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@Kallarkz: Not yet. He's apparently going to join in the future, but he was just guest starring in Issue #6. Red Robin decides to take the team to Virgil so that he can treat Kid Flash's condition.

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Static recently appeared in Teen Titans #6, and not only did he get better character development in that issue than the entirety of Scott McDaniels run, but he's been upgraded to Super Genius. I'm not even exaggerating there, it's revealed that Virgil was the one who designed Red Robins costume (or at least the glider wings), and he creates Kid Flash's new to keep him from vibrating himself from existence.

For those who read the issue, what are your thoughts? Personally, I kind of like it. I mean yeah, Virgil was A LOT smarter than he used to be, but I think it's a cool development. If Virgil ends up joining the team on a full time basis in the future, he'd definitely have his niche.

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Nice concept, but i don't think Static's origins should be tied to the another character's, in this case the Superman universe.

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@TheOptimist said:
That said, there were even two (mild) shocking (sorry) moments in the comic. And Xombi was critically praised, so we know Rozum has that kick in him. I feel like he simply held it back for the moment to provide a much more level accessible start issue. 
I believe in one of the interviews (either the IGN or Newsarama), Rozum stated that McDaniel did the lions share of the writing for the first arc, with Rozum providing the dialogue.
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The issue was solid. Given that it spent majority of the time setting up Static's new status quo, it's to be expected that it wasn't ground breaking. My one negative is the amount of exposition of the nature of his powers. I know this has always been Static's schtick, but for some reason it felt like they went overboard with it this issue. Of course, I don't think this will be a reoccurring problem. After explaining the nature of his powers the first time, Rozum/McDaniel won't have to continue to re-explaining what he's doing every following time.
That said, I like that Virgil still retains a lot of his light-hearted banter. He's the not the absolute chatter box that he is when he was under McDuffie's pen, but it's still fine just the same. I'm dying to see more of Virgil's personal life. Perhaps the biggest positive about Virgil is that he, more than majority of the other teens in DC, actually feels like a real teenager. The most we got about his social life is that he apparently got into scruffle with another student.
All in all, solid start, and I can't wait to read the next issue.

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@RedK said:

 Can trigger Electro-magnetic resonance but unable to see it. Maybe in the future.
As of the new series, it's official. Static was able to trace the trail of UV Photons from bullets fired at him.
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I'm fine with it. A lot of the changes were Drastic, but then again it's kind of Understandable since they're making Static into a "DC Character." From the looks of it, the new series is going to focus more on the Super Heroics than the social commentary, which I don't have a real problem with. As long as Virgil remains true to his character the location and costume change don't bother me.

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@Ms. Omega said:
" How the bloody hell did he loose them? :( "
In his final arc with the Teen Titans they went to this trippy demon realm that had odd effects on all of their powers. In their search for Raven, they fought "the Wyld." Don't ask me what it is because Henderson never really explained. Static gave it his all during the fight, defeated Wyld, and just lost his powers. Simple as that.
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The whole Tim/Cassie thing was already taken care of in Adventure Comics. To be frank, Conner didn't really care. Really, he stated life was too short to be hung up on that type of stuff and forgave Cassie right away. As for the Pregnant Titan and Cassie/Jaime hook up, don't count on it. Those ideas went down the toilet the moment McKeever left the title since they were his plans.

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