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Delete (or combine if possible) character page: Danae Heath

With the following character page...this page has more info and is the same character as above (I requested twice by accident): Danae Heath


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Every time I try to link my ComicVine account to my Twitter account it errors out.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

For Heimdall, I was against it at first, but after watching Thor, I honestly liked the character, regardless if he was played by an African American.

Actually, Idris Elba isn't African American, he's English.

I agree with most here that Electro would not have been my villain of choice for any of the films. Though, Jamie Foxx is an excellent actor and as long as the character development for Electro is completely redefining, it could be a surprise hit. I didn't like the Lizard as a choice for a film villain and after watching TAS, it just confirmed for me that his character development wasn't done well at all. It should have been done more like the "Torment" storyline that Todd McFarlane did, bu then that would have probably made the film too dark. Though, I feel that with a character like the Lizard, the whole film has to be more dark because I think any of us would probably become a psychotic sociopath if we turned ourselves into a big @$$ lizard. lol I think to make Electro more compelling, they should make his motivations a complete mystery that probably doesn't actually get reveled unto the 3rd film. To me that wold make him seem even more dangerous an unpredictable because Spider-man (and the audience) just doesn't truly know why he's doing what he's doing. I think Foxx could play on this mystery very well with good script writing. Plus, even though Peter isn't a big time detective like Bruce Wayne, he is smart enough that they should show him using his intelligence in deductive reasoning just as they played up his intelligence in science in the first film. Spider-man is more than just a wise-cracking joker, and I like how the last movie showed this more that the first 3 films...they should continue with this type of character development.

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Micheal Bay is great when it comes to action sequences. The only movies I feel that were well done movies directed by Bay were Bad Boys, The Rock and The Island. What made these films successful in my mind was the fact that they were based on well written scripts where the plot was well paced, the action sequences were as always good, and character development was just good enough to not take away from what did work in these films. All of the other movies he's directed were based on stories where better character development and plot direction were needed in order to give the films a more fluid flow. Transformers were horrible in every manner outside of the great action sequences and CGI special effects. The whole point of the franchise (the actual Transformers) wasn't even the focus of any of the three films. Way too many humans focused on and involved in the story for a franchise that has NEVER had more than one human getting partial focus. That left no time for the Transformers to get any character development even though they're sentient intelligent beings. That's like having a film about the Avengers and then all the support characters like military personnel and regular civilians getting all the character development focus. Bad Boys II tried to be Bad Boys I on steroids but didn't add any real substance for characters who should have gone through an additional 8 years off camera high octane drama. So basically the action stepped it up and everything else just stayed flat. Pearl Harbor and Armageddon both had potential to be great...the action was phenomenal, the star power was there, the cinematography was excellent, but both were lacking in believability in what drove the characters motivations, which weren't anywhere near as bad as Transformers, yet they still kept me from giving them two thumbs up. I really think Bay should stick to producing a film (which it is said that he may only be producing Ninja Turtles...we can only hope) where he can just give advice in areas he excels at...action action action.

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Hey hey, it's about time Ernie made an appearance again! I loved his early and mid 90s stuff. Chaos! was one of my fav independent publishers (along with Valiant) around that time. Chaos! did horror right back then. Plus some great artistic talent got their start with Evil Ernie in his prime like current awesome Aquaman artist Ivan Reis and great artist Justiniano.

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@darthdan said:

I'd be interested to see Affleck direct this movie. But he shouldn't be allowed a major role. Maybe pull a Favreau and take a minor, yet still visible roll if HAS to cast himself.

I completely agree with pulling the Favreau move. Favreau is a pretty good actor with comedy skillz and yet made the smart directorial move to keep his role to a very minor yet always present one.

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I could use an extra $20 grand a year in my pockets. :)

Oh, and is it just me or is DC Comics slowly becoming more and more cool and desirable since the launch of New 52 and Marvel becoming more and more crappy and detestable?