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Clone Saga or Death of Spider-Man, both reduced me to tears!

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I love this series as I get to see different artists take on Spidey. So far for me Joe Mad has done the best run from an Artistic POV.

The thing about this series is getting to see Spidey interacting with other heroes and getting shoot that wise cracking mouth of his off.

However, the pinnacle of the series so far and maybe even one of my favourite issues this year is Avenging Spider-Man #5 getting to see Peter interact with one of his idols and how they both explore a past interest of theirs. Coming to realise its ok to be a little Geeky, in fact they embrace it.

Expertly written issue and I look forward to more!

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Reminded me a lot of the ending to Lost in Translation, not knowing makes it infinitely more interesting!

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Damn man, that Skottie Young Spider-Man! Hoping to meet him at this years 'Thought Bubble'.

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I thought Deadpool Kills.. Was amazingly meta! *Spoiler* The bit where he came through the portal at the end and killed the watcher who was narrating!

It was also incredibly funny, the stamp of approval made me giggle.

Some great new starters this to, Harvest from Image is one of the ones I think I'm gonna follow.

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Couldn't find any recent posts on this so thought I'd create one.

Fan Film is online now, can be found here: LINK

Wasn't sure what I was expecting with this, what with Ben Templesmiths style being so unique, I was worried that any live action films may not do it justice. This is not so, the mood of the film is great, I thought they captured Ben's style well with interesting use of lighting that they used throughout, reflecting the glows and highlight he uses in his work.

And it was just as grim and dark as the subject matter deserved.

Overall, I enjoyed it. How about others?