Purchases 03/07/2012

A lot of new series seem to have started this week (not that we’re complaining). Lots of new things to try and some old favourites to! (Yay! Spider-Man).

We will try and get some short reviews up or discuss them on the Pod-cast, in the meantime have you read any? Let us know what you thought.

Here are the books that we have been reading, hot off the press, this week.

Posted by InfamousFish

Deadpool Kills and Ultimate Spidey for me. :)

Posted by kittyloveslockheed

I picked up and read Avenging Spiderman, AvX and Deadpool Kills. Loved them all. I am really interested to see how the Deadpool mini goes! I'm really liking his darker side coming out.

Posted by InfamousFish

@kittyloveslockheed: I like it his dark side also. It is going to be a good series :)

Posted by Oneshotpodcast

I thought Deadpool Kills.. Was amazingly meta! *Spoiler* The bit where he came through the portal at the end and killed the watcher who was narrating!

It was also incredibly funny, the stamp of approval made me giggle.

Some great new starters this to, Harvest from Image is one of the ones I think I'm gonna follow.

Edited by Strider92

Read all these apart from Ult Spider-man which I refuse too!!!! Damn you Bendis *shakes fist*

Infected was the one that held my interest so i'll be interested to see where that goes.

Posted by TDK_1997

I picked up AvX,Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is developing great and I can say that Bendis is the master of the Ultimate Universe.