Trolls -_-

So I read this fan fiction about Superman (Prime) beating the Avengers.

It was well written, humorous, and stupid. Now, not stupid in any offensive way. Just ... humorously stupid.

I write "This made me chuckle, incredibly stupid, but hilarious! good work xD" now, in my mind this isn't so offensive. It's complimentary really... and the forum poster just explodes one me! Insulting me, quoting me, and rearranging my quotes to make it seem like I said something else. He's incredibly hurt by my comment!

I, sadly, some what stoop down. I try to explain myself while throwing a few insults back.

The cycle begins.

  • He comments, nothing but more insults and word twisting.
  • I comment, a few insults while still trying to explain that I didn't try to start an argument and explain my comment.
  • He comments, more insults.
  • I comment, at this point there is no mending things. I knew this. So I just go full blast, insulting him.

Afterwards I'm satisfied... yet disappointed. I actually stooped completely down to his level. Full well knowing he's, at this point, just trolling me.

I don't plan on commenting again. I know he's going to comment back with more insults and such, but I'm not going to stoop again. Just waste of time, time I could be using participating in other forum chats and in happier communities.