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@daredevil21134: I hate to say it also, but you are absolutely correct with your point. They might as well make it a series about Kate which I would read. They are spending so much time focusing on him as a person. H&M was the best series to show off not only him as a person but as a hero. Everything about that series was great. This serie is also getting on my nerves. As you know he is my favourite character.

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Read Mark Waid's Daredevil they have similarities.I'm on the verge of dropping this title

Drop Daredevil or Hawkeye?

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Great review. I was surprised how well Higgins has been doing with Nightwing. More and more Dick is becoming a great fit in Chicago. This is really giving him his own leg to stand on without that feeling like Bruce is near by. Also Higgins did a great job bringing back Prankster for a new generation. Higgins keep up the great work.

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@oldnightcrawler He only started using a compound bow when he was first introduced in the Ultimates series. using a long bow was always hit trait to help make him stand out. But i agree I dont like seeing him go from 0 to 60 each issue with that type of bow he has in each issue.

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@oldnightcrawler that's writers and artist now not paying attention to detail with hawkeye. Which is somewhat understandable in team comics.

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I totally agree with Trevel8182 100%

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@daredevil21134 my major problem with marvel is that the really don't care about fine details with characters. Like the fact that Bobbi and Clint were not married the marriage was null and void when everyone thought she was dead. The fact that he was signing divorce papers didn't make sense.even in H&M they were dating and not married. Plus I can almost bet the farm they will make Clint and Natasha spark something because of the movie (which would piss me off more). I dislike how each writer contradict another writer.I was never a fan of the Clint and Jess dynamic but that's my opinion, you guys already know this. I have always loved the Bobbi and Clint dynamic it just felt more real in emotions then anyone else.

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I don't condone his cheating but they weren't really in a relationship. It wasnt like he did it deliberately.

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Bobbi has always kept Clint in check and the two of them love each other still. Jess was a full blown rebound. She was good for stroking his ego. Natasha never cared about him only uses him. Moonstone was in love with him but Clint didn't have the same affection for her.

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Bobbi hands down.