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The Captain has almost no feats & he's a terrible shot. CA wrecks face.

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@hulkage: well, like I said, I'm still leaning Thor. He seemed pretty resistant, even immune, to most types of damage. I'm not sure if KC has much he can do.

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This could go either way... For me this is more classic Speed vs Strength debate.

I'm pretty rusty on my HB and DS but I'd wager outright that HB is outclassing DS in strength and I think he HB can tag DS a few times over he'd get the win but if DS is able to last long enough I'd give it to DS.

with that said I'd go DS 5.5/10 - 6/10

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Thor without the speedblitzing.. with it thats debatable...

Also for that crossover..IMHO supes shouldnt be able to catch that hammer because mjolnir is shown to be emitting lightning magical or not. Writers tend to forget things.


but to be honest even if KC supes has speed blitzing I'm still leaning towards B&T Thor.

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Whats with the all the "___ vs. Naruto & Sasuke" lately?

Anyways Base Asura could take with high difficulty. Is he allowed to change forms?

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@eyedcyou said:

@spidey_jackson said:



I agree with Dr. Strange

I'm behind on my comics so correct me if they do have their own


Black Panther


Static Shock

Blue Beetle

Batroc the Leaper.........

This of course....

Ghost Rider

I'd personally like to see Elixir ... I loved him for some reason

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1. Shady

2. Big poppa

3. Shady

I love Nas and Jay (I'm in the minority when I say I prefer Jay or Nas) but Shady's freestyles are nasty and his disses are demonic but it's pretty hard to match Biggie when vibin' out


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@hatemalingsia: Good to know, I still think a raged and bloodlusted Supes will clear R1 fairly easy but knowing that R2 is different I think he can clear with extreme difficulty and but he's not beating R3

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Anything that makes you happy or makes you get that warm bubbly feeling inside

I personally get really happy when I see little kids laughing or smiling

What about you?

I get what you're saying but man out of context... lmao, just kidding around.

Honestly? I'm happiest when I'm out with friends (who are basically my family). It doesn't even matter what we do, we could literally just go chill and do nothing. I'd rather be bored with them than alone.

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This thread was so different I actually had to read, I guess I'll drop my two cents. Currently, I'm 18 and a high school grad who took the semester off to work. I really don't know what I want to do, so truthfully I have no real dream. If I had to give one, it'd be that I want to be successful enough to have my friends and family live happily. Now I don't mean like become a millionaire and pay for them, but I mean in a sense that I'll be able to help them in whatever aspect with out to much harm to myself, and if I range myself to that dream.... Hmm very close and very far, I make enough from my job to treat my friends when I want or they're low on cream and most if not all my friends come to me for emotional support already.