Spider-Man's BIG TIME!!

I'm gonna keep things short, because it's late and I'm tired and because I'm hoping for replies (negative or positive) to keep this discussion going.   
Here's how I feel about it.  In a nutshell, I love every minute of it.   This is the main reason that I decided to pick up ASM as soon as I heard this was coming up.  I felt that it would be a great jumping on point.
#648-#651 were very intriguing.   Quick thoughts (May contain spoilers):
- I absolutely love the fact that we finally get to see a story about Peter Parker and not so much about Spider-Man. Don't get me wrong, I love the Spidey action, but this time it's all about Peter Parker making it Big Time.  I actually find that fun and I enjoy seeing Peter's brains come out to the forefront.  What 15-year-old kid (bitten by a spider or not) can build webshooters and create his own suit... a pure genius, and we get to see that here. 
 -Regarding Kingsley's demise:  I don't know much about Hobgoblin to say much, and from what other people say, Ulrich's behavior feels odd here as well.  Personally, even with all of those concerns, I am a big fan of this Hobgoblin.  His sonic powers are cool, and I am glad he's gonna be around to cause Parker some havoc. 
-One concern is the fact that now that Peter works for this new company, he will be able to make suits left and right at his most convenient disposal.  Truthfully, I don't how I feel about that.  I like the idea, but it must be implemented well. 
 -Dan Slott (first time I ever read him was here) is so far a very enjoyable writer.  I like his character development (MJ feels odd, but who knows).  I like Cooper and Parker together, I think they fit.  I think it's about time people realize that MJ and Peter will not ever be the same.  I mean no offense, I just like change; if done well, and I feel that it has been done well (even Kingsley actually dying, as it was confirmed in ASM #651's letter section- once and for all settling everyone's doubts if Kingsley was really that particular Hobgoblin at that point in time.) 
 -Humberto Ramos' art was a little weird, but for the introductory Big Time arc, it was fitting. I guess we could say that it has grown on me. 
I will edit this more when I get a chance giving #652 some thought.  I just got done reading it and have been impressed, but I want to digest everything, maybe even re-read it again and then add more to this.  I will also add more to this until the Big Time series is done. 
Only quick comment I can make about #652 is that the art is absolutely amazing.  Spider-Man's face in many of the panels just screams cool, and Spider-Slayer and Scorpion's suits just look amazing. 
I know that I could've written reviews about every single one of these and placed my thoughts there, but I find this method much easier. 
What are your thoughts on all of this?

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Posted by spidey 15

I just LOVE Dan Slott. He is one of the best spider-man writers i have ever seen. I just totally love his job. 
I love the fight with Hobgoblin. It was funny and it was nice to see spidey's genius level of intellect being used against his villains. 
The issue with scorpion was excellent as well. It had some good art and i expect an awesome fight on the rocket with scoprion. I can't wait for the next issue. BIG TIME is the best thing that happened. 

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by spidey 15
@InnerVenom123 said:
" BIG TIME = Win. "
This is not enough to describe how awesome, BIG TIME is. 
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I love Slott's writing. He is all about character growth, and these are characters he really gets. I also love the new job and think it was about time Pete grew up and took responsibility for those other gifts that he has (his intellect and love of science). I hope he stays there from now on, or at least for a long time. It would be great if Horizon eventually became as much an integral part of Spidey mythos as is the Bugle. And the new suit/tech? Well that's just pure win.

Posted by Omertalvendetta
@Icon: I do really hope that Horizon becomes Spider-Man mythos... the idea is just great and it was honestly overdue.
Posted by The Jeff

I liked Big Time. very excited to finish the story line when I get back from college

Posted by TheAmazingCondraic

Definitely loving every minute of BIG TIME as well.  Slott is doing an incredible job so far, I really like being happy for Peter(who has had some seriously rough times). The only part Im not on board with yet is Carlie Cooper, Im a big Spidey+MJ fan so thats probably why, but who knows maybe she will grow on me.  Overall BIG TIME kicks ass and it is a great time to be a Spidey fan

Posted by spidey 15

 It would be great if Horizon eventually became as much an integral part of Spidey mythos as is the Bugle. And the new suit/tech? Well that's just pure win. 

Seeing that more suits will appear in the future, it seems that Horizons will be indeed part of spidey mythos.