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@madame_mist: Why is it better than T&A? When did women become so ashamed of or repulsed by the female form?

Uh, definitely not what I meant. I just prefer Diana looking like the physical definition of an Amazon. She is an Amazon after all. She's a god damn warrior and sexy as hell. I'm just not one for T&A because it's usually done it poor taste for the sake of the male audience. I love celebrating the woman's body, but it's guys who actually seem opposed to anything that isn't T&A and shaming a woman's body if it isn't up to their standards. Just because she doesn't fit someone standard of beauty doesn't change the fact she can kick ass.

These are DC Amazons, they can look any way an artist depicts them. Why look at an ugly picture when it could be a pretty one? Men are the majority of the comic book buyers and game players, it makes sense that the images they contain would be designed to appeal to them.

Injustice Wonder Woman just isn't appealing.

So what you're saying when it comes to comics and video games is that a female opinion is insignificant? I have no problem with how people prefer characters to look. But you have previously said that I find the female form repulsive, which I never said btw. I love the female form and appreciate it. I'm proud of our bodies. And now you are implying the female demographic shouldn't be considered. I buy my comics every week. I buy my games. And yet here I'm being told by you DC shouldn't be bothered trying to appeal to me. That is essentially what you are saying. I find this game appealing so obviously according to your standards they're doing something wrong.

I like how Wonder Woman looks in this game. I admit, I prefer sexy and strong over T&A. Sexiness is subjective, dude. Build a bridge and get over it.

Preach it, girl! I'm so tired of my opinions being considered invalid in the comicbook world. Why is everyone so territorial for though? It's not as if one of our opinions will somehow cause the destruction of comicdom. That is something we don't want to happen.

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rise and shine

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Looks good.

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YES! but that helmet thing is weird.

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They so need Black Cat in it. Gwen was nice in the movie, but the movie needed a bit more jazz. I think by bringing Felicia into it it could set up a good dynamic.

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