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Birth Name: Lillian O'Hara

Aliases: Freya, Madame Mist, Wind Runner

Age: 22

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair: Green (product of her Skaran heritage)

Eyes: Blue

Build: Athletic

Weapons: None

Place of Birth: London, England

Citizenship: English

Known as the Wind Runner to some.

Family: Only a single older living brother, Adam.


Freya is an intelligent wind-wielder that is not afraid of hard truths. While stubborn and unpredictable, she is capable of fierce loyalty. Her extreme methods and ruthlessness often put her at odds with people, but she tries to better herself by helping others. In Freya's profession she must mix with a variety of people from unsavory to low life as well as the secretive upper classes. Her determination, resolve and superior physical strength have enabled her to get the job done in the toughest of assignments. Freya's no-nonsense nature along with her wind abilities make her a force to be reckoned with - a fearless and non-fragile woman who is rarely misunderstood.


Freya is a sorceress and a descendant from the Skaran folk, said to be children of the Tuatha de Danann (Fae). Her abilities are nature-based with wind being her element. She is able to conjure and control wind. She is adept at using this ability.


  • Fierce in hand-to-hand combat and in martial prowess


Born Lillian Freya O'Hara, Freya is the daughter of the Skaran, Adrian O'Hara and the human, Rose Macken. With green hair, much like her magical father, it was obvious from the day she was born that she had inherited her father's wind-wielding sorcery. The O'Hara's were a prominent family in the upper-class of London, acquiring wealth from the seedy Fae underworld that inhabited it. Black markets, illegal trades and misuse of magic was rife among the Fae. The O'Hara's were at the centre of it all, inheritors of a dark legacy, and had the façade of an aristocratic family to the humans. Rose's human connections made it easy to blend in with the human world. Adrian soon withdrew from Rose, and their marriage became just a show, to Fae eyes, an amusing display of experimentation in inter-species marriage.

While growing up, Freya was her father's pride and joy, and was destined to inherit the O'Hara legacy. This caused resentment in her older brother, Adam, who naught received any magical gifts, and was a human just like their mother. Adrian viewed Adam as a failure, realising the Fae would refuse to acknowledge a human as the inheritor of the O'Hara "dynasty".

While receiving a human education in the day, Freya would be educated in the matters of the Fae at night. She easily adopted her father's callous attitude, and he trained her in the art of wind-wielding. She was trained in various martial arts so that not just her power, but her body could be used as a weapon. Her father's training was cold and brutal, and despite this, Freya always craved her father's approval. She considered herself the "princess" of the dark Fae underworld, with the legacy of the O'Hara's making her conceited. Her cold-heart allowed her to kill, using magic or pure violence, the potential threats to the O'Hara fortune and this marked her journey to becoming more like her father everyday.

Freya held humans in low-regard and was disgusted by her human half. Her human mother, Rose, frequently tried to reach out to her cold daughter but was rebuffed every time. Concerned with her violent daughter's behaviour, Rose threatened to take Adam and Freya away, and Adrian realised that Rose could ruin his potential plans for Freya.

Freya's humanity reawakens

At the age of 18, Adrian had Rose killed in front of Freya, in hopes that Freya would see the weakness of humans and to deny her humanity all together as he had done years before. It had quite the opposite effect on her in fact, and she emotionally broke down, finally realising she was more human than she thought. Freya grew detached from her father in the following weeks as she started to recognised the humanity within her.

The easily forgotten brother Adam, did not take his mother's death lightly. She died because of Fae reasons, and Fae reasons had cruelly led his life. He took pride in being human, and his hatred for the Fae grew stronger, especially towards his father and sister.

Late one night, Freya woke up at the sound of loud bang. She raced downstairs of their large mansion, and found her father dead, a bullet in his head. Blood everywhere. Over the body stood her brother. He turned the gun on her with hatred in his eyes.

"She died because of you and him!" shouted Adam. "You're both monsters!"

"And if you shoot me, what does that make you?" she replied. Deep down, she wished he had pulled the trigger and ended her life. She constantly felt guilty over her mother's demise. Maybe her death would give her mother's death justice.

Adam glared at her, lowered the gun, and ran from the O'Hara estate. She never saw him again.

With her father's death, Freya would naturally take over the O'Hara legacy. But she rejected the claim, scorning the Fae community in the process. She fled from the estate and rented an apartment in the outskirts of London.

For years, Freya had battled to dismantle the dark Fae, taking some satisfaction in the knowledge that the girl who might have lived as a "Fae Princess" had instead become the harbinger of its destruction. She became Freya, renouncing her O'Hara name. The Fae gave her the name of Wind Runner, a reference to her powers and a symbol of her shame and "running away" from her birthright, Freya however wears it as a badge of pride.

For the sake of survival, she became a notorious black-arts dealer, and ran a couple of schemes here and there. Her knowledge of how the secret magical underworld works worked to her advantage. But one day, a Fae recognised her for her green hair and she realised she had to flee, otherwise, face certain death at the hands of the O'Hara's enemies.

Freya hiding herself in one of the Fae black markets.

She left England and became a nomad, travelling from place to place. Freya found refuge in an old family acquaintance, Skip, in the US. Despite disapproving of her renouncing her family heritage, Skip offers her black market jobs and investigations, paying her with money which earns her a living.