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Here is my current pull list! It constantly changes so any number reference in comments may not be correctly referenced.

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Posted by Hawkeye446

I also collect 2, 3, 4, 10 and want 8, and 9... nice choices. 

Posted by Omertalvendetta
@Hawkeye446: She-Hulks and Loki are both really enjoyable.  I bought them both because I had some extra money one week and I'm really glad I did.  I enjoy Loki mainly because of the deep mythological references. I've always been a big fan of that.
Posted by Hawkeye446
Yeah, do you read much Wonder Woman? There is a lot of mythological aspects, especially in the earlier volumes.
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@Hawkeye446:  I made a comment on the new rant people have about her look.  Unfortunately, her look (old and new) has always prevented me from taking her serious.  I want to, because I know there's probably some great stories there, but her costumes are very corny to me.  Maybe I shouldn't be so shallow and look past that :).
Posted by Hawkeye446

Well, I can see your point, but it does sort of make sense as she is a warrior. Having bulky armour would prevent her, and yet not much armour would leave her vulnerable. So her old costume at least made sense somewhat..

Wonder Woman



Posted by Danial79

Nice choices! This list looks very similar to my own :)

Posted by cc1738

I love Age of Apocolypse. That comic is epic. I was disappointed De La Torre isn't on it anymore.