone

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I don't get why he is going to lose control now though? He spent the last issue training with Magneto and seemed to be holding his own during the Limbo fight. If this happened before those incidents it would make more sense but as it stands it feels like its just for the sake of drama.

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@osian2: Like I said before, if Wolverine thinks someone is threat, and they need to be put down, he'll kill them regardless of what others think. He won't do the job half way and incapaciate enemies, he'll finish the job done and kill. That's how he has done it for the 120-125 years he has been alive, and that's how he'll keep doing it until he's dead. Just look at Uncanny Avengers for an example of X-Men whining at Avengers. Rogue(an X-Man) has wanted to basically rip Scarlet Witch's head for no other apparent reasons than that she is an Avenger.

Exactly! Wolverine kills if it's what he thinks it is necessary regardless of any other heroes opinion. Who made him judge, jury and executioner? Just because that's how he's been doing things all his life it doesn't make him right. Rogue in Uncanny Avengers is also an Avenger so it's not a case of the X-Men whining to the Avengers. Wanting to rip scarlet witch's head for "no apparent reason"? What seriously? The decimation of mutantkind perhaps?