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Stupidest. Story. Ever. 0

I don't know which is worse in comparison. The Man of Steel movie's ignorance of its collateral damage violence... or this overly emotional of a train-wreck. Seriously... WHAT. THE. FUCK.The moment I saw Dr. Doom crying, I had to put this down. God, this is a fucking insult to the actual event....

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It's the '90s - what do you expect? 0

Usually, the best Spidey-stories I could find in the '90s era came from JMD and no one else. It's not news that stories during this decade are mediocre and boring, and this one proves to be no exception. The plot is convoluted and confusing, and it almost feels like an excuse to give Spidey two new costumes (toy merchandising reasons, I'm guessing). SHOC's appearance serves no real purpose other than a given cameo. And what's with this "Dusk" character and the so-called rebellion sub-plot? It's...

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Roger Makes His Mark with Stern Storytelling 0

Holly molly. #52 of PPSSM. Nice. Roger Stern's writing is spectacularly amazing. The (near-)death of the White Tiger scene is played so well I almost forgot I'm reading an old comic book! This is good stuff along the lines of Ultimate Spider-Man. Jonah's dialogue and views regarding his hatred towards superheroes are very powerful here when he realized one of them was just a kid. You could just sense a whole scene coming down in grimness, almost as if one of those stereotype raining scenes shoul...

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