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I wasn't nit picking at your post. I was just trying to help out lol. Sorry if it came off as a bit offensive.

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@frozen said:
@omgomgwtfwtf said:

With bloodlust on, I honestly think anyone on team 1 can solo.

Bloodlust MMH = Fernus, Surfer isn't solo'ing Fernus...

Eh, I don't agree that a bloodlusted J'onn is Fernus, but if you really want to go that route. A bloodlusted Sentry is Void, so he pretty much solos.

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I'm actually going to withdraw for now until I can come up with a definitive team.

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Would Teresa be over the limit too? lf she is, I will have to take some time to think about a replacement.

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My team is the following:

  1. Priscilla (Claymore)
  2. Angelus (Top Cow)
  3. Crona (Soul Eater)
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Surprised no one mentioned this gal:

Zealot is not amused with this thread

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Everyone is in character.

Standard gear for both.

This is standard Daken, no Deathseed Daken, and no Muramasa blade implants either.

No knowledge of each other and no prep.

Win by death, knock out, or incapacitation.

Battle takes place here, with Daken and Raze starting a hundred feet away.

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I tried switching my pic, but comicvine wouldn't let me, and after a while comicvine decided that I wasn't allowed a pic at all. I guess I pissed it off lol.

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With bloodlust on, I honestly think anyone on team 1 can solo.

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I honestly thought we were done with this and were allowing Erik to decide, but it seems that you need to continue this.

Size differentiation is how in a visual medium like comics we portray distance. because things look smaller to us when they are further away. Quite frankly based on the images the distance I'm saying he was away when from me when manhunter used the baton on him is very much understated. I could have said 80 to 90 meters and been pretty much on the money. The distance of the cars is also likely more like a couple of hundred meters not just a hundred. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but to say NO distance is implied is just not cutting it. If you look back at the first few panels same page Catman is jumping a car (full size) with another row of car parking already behind him, saying (two more rows to go and I'm home free". He was more than half way across a car park with 4 rows of cars before he was struck. The road between each row is how far it is across the distance between the row of buildings your in and the one Lvenger and I are. So he was double your distance from me when struck (adding in the two rows of cars and a second "road"). If needed I can get you the scan of the previous page where Shaw and he fought and he left shaw on the ground injured with potentially poison claws while he made his escape and had a head start.

Honestly, Beatbok I'm frankly tired of discussing this point with you. Artists don't draw things to scale, so I really don't see how you can adequately judge the distance, let alone give one as precise as the distances your mouthing off. I already said there was some distance, how much distance? Who knows. All we can tell is that Manhunter was behind Catman. When I look at the distance, I don't see several hundred meters or football field plus range. Sorry that I can't agree with you over this point. I just can't see how you think there are several hundred meters separating him and another person.

This is how tiny a man looks at just a hundred feet away (30.48 meters).

Whether you believe or not how it works the fact is it does. And based on feats I can from a distance throw you both around like rag dolls without ever getting myself anywhere near you.

I'm going to ignore this point because you're ignoring several points that have been addressed already.

Either you have placed yourselves in a point where you can see and snipe me as you have said ( a vantage point ( meaning clear line of sight). If you haven't then how can we trust anything you've said.

Aphrodite has a proximity radar sense built-in, so I don't have to physically see you to know you are there. Therefore, I don't have to put myself in harms way just to see you. I really don't see how that's difficult to understand. I did post scans of her proximity scanners picking up people approaching via ground and air, and outside of her peripheral vision.

Now the fact is I can see through walls and I can clearly apply a force that can throw someone enough to go though a wall ( at least partially into one). The roofing of a building wont be anywhere near as structurally strong as the walls supporting it (it's why they blow off so often in hurricanes, strong storms etc). So I can easily apply the baton to you hidden point and send the whole vantage point your on/hiding behind flying. You wont be hidden for long. Whether i can magnetize anything or not I can still throw a force at you that threw on several occasions a man of the same mass as you a great distance from a great distance away.

I don't see how destroying the roofs of buildings is going to get rid of our vantage point. Unless you're going airborne, you won't be able to see us regardless, because the walls of the buildings are still up. Even then, Lvenger and I can simply leave and go into another building.

LMAO indeed at the concept of repelling from the earths magnetic field. Seriously??? this is what you think the scan portrays?? The poles of said field are at the "true north" and "true south" poles. So the only point at which a device that can generate a magnetic force of either polarity could repell itself from the magnetic field is in those points or close. They must have moved Tokyo when I wasn't looking ( which is where he was when he propelled from he pavement).

What are you muttering on about? True south pole? True north pole? Why are you talking about topography, when we're talking about magnetism. There is a constant magnetic field around the entirety of the Earth, generating even into space. You don't have be in Tokyo in order for that to work. I honestly can't tell you how he flies and I really don't think he's manipulating the magnetic field of concrete, given that concrete doesn't have a magnetic field to begin with.

I'm not trying to say I have magneto level power and never have. My only mention of him was to show Cap's Vibrainium shield repelled. A canon non retconned feat of "CLASSIC Magneto" who at the time was not a manipulator of energy or electromagnetic fields anywhere near like today. You have to try and no sell it because you know there is nothing to counter it any other way.

Classic Magneto could do more than current Magneto can, given that current Magneto is about as powerful as his movie counterpart, being limited to manipulating only metal. Also, don't you know that Cap's shield is made out of iron as well? Iron is a ferrous metal and is easily manipulated by magnetic fields.

"During his experiments, MacLain combined vibranium with a steel alloy he was working with and created the disc-shaped shield."

Steel is not an element in itself, but rather iron that had carbon added into it in order to make it more durable.

However since you have effectively argued for me that magnetics can't do the feats I've clearly shown my special Item do It matters not. Based on the feats i have presented for my special item i can throw you around because it has thrown many a non ferrous item equal to your size and weight around easily from greater distances than your are from me. So moving you even with a part of roof when your closer wont be a problem. At best it's an easy BFR for me to get rid of one of you and deal with another. And I can easily hold the one i deal with in place with a force so strong it did greater damage than a car would speeding at 80+KPH (breaking every bone in a mans body and with such force to make an indent into a wall the shape and depth of his body)

I'm ignoring this entire post because at this point there is nothing either of us can say. You have your tunnel vision on and anything I see is most likely not going to go through. I have said what I needed to say, and as we both have said, it's up to Erik to decide who he finds more believable.