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I think people mistaken fat for obese.

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Peanut butter is delicious.

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2003 Hulk was an absolute beast. He also grew bigger the angrier he became.

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Squirrel Girl.

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My body is ready.

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1.)Regardless of his strength level, It's finite. That's the point I'm making. "Ultron has ragdolled Thor more times than Apocalypse has", so what, Apocalypse doesn't fight Thor all that much in the comics. That doesn't mean anything. Plus tanking a hit from mjiolnir with an indestructible shell is durability not strength. There's not much I can do about Apocalypse not fighting a version of Thor with the hammer. Since to my knowledge, he hasn't. Unless you count the alternate reality version that did, and he did quite well. And sure, Apocalypse sucker punched Thor, but he did spent the rest of the issue kicking the crap out of him.

1) Considering that Ultron hasn't been made out of adamantium for a very long time now, your point once again is moot. The Ultron that took a direct hit to the face by Mjolnir was composed out of a Galadorian spaceknight's armor.

Another version of Ultron (one that took over Tony Stark's cyborg body) was able to take blows from an enraged Sentry after killing his wife. Once again, this "fembot" Ultron was not made out of adamantium either.

Feat for feat. Ultron has shown better durability and better strength feats than Apocalpyse has. Ultron regularly fights and overpowers multiple class 100s. I have yet to see Apocalypse do the same.

3.)It doesn't matter if Ultron is more powerful that Exodus. that's not the point of the scan. Apocalypse is using his telekinesis to trap Exodus and he can do the same to Ultron.

It matters because you are showing me Apocalypse trapping an inferior being in a telekinetic bubble, as though it is applicable to Ultron. Ultron is significantly more powerful than Exodus.

4.)Yes, Apocalypse can't freely manipulate the technology that he was freely manipulating to his own ends for centuries. When he created his horsemen, altered his own body, and the fact that he manipulated the celestial ships intelligence into thinking that the created it. When he was infused with the techno organic virus from cable, he was able to interact with the celestial technology and control it. I would hardly call that lackluster.

The Celestial Ship was sentient and he enslaved it. Later on, it manages to free itself and leaves Earth. I hardly call that an intelligence feat. All of Apocalypses' feats stem from the Celestial tech that he was given. It's not really a testament to his own intellect, but rather the resources he has at his disposal. Creating the Horsemen is nice and all, but considering that Archangel and the Apocalypse Twins are capable of that act as well, and they are not super geniuses, only shows that this skill requires the tools more than the intellect.

I'm not denying that Apocalpyse is smart. But he is nowhere near the intelligence of Ultron. Ultron is regularly called the smartest being on the planet and for good reason. I can't remember the last time that Apocalypse's intelligence was ever mentioned as something to be fearful of.

5.) The fact that Ultron was the first to manipulate adamantium to technology doesn't really matter in this fight.

It's a testament to his intelligence.

6.) Yes, it's very impressive that Ultron took control of the phalanx. I'd forgotten what this was in response to. It doesn't apply to the fight anyways.

Apocalypse is a techno-organic being...Ultron completely dominated an entire race of techno-organic beings (actually the same race of beings that brought the techno-organic virus to Earth). You can put the pieces together.

Being anything remotely technological around Ultron is basically tantamount to suicide.

7.) Since I've read your reply and saw that rage of Ultron was canon, then yes I agree he can create cyborg versions of the avengers with the resources at his disposal. Which is good and all, but in this fight, it's just him. so this doesn't matter.

Considering how easy Ultron terraformed an entire moon into basically a giant deathstar, and this fight takes place on a moon as well, I would say the relevance is not lost here.

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@omgomgwtfwtf: As expected, awesome stuff there friend. Bookmarking this thread =)

I've edited in some more scans into my post. So take a look. And thanks for the compliment.

Ultron and Kang are basically the two guys I have a plethora of scans for. Them and the Runaways.

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Everyone regularly man handles the avengers. Plus taking out Thor isn't that much of a feat.

Taking out Thor is a considerable feat by anybody, but that was never my point. My point was in direct contradiction to your claim of Ultron only being a 75 tonner, which isn't the case. And Ultron has ragdolled Thor more times than Apocalypse has.

Ultron was capable of tanking Mjolnir to the face with no issues, despite not being ready for combat and having no prep.

This is more impressive than what Apocalypse did, which was sneak up on a young Thor who didn't have Mjolnir yet.

True, telepathy does not work on robots. But the difference with Ultron is that he has consciousness and a mind of his own. So yes, telepathy would work on him.

Ultron is a robot, telepathy doesn't work on robots. It doesn't matter if he's sentient or not. Unless you can show me an instance of Ultron being affected by telepathy (which he hasn't), it's a moot point.

Here's Apocalypse holding Exodus in a telekinetic field.

Ultron is considerably more powerful than Exodus is.

Things Apocalypse has done with his intelligence.

1.)Creating the four horsemen.

2.)Re-bonding adamantium to wolverines skeleton.

3.)Curing Xavior of the techno organic virus as payment for sanctuary with the x-men.

4.)Reverse engineering celestial technology to fit his needs.

All pretty lackluster compared to what Ultron has done with tech, except for the last point, which isn't even something applicable to Apocalypse himself. The Celestial tech is no more his to control than it is for anyone else deemed a caretaker by the Celestials. He can't freely manipulate Celestial technology anymore than the Apocalypse Twins or Warren could. Simply having some Celestial tech doesn't imply mastery over it.

1. Created androids and synthetic organisms so advanced that the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards can't even comprehend.

2. Ultron was the first being in the world capable of manipulating hardened true adamantium with technology.

3. Ultron completely dominated the Phalanx (techno-organic beings) with sheer force of will. A feat that the High Evolutionary deemed impossible.

4. Ultron is capable of of artificially recreating powers and making robot Avengers with those powers. Ex: Replicating Wanda's hex powers.

Also isn't Rage of Ultron non-canon? Plus we're doing standard versions. So moon Ultron doesn't even apply.

Rage of Ultron is canon. It takes place post-Secret Wars and is supposed to have lasting ramifications in the Marvel Universe.

And there is no standard version of Ultron. His powers and form can vary widely depending on his incarnations. And there are more than a dozen different versions of Ultron.

So without any clear version of Ultron to use, we use the most current version, which is the Rage of Ultron variant.

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Ultron has never been on par with or above Apocalypse in power. Strength wise, Apocalypse is in a whole other league. To the point where it has no defined limit in the bios. Ultrons strength is in the 75 ton range, which is impressive, but not enough against apocalypse.

Ultron regularly manhandles the Avengers, which include individuals like Thor and Wonder Man. Ultron is way beyond class 100.

Even if Ultron could match him in strength, his psyonic abilities are freaking insane. To the point where he can even overpower Xavior.

Telepathy is pointless versus a robot.

Also he's an extremely powerful telekinetic, well over the 100 ton range.

Apocalypse has never displayed anything noteworthy with his telekinesis. So it's pretty much useless versus Ultron.

He is also super genius level intellect, so I don't believe your boast about Ultron being a good bit smarter than him either.

Ultron is considered smarter than Reed, Tony, Hank, and everybody else on Earth. Ultron is actually considered smarter than an entire alien race as well. Apocalypse on the other hand has done absolutely zero noteworthy things with his intelligence...

Not to mention that Apocalypse has complete control over his atomic structure, allowing him to do whatever the hell he wants with his body.

Lol. Eternals can control every molecule in their body as well. Guess where it got them versus Ulron? Yeah, nowhere...

Looking at all this, yes, Ultron would loose.

Looking at all this, Ultron stomps Apocalypse. When Apocalypse can do something like this, come back to me.

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I think Magik could with her soul sword.