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While the article makes a great point for some superheroes, what about the other ones who aren't so easily able to hide in the shadows? Not everyone can move so fast that they can't be seen, like Superman. If you'd like to make a hero that is more effective at what he does, taking a bit of the common ego inflation out of the way they do things is great, but it'd be even better to stay fully visible in the public eye, but also kill the villains when the chance arises. I know it goes against the moral code of most superheroes, especially in DC, but it would still make for a much more effective hero in my opinion. What better way to discourage villains from targeting a city for revenge for being put in jail, if instead of jail he was killed? Of course this method is made less effective with the comic book trend of reviving the dead, but overall I still think it would be a definite improvement.   

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Well, the "insane" Genis-Vell was only really around for a little while before his title was cancelled. During that time, the stories involving him were a bit jumpy. So I'll do my best with a lowdown and I hope this helps you out. I'll try to be brief and if you want to know more you can either ask for more or get the comics.
He is the son of Mar-Vell, the origional Captain Marvel, and an Eternal from Titan known as Elysius. She had a fling with Mar-Vell and when he died she decided to have his kid using some cloning technology and some DNA. As a result Genis is much more powerful (stronger, faster, etc.) than his dad was. His power's include vast energy manipulation, super strength in the 100+ class, flight, breathing in space, faster than light travel, and cosmic awareness (and he also time traveled once). He inherited his dad's cosmic awareness (basically omniscience) which takes months of deep docus and meditation before he finally learns how to use it properly. He has a really deep desire to live up to his father's reputation which gives him some daddy issues, him always striving to be perfect and what not. 
The cosmic awareness drives him insane once he finally learns how to use it. He wants to save everyone, but all of his actions exist in shades of gray outcomes and he's needed everywhere at once. It's really the stress that gets him. Afterwards he decides it better to not care about life so much and he gets a little less human about his actions. He eventually starts believing himself to be a god and starts occupying himself with various shinanigans for entertainment. At this point he's basically a cosmic Deadpool. It's pretty funny and there's a lot of philisophical/ social commentary involved that I found really funny/interesting.  
There's also some scans of some of his funny rants here on comicvine if you''re interested.

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I gotta say, I am liking all the ideas that are being thrown around. We got some decent creativity going on. As far as being able to restore mutants powers after M-day without them having an x-gene, I don't think it's out of his range. He could probable influence a persons body to develop an x-gene. There's a very high chance that these genes develop based on the genetic make-up of the indevidual, given that Quicksilver used the terrigen mist to restore mutant powers and those mutants got their original power back (albeit at differing power levels and with certain varrying consequences) so I imagine that this could work. However, who knows whether he has the skill and control over his powers to bring the powers back at a controllable level of power. It might end up very similarly to Quicksilver's attempts with the terrigen mist, and that's all overlooking his problem with over exherting himself. Also, on the topic of him going all Sylar and copying powers, I don't see why that would be out of his range either. Sinister did it several times, all from different people with different genetic make-ups. So we know it can be done. But, all of this aside, it all comes down to the writer. None of this will ever happen without the writer, and even if it is impossible, it can be made possible if the writer wants it. They could randomly give him telepathy instead of his biological manipulation power if they wanted. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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I don't think he could reporduce the skills. Like Ebony Bishop said, it would be just the book knowledge with no practical experience. Cause Prodigy has adaptive muscle memory to go along with learning the skill, but the professor only messes with the brain. Then again, there are still studies and what not being conducted that are showing some interesting things that imply that it might be possible to learn things like martial arts simply from a lucid dream. So maybe it's possible, in that regard, but I don't think it will ever really come up.

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Acctually I have heard of it, but I wasn't thinking of it when I wrote that. You raise a good point... touche' salesman. But do keep in mind that we technically don't know the exact composition of Colossus' organic steel. All we know is that it's been said to resemble steel. 

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I'm not sure where you're getting the "a bit harder than glass" thing from, (it can easily stand up to things like high calibre bullets and dynamite) but regardless of composition, it will only go through the organic steel with enough force and it's still subject to mass and density (this applies to both the adamantium and the organic steel). But, other than those couple details, you're pretty much right. Adamantium is a stronger metal.

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As far as Colossus vs Wolverine, I don't think Wolverine should win(depends on the writer) given that he doesn't have the super strength needed to harm colossus in that way, but it's a tricky question.

As for Adamantium vs Osmium, it's not even a question. Adamantium is a stronger metal, but not nearly as flexible as osmium as is also the main toss up with Omega Red's Carbonadium (Carbonadium being the Soviet version of adamantium that is not as strong, but more flexible).

However, has anyone thought of Adamantine, the Olympian god metal that adamantium got its name from? Cause that could be a fun topic too.

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Ice-man is on the list kinda near the mid-bottom. Also I made the list with optimum strength levels for the characters in mind. So Jubillee and Sunfire are both on the list even though they are currently depowered. Sorry if the list didn't fly with you, but the concept of an omega mutant is very sketchy to pin down completely and the list is definitely opinionated. I just meant the list as a starting point for anyone looking and just wondering. Hope it helped in some way, and if you have anyone you think should have been there and wassn't, or is and shouldn't be, feel free to post it.

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I'm new to this site, but I have a vast wealth of accumulated knowledge of everything Marvel and I noticed that a lot of people in the other message forums for this topic are having trouble figuring out who is, and who isn't an omega-level mutant. So basically, this is a list of all of the definite and potential Omegas I can think of off the top of my head. Most are listed as their real names so as to avoid confusion, but some aren't. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them.


Jean Grey

Madelyn Pryor

Nate Grey

Nate Summers


Rachel Grey

Gabriel Summers

Mikhail Rasputin

Illyana Rasputin

Jamie Braddock

Franklin Richards


Scarlet Witch