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With the new X-force storyline 
the fact he is forming the team without Cyke's knowledge or consent and choosing missions he/they decide are "important" 
Has Logan gone and made himself judge,jury, and executioner?  
What would his Avenger teammates say about this? 
 The X-men and every other costumed hero fought dozens of villains and would be conquerors who all have subscribed to the belief of 
tough choices needed to be made for the greater good.  
What makes X-force any better? 
What do you draw the line between Hero and Savior versus a Murder and Mad Man? 
Very Interesting idea, would like to see where it goes

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I do have to say I enjoy your solo reviews, you display a quick and efficient review 
all Thrilla no Filla!

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Is it possible they made Harl even HOTTER?! 
I mean the sexy nurse oufit was amazin, ,but she just looks drop dead gorgeous in this shots... 
Give her and Selina a Bayonetta-type walk...?! 
can't wait to see these characters live and breath

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I am...Amped to play all the spider-suits in one game 
I am..curious to see if it is as epic as B:A.A was 
I am..happy to see my 6 and 5 yr old geeked out about this as I am  
I am..a HUGE spider-man fan, and since the books suck....hope this will be my Spidey fix for awhile until something good comes along 
I AM GETTING THIS GAME ON SEPT 7TH ( as well as Just Cause 2 hehehehe)

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Routh played a great "Christopher Reed Superman" He looked and sounded like the classic movie Superman. But he isn't a good choice for a modern Superman 
Welling is great where he is on Smallville, he wouldn't  look good in the tights

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"Were a TEAM!" 
Another Classic

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Sure he can, and has. They have been doing it for years in the Justice League. 
"Superman can't make it, he is on a special assignment"  
They fill out a duty roster and the plan coverage accordingly, to my account Supes takes the most time off, followed by the Flash 

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I think heroes have general "areas" they cover. Like Spidey can be found in Queens and Manhattan often but you could not pinpoint it to the time or day he will show up.  
Civilians trying to catch a glimpse of the hero would have to camp out a few nights to actually see their favorites. 
However in regards to setting a trap for a hero, being that they have a general area, it is not that hard to set an ambush. 
I remember an old New Warriors scene where Nova was trying to get in touch with Darkhawk by juggling cars in a junkyard. The locals made such a commotion it eventually reached darkhawk who came to investigate the action on his "turf". 

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Batman has never lead a team?! 
Batman and the Outsiders... Sucka! 
However Dick has been a leader with more teams Titans AND The JLA

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You don't hear about their sleep habits the same reason you don't hear about them tweaking a hammie, or (depending on the writer) here about their last visit to the bathroom 
it's just boring, we don't need to identify with our heroes THAT much