My Ideal Justice League Line-up

With Justice League #1 popping up in stores only 4  days from now, and Cyborg replacing Martian Manhunter, I decided to make a list of what my ideal Justice League line-up would be. A team that I think would be iconic, powerful and diverse. This is a team that I believe alone can even handle galaxy-wide threats (i.e. Darkseid, etc.).  My list consists of seven core members and a dozen reserves. Let's do this! =D

List items

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Posted by jrock85

Oh hell yes.

Posted by Or35ti
@jrock85: Thanks mate.
Posted by PowerHerc

Great line-up! Love it!

Posted by Or35ti
@PowerHerc: Thanks!
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Nice team Firestorm and Red Tornado are awesome...I might make a list like this haha.

Posted by Or35ti
@DoomDoomDoom: Thanks! Let me know if you do haha