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@MonsterStomp: goku will beat the shit out of superman especially super saiyan 3 and 4 form with spirit bomb, final flash that destroy galaxies. will superman be able to withstand does blast? no, he will die. i know they will let superman beat hulk due to superman's popularity. if not hulk will beat superman because hulks reflexes is comparable to Thor and spider man. and the angrier he gets the faster he becomes. or else the ground breaks. there is no limit to hulk strength. he can lift any thing superman lift because of unlimited strength and durability. hulk will eventually surpass supes in strength and durability if they fight.

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@Lucky Arrow: you think wolverine will give him chances to find a way? no. even if he finds ways to defeat wolverine, wolverine will keep coming back, until batman gets tired or die.

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@Bane_of_sith: world breaker hulk will solo!! cos world breaker hulk is another level of strength who was destroying the eastern seaboard while working!! just imagine that feat alone. hulk ftw!!

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@INLIFE: superman will die easily!! he has no chance at all against 4 massive power house no no no. thats too much. especially world breaker hulk, who is much stronger than superman?

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@god_spawn: if thor and captain marvel have same strength level, and hulk who have numerous times defeated thor. then hulk would kick captain marvel ass. remember magic makes him stronger that is when you attack him with magics. hulk is very fast now. go read indestructible hulk 1 and 2, u will see how fast hulk is now!!!. at world breaker form is insanely strong.

he destroyed a dark dimension also!! he will fuck captain marvel up honestly!!

#6 Posted by osarumen (27 posts) - - Show Bio

@Eternal19: then when the fight on hulk will eventually surpass him. then how is speed a factor? hulk will withstand superman's heat vision, he has withstood much more than heat vision before. cold breath is nothing to hulk atall. what makes you think hulk is not smart now? hulk is smart. have you read indestructible hulk 1 and 2? did you see how hulk was in issue 1 and 2. he was so fast. even faster than doomsday. hulk can dodge superman's heat vision too because he is fast. ok should i say doomsday beating superman is pis?

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@202122: then i would also say thor beating hulk too is PIS. thor even said it by himself that hulk may be stronger than he is during fear itself, go and read fear itself. hulk is stronger than sentry, silver surfer. hulk defeated sentry. go back to world war hulk vs sentry fight. gladiator is very very fast. world war hulk is almost indestructible. and also, we are talking of current superman, not silver age superman because does feats he performed does not make any sense atall.

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@MorganFreeman: speed doesn't matter, heat vision doesn't matter atall. hulk is very fast, and has a good reflex. hulk has withstood gladiator's heat vision too. which is hotter than a star, means surpassing superman's heat vision. hulk can jump extremely high. if superman flies hulk will jump straight to him and punch him. just think about how the battle will go if they would fight. i mean hulk has taken worse. hulk will overpower superman.

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@202122: even if thor was there, world war hulk or world breaker hulk was would kick is ass. speed doesn't matter to hulk atall, because hulk has tagged with speedsters like silver surfer, thor,sentry, gladiator, spider man, wolverine, quick silver, come on, hulk is fast too. he has reflexes, he is indestructible, he has god like durability, and strength which would eventually surpass supes strength if they fight.

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@MonsterStomp: do you agree black panther will kick batman's ass?

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