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I can't believe this is even a debate. A less competent version of Ghost Rider (Alejandra) was capable of affecting a country's worth of people with her hellfire.

Additionally, Ghost Rider could just summon a few dozen more Ghost Riders even need be (which wouldn't be needed).

Ghost Rider has taken on tougher foes than Alucard, like Mephisto in his own realm.

Also, just to nip this in the bud now. Alucard's omnipresence wouldn't help, given that hellfire leaves people comatose. And Alucard's omnipresence is dependent on his ability to recognize himself, which won't be possible, because he would be effectively brain dead.

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A non-adamantium Ultron was taking hits from an enraged Sentry after killing his wife. Another version was capable of taking a direct face hit from Thor with Mjolnir and it did zero damage to him (and he wasn't even 'ready' to fight Thor or the rest of the Avengers). So I highly doubt Manhunter would be capable of hurting Ultron, even if we use a non-adamantium variants.

Ultron would win more often than not via Encephalo Ray by turning Manhunter comatose.

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Considering what SS Strange has done in the past, I'm still taking the feat with a grain of salt, even if you entertain the idea that Strange somehow got weaker from absorbing Zom. Also, Silver Surfer being taken over by Carnage is a travesty in writing and shouldn't even be considered as a legitimate example of anything. Carnage is nowhere near capable of touching Surfer, let alone possessing him.

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Hulk being more powerful doesn't equate to him somehow being able to beat people outside of his weight class all of a sudden. If there is nothing to verify him doing such a feat to begin with, why would you take it with so much legitimacy? Especially considering what Sorcerer Supreme Strange can do and what Zom can do separately. Now add those two together. You are entirely entitled to your beliefs, but I really don't see the legitimacy of World War Hulk's feats, especially considering that having workable hands was never a requirement for Strange to cast spells, when you consider the fact that his origin story involves having his hands shattered and broken in a car accident.

The pieces don't add up if you really looked at it. Because if we are looking at just pure feats, Sorcerer Supreme Strange has superior ones. Let alone, one that has Zom powers added on.

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There was massive PIS involved with the World War Hulk storyline.

Pretty much this.

I bet you'd defend SA/Pre-Crisis Supes though? WWH/WBH is simply Hulk at is, more or less, full potential.. How is it PIS that he has access to his gamma energy? The same energy he had since CREATION, unlike that Sundip BS.

Eh, I think you're not understanding the meaning of PIS, which means Plot Induced Stupidity. World War Hulk is not in question here, it's the people who he beat and the amount of plot shielding he had. There is no logical way that Hulk should have been able to beat Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange, let alone crush Strange's hands when he was an astral projection. And this wasn't just SS Strange, this was one who was amped with Zom.

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Frankenstein ftw.

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Gorgon all day, everyday.

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Mr. Quinlan is the only real reason I still watch the show...

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I'm surprised people are so up and arms about Sue beating Doom. Yet, nobody complained when Scott Lang completely belittled and abused him at the end of FF?