Would you go to a library comic book club?

I work at a library and have been given to start a summer comic book for teens and young adults. (My first draft of this blog was better but it would load so this one is shorter). I'm trying to find out how to find people and get them to come. Here my questions:

If I advertise in school, where would notice the flyer?

Where do I link the club on social networking sites without getting people from as far a Canada for example?

Would you be willing to be in a club with a mix of people who only know about comics from TV and the movies?

Do you pay much attention to the flyers in the comics shops and have you ever asked the workers about clubs in the area?

Basic plans for the club: It meets once a week in the evening for about an hour with alternating themes. One week is a discussion meeting (New 52, Av vs x, movie accuracy) and a book club. Here are chosen titles base on new use-user friendliness and availablity in the library system:

Batman Year 1

Iron Man Five Nightmares

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder (really don't like that one so I'd love better suggestions that fit my criteria)

My theme:

Summer of the Superhero Fan

Posted by zexion_armando

You should probably poll to see if there is interest in a club based on comics. Can't really be a good club with only 5 members.

And is there a nearby store you could buy from? That would help a lot too.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

I'd go to that. One day a week isn't going to take a bite out of anyone's schedule. Easy and fun.

Posted by Video_Martian

Good idea. I'm all for it.

Posted by htb106

Sounds like a good idea but if younger kids show up I suggest you don't let them read Batman year one. Put flyers on the noticeboards and on doors.

I hope people turn up, Goood luck!


If everyone were younger than me (i'm 19, so most likely they would be) then no.

If I were in the age group, I probably wouldn't either unless one of my friends joined me or something.

Posted by FullmetalChobit

I would love something like this. However you need to get more age-appropriate stuff if you're doing this with youngsters. 
And it may want to be longer than an hour, sure you spend an hour talking about the book at book club but then you spend a good hour talking about other books, plays, film and pretty much everything else.  
It's a wonder I make it out of the book club alive every month... 
Posted by deadpool6_6_6

I would go to a comic book club to find the original batman comic.

Posted by umbrafeline

id join and we could also discuss cosplaying and conventions n at