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Ummm okay, neither of the two are great for starters. Bleach just has baaaaaad characters all around. Everything after Aizen is trash and should be thrown out. And now he is back, bleach is about to become a trolling fest.

I mean really, Ichigo being every race? Really??? The Zero division being sooooo useless. The CC was killed with so much ease. What deaths in bleach meant anything?? None of them. After the Hueco Mundo arc I just couldn't care about these overpowered characters. Because Everyone in the manga is soooooo OP. It's like One Piece but no where near as good. Kenpanchi got his Shikai, why? What is the actual point? The manga is ending soonish. Why bother, just so he can show off some?

Anyway, the biggest problem with bleach is that no character, other than Ichigo is really relevant. None of the captains/Visored/Quincy battles matter. As long as Ichigo wins, no one will die. I mean they completely ignored his Hollow after HM. Wasn't it supposed to be the"king". There is just too much to say about Bleach's fall from grace. They should have ended it after SS arc. Aizen at the latest.

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All time: Rakim

Currently: Kendrick Lamar.

No one in the rap game can touch him. His lyricism is what Eminem's used to be. But that's not why he's the best. He raps social injustice, class issues. You know, those things rap is supposed to be about. He can rap on virtually any beat from any genre. To pimp a butterfly proved that. But I think his greatest gift, is his attitude. No one can match his anger and ferocity and make it feel as authentic as his. At the end of the day, that's the single most important quality in rap. Attitude and lyricism, Kendrick is the king right now, and will be for a very long time.

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This might just be the most useless collection of opinion/ "information" I have seen on the internet, ever.

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Final Fantasy is in worse shape than Star Wars ever was, so no.

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Lee is amazing brah, I've never met anyone who actually thought he sucked. Like ever.

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Resurrection personally. Takes away any point of death for characters.

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Wow, so this is still a thing.

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I still don't get the point of this thread

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Fans would leave sure but the majority of these characters have shown how powerful they are. Why keep it going when these characters have nothing new to bring to the table. New characters would offer new stories. That's the most important thing to consider imo. I don't wanna see batman taking down the same villians over and over and over again. All comics follow this formula. Just wish there could be a fresh start to all of it

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Bruh, what are you on about?? I have never read a single databook and I know this. It's common sense, the manga states all of this pretty clearly. Anything the manga didn't go into in vast detail on isn't important. YouTube comments are just used to start flame wars, never take them seriously. Why people read them to begin with is beyond me haha