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So I'm watching Thor 2 before work and it re-affirms what I thought months ago.

1) Too much Jane Foster: They took one of the Godliest, manliest, toughest, and heroic marvel characters and turned his second movie into a romantic comedy with hints of actions and adventure. We need more Thor, more Nine Realms, and less her. And I could give a crap about make shift science experiment at the end.

2) Kill Jane's interns: I don't care how they do it, but do it. Pay that gap tooth girl a million dollars and get rid of her. No more "Meow Meow" jokes. Kill her and her sissy British intern. And no more "Jane goes on a date" scenes. Cut them a check, kill them all, and get rid of them.

3) Its called Thor, so show us why Thor is the GOD!: Chris Hemsworth is a great Thor. Charismatic, Strong, and a good actor. We will never get a better Thor than this. So when we see Thor fight, it had better be amazing. He's the God of Thunder. Asgard's best warrior. Son of Odin. Wielder of Mjolnir. I want more than just lightning bolts and a few hammer swings. I want to see Thor kick butt without the hammer, like the old school comics. I want to see Thor use all the elements in a fight. I want mystical energies to be used and eventually, THE GOD BLAST.

His fight with Kurse would have been the perfect opportunity for Thor to let lose. That should have been a knock down drag out fight, like he does in the OLD COMICs, or like we saw in Man of Steel movie. Thor gets hit with a boulder, punched a few times, and then Loki saves him with an anti-matter grenade. $%$^ You, Marvel. That was lame and you know it. Thor should have gotten up, grit his teeth, and charged head on to have an epic battle.

You dropped the ball Marvel. Thor's battles are EPIC and you made that fight into a soft wimper. $%$% You, Marvel.


I need to go to work, but I just needed somewhere to vent.

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He did Hulk vs Thor? Ok, I officially hate this guy. He could have done better on the Kurse/Thor scene, but Hulk vs is unforgivable.

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As an overall comic book movie: The movie was very good. A little less comedy would have been nice. Overall B plus.

As a Thor movie: This reminded me of the Dark Knight movie, as in you see less of the main character and focus more on other characters. Less side characters would have been nice(especially the humans), stop limiting Thor and Mjolnir's abilities. Overall: C-

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What did you think of the movie? Please post your opinions and no spoilers, but if you must, hide them.

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Sigh. Marvel, you do things that causes me to stroke out.

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Bad Writing.

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Very good post, SC. My problem with it: I don't like those two being in the same bar let alone comic, Thor has taken hits from missiles, magic, and 100 toners, but a sucker punch from Wolverine dropping him is lane.

But still a great post by SC and now I don't have to read it to know what happened afterwards.

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Why Marvel? Why? Wolverine issue 7. I have to read it to understand this crap.

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I'm in North Carolina and I've never once heard about the Greensboro comic book city thing. What's the connection? I'd figure it would be Raleigh.

Me too, brother. Fayetteville in this bish!