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The comics world lost one of its best news sites featuring thoughtful analysis of a range of topics. And a place to find the writings of Chris Sims. Seriously I love the Vine (it was a big help in one of my projects) but when I wanted news I went there.

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MLA is the format I am using.

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I am in a course relating to graphic novels and I am writing about Greg Rucka. I know there are other place where I can find interviews but I haven't had much luck finding them.

But I found this amazing interview Babs did with him about writing strong female characters. My professors really do not care that this site isn't "scholarly" so long as I have other scholarly sources. So I cite this this story? As an article for an online news website. A blog entry? Or just a web page?

I thought I'd ask here to see what answers I got before just choosing the one I thought best. I must I sound crazy for asking for help writing a paper. My reasoning is: Why not?

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Have I mentioned how much I love this site? I am writing a two-page biography on Greg Rucka for graduate course on graphic novels and I have been coming up with squat browsing databases associated with school (I'm glad I don't plan on becoming an academic librarian). But I search his name here I find this fantastic interview he did with Babs about creating a strong female character.

I think I can use the article for supplementary purposes but I need something that can found else where with more (scholarly pedigree). Any ideas?

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I thought I'd bring this story back to the surface as a way of honoring Karen Berger. I admire her deeply.

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I am bored out of my tree learning about how to use Microsoft Access and Excel in graduate school for a mandatory intro to tech class. We are being given lists of generic names and addresses to create mailing lists for letters of recommendation. We are give generic budget reports to organize and create charts and graphs for. Blah.

Wouldn't it be more fun to develop a budget for the Joker's laughing gas? Wouldn't it be more fun to develop a mailing list for the addresses superheros he wants to send grenades to this month? How about creating a graph to show how many superheros he has killed-

Okay I see. The violence element. Teacher's don't want kids to learn how to use spreadsheets based off weapons even if they're imaginary like the ammunition and maintenance of the Penguin's umbrella gun. But how about the older crowd? My professor caught me looking genuinely interested in the assignment when I was daydreaming about how Batman maintains tabs on the residences of crime lords.

Has anyone tried doing something like this for an assigment and received a decent grade?

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Seriously, can someone count them out? Including fake-outs, secret imprisonments, amnesia, and in the other alternate Marvel universes. Any time where someone has declared his demise.

I was really looking forward to seeing more of Professor X in a better light similar to the movies. The guy has had some evil turns in the comics over the years. Such a disappointment. Couldn't they have killed someone else? I was rooting for Cyclops when the previews came out.

So my next question for comic scholars is, what is the longest period of time he has stayed dead? The last time I checked the Ultimate Universe he was still not living.

I feel I should also note the level of restrain Marvel has been showing by keeping Jean Grey dead for so long. Though that still may change.

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Put a restraining order on David E. Kelly from being anywhere near the project and there may be hope. The audience demographic for CW is different (though it might have worked as a clever plot device on Community at some point). I'm almost will to settle for something better than mediocre. Just make sure a live-action version of Wonder Woman appears on screen before a trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy with Rocket Raccoon comes out!

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Okay I'll be the first huge naysayer. I can't stand the animation style. It looks a lot like Like Year 1 which I loved, but this is a completely story in terms of plot and action. This looks to fresh and energetic. When I first opened The Dark Knight Returns, the first few pages were unnerving. The shaky frames, the gritty coloring, you felt like you were in this grim future. It looked like nothing else out there at the time. I think the plot will be accurate, but this animation style makes The Dark Knight look "normal."