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@onilordasmodeus: Yep! Let's hear people lowball that! lmao...

I can post scans too! hehe. Hey if you want there's three for sale on ebay now, one for bidding for around the 20 bucks mark lol. Two others, one for 50 bucks the other for 80 lmao....

I paid more than 80 for my MK 4 comic! (I know I'm hardcore crazy) lol I will try to post a better pic.

Wow. I'm not the hardcore into collecting stuff any more. All the comics (which aren't many) that I buy are digital.

The MK4 comic, Kamidogu.com used to have all the comics online for free, but not any more. I DL'd some of them years back, but I never thought they would be pulled from online.

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@onilordasmodeus lol yes, I have. Sadly I have. Sometimes though you ever feel like you're wasting your breath or it's pointless? It's like you show someone the wall is blue, and they insist it's purple...I agree, perfect example dude. TOAA vs. Presence/God vs. Elder Gods would be stalemate. They're the representation of God in MKU but for whatever reason people deny this fact. There could be a topic with the Elder Gods vs. normal Thor, Hulk and someone would say "Hulk punches them or Thor hurts them with lightning" lol. Thankfully at least CV has a few knowledgable MK fans who follow the story a lot.

You'd be surprised how many people on this site would answer the question...

"Who would win? Omnipotent 'A' vs. Omnipotent 'B'?"

...would say, "THE ONE WITH MORE FEATS!"

Lol. Logic doesn't enter the equation with some people on here because they are less concerned with having a sound debate, and more just trying to win (in their own minds). It does get to the point where you feel that you are just wasting your breath and talking to walls, but I try not to let other's ignorance hamper my enjoyment of exploring these ideas. Every once in a while though, someone does come along and make it all worth it though. I don't think I've had one of those debates in a long while though. Lol!

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For everyone questioning that the Elder Gods are the rulers and watchers, creators of the MKU. Please read this, took a pic scanned it in you can read it for yourself.

And yes it's canon with the game MK4 timeline...

LOLOLOL! Wow! Are you serious?! You just scanned that in?

Please, if you can, try to scan that in and make it a little clearer. I've been wanting a scan of that guide since the time I've be on CV as I've only ever been able to quote/point to the MK Plot Guide, and the MK History Guide.

Great job dude! I lost my copy years back.

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Since when has Hugo shown "superior speed and strength" over Goro?

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@fallingcliffs: Got a first hand dose of it, huh? Lol!

@lordraiden: I didn't read all of your posts in this thread (I'm sort of pressed for time...and lazy), but the EGs are omnipotent. That line you quoted...

"Their non-intervention nearly caught them unaware when Shinnok escaped from the Netherrealm and attacked them directly but due to their status and Raiden's forces defeating Shinnok, this was prevented."

...that is from the MK wiki, and you shouldn't quote wikis as (and am I'm sure you know) they are often fabricated. In no official works was it ever stated that the EGs were "caught unaware", so that line is moot.

Officially Shinnok attacked Heaven, and the EGs do not reside in Heaven, they are in the Void. Regardless though, when Shinnok attacked, he attacked the other Gods in an attempt to somehow take down the EGs, but this plan was faulty. He did kill a few/some/many lesser gods, but it has never been stated anywhere that Shinnok got even close the EGs.

Also, I skimmed something else you posted, where you were saying that "time" was a "weakness" of EGs of MK, and I don't follow you. The EG's have existed beyond time and space since the beginning of MK's reality, and as such, they govern ALL aspects of that reality...time included. In MKA it was revealed that Quan Chi "is the true source of corruption in the realms", and as such they flung him back in time. Not sure if you know, but Quan Chi in fact Shinnok's Amulet, thus he is a paradox (of the EGs making essentially) in the realms. It really is just another layer of control that the EGs have "created" to govern the realms.

The only "weakness" that you possibly could say the EGs have is the One Being because the OB isn't one of their creations. Like any/all gods, they are have omnipotent power over to all their creations, but do not when confronted by beings NOT of their creation.

The only example I could pose is pitting TOAA vs. the Christian God: who would win? Who would have sway over the other if both can do whatever?

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@uugieboogie said:

Feats as in something to prove the claims being made instead of just going on someone's word. The reason ppl say Sidious wins over Batman because most people have common knowledge on the character. Also why would Thor just sit there & let the beam hit him? RKT literally took someone out of existence, he doesn't even have to fight. With that being said OP only says at their strongest & you ppl are talking about amps & putting them against base Thor & then someone else brought up RKT. If they get amps they probably will beat Thor but if its base version Thor stomps & if both parties get amps & Thor gets RKT like someone said he's taking both of them.

1) A narrator isn't just "someone". This isn't like some regular character making a statement about another character's power or something, this is the narrator narrating.

2) "The reason ppl say Sidious wins over Batman because most people have common knowledge on the character."

That is a pretty...umm...telling thing to say. So by your reasoning, at least one of the reasons you don't think the MK team could win here is because you don't "have common knowledge on the character(s)."

3) "RKT literally took someone out of existence..."

The EG's did this at the end of MK9 to Shao Kahn.

4) "...you ppl are talking about amps & putting them against base Thor..."

I think you are confusing things, or maybe I was/am...

  • The OP says the team has prep, and with prep that means they could get amps if needed and/or available, right?
  • The OP also says that all parties are at "full strength", to which I asked "isn't RKT Thor's strongest version?"

I guess that is where we are getting off on the wrong foot (the 2nd one) because I was thinking about "strongest version" of all the characters, rather than "full strength at base". I mean, RKT is the same Thor as normal Thor right? He just has more power in a certain timeline...isn't that correct? EG Raiden and EG Kahn are similar in that respect, which is why I went there. If we aren't going there though, that is fine too. Maybe @ganon15 should clarify.

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@uugieboogie said:

Lol so you can just win a battle with no feats now?

You really can.

I'm not saying that this applies here in this case, but if I made a thread pitting TOAA vs. Nightwing in h2h combat, who would you give the fight to? What h2h feats for TOAA would/could you present to prove he could be Nightwing?

And also, what is with your insistence about "feats" (I'm assuming pics and/or videos) over "statements" anyway? If a thread was made pitting Darth Sidious vs. Batman, you better believe that "statements" about Sidious' speed and other feats/accomplishments from SW novels and such would be presented, and overall people wouldn't bat an eye. If I post a video, in which a "statement" is made, or just present the statement itself talking about what Raiden could/would do with an upgrade in power, what would be inadmissible about that in your opinion?

Bottom line is that EG Raiden shares in the knowledge and pool of feats that the EG's proper have since as an EG himself he would be able to do any/every thing that they can. The EGs don't have really any "on-panel" feats as they are the "creators" of the MKU, who govern the realms outside of space and time, and don't get involvement in mortal affairs unless their rules are broken. The rules have only been broken twice, and the only other time they have "fought" was against the One Being, before time and space were created, in "statements" that were provided in MK Deception.

For the record, Kahn has a feat where stood up to the EGs power heads up in MK9 (though there are some caveats in there), so I really don't see the problem.

@fallingcliffs said:

@onilordasmodeus lol these topics must amuse you after a while huh? They probably would think DareDevil would beat Scorpion too...lol

Yeah it does get tiresome, but it still can be entertaining at time...with the right people that is.

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Honestly I don't know who would take this. What is the strongest version of Thor? Rune King? So this would be...

Elder God Raiden and End Game Kahn vs. Rune King Thor?

Thor's strength on it face would obliterate Kahn and Raiden in a straight up fight (I don't have any strength feats to prove otherwise), but I have no doubt in my mind that between Kahn and Raiden there are plenty of options to win this fight that could circumvent fighting all together if the must, especially since they both have prep.

From my understanding of RK Thor, he is on the Skyfather level, but he is at the tip top of that level. By comparison EG Raiden and EG Kahn are both arguably above that level, but at that point we are really some abstract levels of power and reality.

Anyway, through BFR, soul drain, mind control (not 100% sure about this one), realm merging, the Kamidogu, etc., the options are there for the team to win, not that it would be easy, but it would be a crazy fight to say the least.

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@deadstrike007: Shao Kahn is thought to be as old as the realms; an eternal being like Raiden. The game says that Kahn used to hold standing like Raiden until he chose to take Outworld for himself. Raiden and Kahn are essentially two sides of the same coin.

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Mortal Kombat/Conquest(1995 - 1998). The OG for me.

Legacy gets an honorable mention though.