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Who's going to their local comic book store tonight at midnight to buy Flashpoint #5 and/or Justice League #1? I'm curious to see how much of a success these midnight releases will be. I myself really unfortunately can't because I live in Europe so I'll probably have to wait a few more weeks (thank God for digital) but if I were somewhere in the States right now I'd definitely be there. So who's going? You excited?

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I wonder if Tim Drake's dad is still alive and knows about Tim being Robin after the reboot. I forgot to ask Scott Lobdell that. I loved the two's relationship. Anyway, Jaime has such great parents! and that's such a great panel to show it 
@Talyn: Same here my mom would freak!

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@xhavoc86: That's interesting. Thanks a lot man! I still can't wait to know exactly how she got the use of her legs back, and so strong that she's now able to leap rooftops again.
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Sorry I'm having a really hard time reading the text and comprehending what's going on. Could someone explain this to me please?

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Scott Lobdell is so awesome for treating his fans this way and with so much detail and respect! I just thought of another question tho I wish I asked. 
Will Superboy be hanging with the Legion of Superheroes sometime in the future? (pun intended!) 
But he sort of already gave me an answer when he was talking about his distastes towards long-term planning. I love his go-with-the-flow attitude tho, the way he works is a real commitment and love for the fans.
Thank you Scott!

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@pinkmomen: He used to have Superman-level powers and he still does but his solar charge depletes much faster. Here's a direct quote from the Powers section of his Comic Vine page:  
After the events of World's End, Apollo has been greatly changed. His solar charge now depletes much faster and leaves him weaker than it ever did before. For this reason he constantly stays in the sun, only coming down to Earth when necessary. Because of this, Apollo is only capable of fighting for short periods of time before needing a recharge. His recharging, however, seems much more effective as it has been shown that he can reform bone by being in the sun.
And with no BFR he won't be able to go sundipping when his charge runs out and then come back. But old Apollo is definitely worthy.
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Is this the current Apollo cos he's not as powerful as he used to be

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It makes good and interesting storytelling. I'm really surprised Batman hasn't gone insane by now after spending time with so many crazies so often. He had a bit of a nervous breakdown in Infinite Crisis which I think was needed to show that he isn't some inexhaustible crime-fighting machine.

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@PikminMania: I was thinking the same thing. some people just need to relax...
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