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@phaedrusgr: It is not really Ben Reilly but Kraven the Hunter because he darted him with a strange drug within the previous issue.

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@dragonborn_ct: Use Elemental Fury on unenchanted weapon and he will die quickly.

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Hobgoblin wins because he has ingested a formula that gives him the same power as the green goblin but without the insanity and plus he has his gadgets that outclass Cardiac in every place.

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@phaedrusgr: Well Miles fought Ben on many occasions during the clone saga it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility that he has a copy of Ben's DNA after he became the Scarlet Spider and thus has the memories.

Well he is a clone of Kaine shown in the current issue cause he lost all the DNA of spock but there is a thing called memory implants.

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@sog7dc: Yeah his clone Kaine can beat him up if he wants because he was amazing during the clone saga and how took on multiple Spider-Man clones was amazing.

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@omegma: I agree with you on the point of who recovers the file will how well or how accurate they are restored. However if some one like Dr Strange or even Madam Web where to have there hand in it . I think the out come would way in Parker s favor

@icewolf907: How would he replace Kaine. Is far as I'm understanding what iv read in SS Kaine cant be killed.

@omegma: I'm pretty sure that's Kraven's daughter in the old Scarlet Spider costume just to mess with Kaine's mind.

The solicit of the next issue depicts Ben Reilly and I should tell you why Ben would win because Kaine regrets torturing Ben as he used to do do it because he used to think that Peter as a clone should live his life to the fullest.

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I would like to talk about the fact that the Jackal is planing on making a clone of Kane. Intern it would be a clone of Parker. If the clone is close enough to Parker this could be his return. He could kill off SpoC and take his place.

That clone is going to be fighting against Kaine might and maybe might replace Kaine because that clone is Ben Reilly.Here:

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@g_man: Well this a reason you should know that if someone uses an EMP then if his gadgets get scrambled then there is one thing he can do make them again or improved them by making and EMP disruptor which I believe one superhero used it against Megatron I believe so truth is that Spider-Man is considered a street level character and he is not Superman that he has a huge variety of powers he can use to either melt,Freeze or trap him by using his mind.Spider-Man can sure fight against some villains without the gadgets that is true but there are few villains such as Electro,Sandman and Hydro-Man that have other traits of power which Spider-Man can't handle without gadgets.Recently there are villains that need to be defeated by gadgets for Spider-Man cause he just punch Electro if he is in his electrical form wearing his regular normal suit without any gadgets except for web shooters cause he is gonna get zapped and damaged severely or he could get killed cause he is not immmortal.The Goblins are expert in harming Spider-Man cause they are their counter part because they know his weakness if he does not use his gadgets like he could not handle the sonic scream or get kidnapped by gassing him with sleep gas which goblins can use.

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Seriously I was not trolling but I was still called a troll and the first response was that a guy hates me as I needed to know that but others callled me hollow.Seriously why are they mean to me why are you guys sadists ? Fine call me hollow cause in reality that is what really that person is.Trolls who can't even understand the meaning of religion say that they are religious and I am an embarrassment to their kind is just hypocritical.God was wrongly depicted in that comic so I said it that there should be no religion discrimination but you guys had to take it in a bad way.Religion is something we hold dear to what we believe in and if you guys think that God is as bad or worst in your opinion then why did he create us ? Why do you believe that.Sure have phony Gods like Thanos,Beyonder,Galactus,Zeus,Ares and demigods like Thor and Hercules but never put religion in my comic again.

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@omegma: Sentry and Supes have more in common than powers.

  • Same Genre (which is more important than you think)
  • Both have the Sun-God place on their respective Universe's.Sentry has the power of "a million exploding Suns".Even the cover of Sentry #1 has him pose like a Bright Sun god.
  • The concept was directly inspired by superman "Wizard ... magazine reported that following (Artie) Rosen’s death, his widow discovered a box labeled “Marvel Comics” containing comics, papers and files. She returned the box to Marvel, where it was promptly lost until writer Paul Jenkins accidentally picked it up. Jenkins discovered an old comic in the box, Startling Stories #1, featuring the debut of a Superman-like hero called The Sentry.
  • Their Personalities.Sentry is a superhuman Samaritan, a socially accepted superhero,optimistic like ........guess who.

I admit i don't know a lot about Sentry so i cant find any more simillarities.

Same can be said that Gladiator (Wylie) and Superman have more in common than powers.

1- Same Genre which you will deny.

2- Both are Solar powered because the formula which gave gladiator his superpowers was chemical fused with radiated sun rays.That means he is solar powered.

3- His cover in which he blew up like a sun was called the exploding sun God.

4- His father was a genius and his nickname was the wizard which Wylie made a title in his short mini story telling Galdiator origins.

5- He had a double life and was a news reporter like guess who.

6- His first girlfriend was held in his arms and flew across the town like Superman and was also a news reporter like Lois Lane.

If you say that Supes is not a rip off then so Sentry is a not a rip off.I admit that similarities and appearances are a lot but so supes is in a way a rip off but it does not mean that you don't have to stop liking him.Sure like him but know the truth about how your character is made and what he is based on.