Anakin / Obi-Wan vs Kenshi / Ermac

Setting: Outworld


Anakin and Obi-Wan are sent to a remote planet on the outer rim to respond to a distress signal. Next thing they know they are transported to an unknown location surrounded by hostiles. Easily dispatching of a few in the group, the team surveys the situation and watch as the rest of the crowd quickly disperses...two warriors however step forth; one with a blind fold, the other clad in red.

Taking their stances, the two teams square off for battle.

Anakin and Obi-Wan


Kenshi and Ermac


  • Movie versions only for Anakin and Obi-Wan
  • MK Legacy versions only for Kenshi and Ermac
  • For the purposes of this fight, Kenshi's Sento sword can stand up to a light saber, and Ermac's arms can block light saber slashes like he blocks Kenshi's blade.
  • No prep / random encounter

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Fulgore 2014 vs Robocop 2014

Setting: Detroit

Setup: Ultratech has moved in on Omnicorp territory and their new Fulgore 2.0 units are all the new rage. Low and behold though, Ultratech has taken over the underworld of Detroit and is beginning to corrupt the entire city in their favor. Robocop finds that he can no longer stand idly by and watch as his city is being taken down from the inside so he goes on a one cyborg suicide mission to take down Ultratech.

Venturing deep within the corporate stronghold, Robocop meets and defeats a few Fulgore 1.0's and 2.0's but he finally encounters a Fulgore Prototype version 3 in the command center on the top floor of the building...


Fulgore V3




  • Robocop is fresh and has full ammo
  • Standard gear for Robocop
  • All gameplay can be used for Fulgore
  • Fulgore start off with full reactor gauge but no Instinct
  • Win condition - deactivation

Little Mac vs Balrog

Setting: Boxing Ring with Mario as the Ref

Little Mac




  • all game feats and powers can be used
  • any comic showings can be used for either character
  • winner by KO


Winter Soldier vs Cyborg Smoke

Setting: New York

Setup: The Winter Soldier has gone rouge and Hydra wants him back. Making a deal with the Lin Kuei, Hydra enlists Cyborg Smoke...his mission: bring back the Winter Soldier dead or alive.

Round1:Movie versions

Round 2: Movie and Comic feats for WS; movie, game, and comic feats for Smoke

Winter Soldier


Cyborg Smoke


  • Start distance - 100 yards
  • Standard gear
  • No prep
  • Win condition: KO or Death

Hwoarang (Tekken) vs Juri (Street Fighter)



Juri and Hwoarang have entered the world Tae Kwon Do tournament and have found themselves in the winners finals of the tournament. Having humiliated their respective competition throughout the tournament, they let each other know that they have been each holding back, and thus they decided to go all out and leave everything out on the table.

Who will be the victor?





  • Both have seen each other fight throughout the tournament, but neither have seen the other go all out.
  • Anything goes. They each throw tournament rules out the window.
  • Winner by K.O.

Final Fight Team vs Mortal Kombat Team

Setting: Metro City Slums

Setup: The Metro City Heroes have rid the world of the Mad Gear Gang, but now a new threat has taken it's place. The Black Dragon were making moves from behind the scenes even beofre the Mad Gear's fall, but only now have decided to make their formal appearance and move in.

Can the Metro City heroes take down this new threat?

Metro City Heroes: Guy, Haggar, Maki, Carlos, and Cody


Black Dragon: Kobra, Kabal, Kano, Kira, and Jarek


  • Any comic appearances can be used for any of the characters
  • All gameplay moves, feats, and abilities can be used for each character from any game.
  • No prep or knowledge for the Black dragon.
  • The MCH team has knowledge of the Black Dragon teams abilities, but no prep.
  • Standard gear for each character, but imagine that the MCH's have tires, knives, pipes, trash cans, rocks/bricks, etc. laying around the area for their use. The Black Dragon are restricted from using the weapons laying around the area.
  • No guns, but anything else goes
  • Start distance - 50ft
  • Win by KO or Death

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