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@keehn93 said:

@theamazingbatman: He's a hunter. Stop & stalk deer hunting requires some major talent.

Ezio lives 300 years before Connor the make of their weapons is completely different bra. The steel is better. As for Tomahawk > Sword one requires less energy to swing around meaning the person with the lighter weapon can go on to kill more people. Now Connors hidden blades eject unlike Ezios allowing for more options that Ezio simply doesn't have. As for Ezios wrist gun... well it sucks the aim time made it unless in combat.

As for round 3 Connor is a better soldier (schooled in firearms, naval warfare) who's weapons conserve stamina meaning he can kill more people.

Connor > Edward > Ezio > Altair. As time goes on the Assassins get better & more efficient at killing. Tech & skills evolve.

The nail has been hit. This guy gets it!

In a straight up fight, Connor wins all day. If the question were "whose the overall better assassin," then the answer would be Ezio easy, but in a straight up fight, pound for pound, Connor is just younger, stronger, faster, and has better tech.

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Alternate Deception costume for me.

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MK9 for sure. Sexy...

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Going with MKDA Subzero. I like the old guy. :o)

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It's out of MK2 and alternate MK9 for me. I really like the MKX one 1 btw.

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@sparda said:

A set number of battles of characters versus eachother. No interference between the two fighters, and I have 2 rules:

1) ABSOLOUTELY NO BIAS (Not bloody likely)

2) Whne you put your opinion down, you must have a logical reason. I don't want a bunch of Halo fanboys acting like Gambit0.

These are the combatants. They all have full abilities with them, including weapons/armor:

Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2&4) Vs. Solid Snake

Dante (Devil May Cry series) Vs. Kratos (obviously before he was the God Of War, cause that would be like Supes Vs. Cap. A)

Mario (it's freaking Mario) Vs. Jak (Jak and Daxter series)

Sephiroth (FF7) Vs. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden series)

Link (Zelda series) Vs. Squall (FF8)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts series) Vs. Kain (Legacy of Kain series)

That's the combatants for character battle 1. I play to do a second part with more. Video game characters.......


Leon Kennedy Vs. Solid Snake - I just think Snake is more skilled and accomplished.

Dante Vs. Kratos - Kratos with HOPE is broken.

Mario Vs. Jak - I don't know anything about Jak, so I go Mario.

Sephiroth Vs. Ryu Hayabusa - I think Sephiroth would take this fairly easily. Him with master Materia is might be a full blown God.

Link Vs. Squall - I don't remember much about FF8, But I think Fierce Deity Link would take him.

Sora Vs. Kain - I say Kain wins. Kain with Soul Reaver and all his powers is a God.

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MKX, but I also loved that MKDA Raiden too.

Oh, I know I'm late, but yeah, MK3 Liu Kang was the best.

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@jashro44 said:

@onilordasmodeus said:

Secondly, my strength argument was made with the thought that BP had no suit. With his suit I'm prepared to call strength a wash.

Just commenting on this part but black panthers suit only increases his durability due to the unique nature of vibranium. That and in the scans @nick_hero22 he was only wearing the suit in 1 or 2 scans.

I learned something new today, but that doesn't really change my view at all. I am curious though which scan you are referring to? Each of the scans Nick highlighted showed BP with his suit on.

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@theonewhoknows said:

@onilordasmodeus since the OP stipulates that the Panther/Scorpion skirmish is to be Hand to Hand ONLY---isn't discussing teleporting a moot point? Not to mention, even if teleporting WAS admissible in this battle-PANTHER'S suit (ever since its King of the Dead upgrade) can teleport now as well! @nick_hero22 you've been doing a fine job and don't really need my help, but I'll add to the judo tossing Wolverine feat: In the "Contest of Champions" mini series Panther was literally running rings around Wolverine, ducking and flipping around him with ease; only when Panther ill advisedly decided to grapple with Wolverine was Logan able to temporarily get the upper hand on him. Panther has also tagged Spider-man, and in Marvel Team-Up issue 20 evaded an opponent, Stegron, that was fast enough to repeatedly knock Spider-man around; not ONCE in the whole story did the villian touch Panther. "Open and shut case" indeed-BLACK PANTHER WINS.

Not really. Teleportation is how Scorpion moves in combat. He teleports all the time to dodge attacks and close distances. A H2H stipulation only in tales no weapons, but says nothing about base powers. Also realize, that I initially classified BP's suit as a weapon, thus I discounted it from the fight.

If BP's suit is in though, then it's in, but I still say it at best it'll be a stalemate between these 2...again, only if BFR is off the table.

To be clear though, you think BPs wins? Why? Because of speed alone?

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I find it telling that you have to use gameplay mechanics and non-canon cinematic trailers to come up with feats.



There is also a section that deals with his combat showings.

Thank you for producing something. You kind of caught me off guard. Lol! Anyway...

You find it "telling" that I'm using gameplay? You do know Scorpion is a videogame character right? And that gameplay is canon right? And that GP is ripe for use on CV right? Everything I used is official, and I have further proofs to back those up.

Regardless, though the scans you showed show that BP is strong and fast, they don't trump Scorpion at all.

As fast as T'challa is, he's not faster than Scorpion's teleportation. An argument can be made that his reaction speed would help him greatly in this area, but that isn't what is in question here. Scorpion's movement is just to fast for BP to match out right.

Secondly, my strength argument was made with the thought that BP had no suit. With his suit I'm prepared to call strength a wash.

So, what is your argument that BP could beat Scorpion?