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Resistant to change, simply? No, you know it's more than that, it's more PC BS, G-Man, so don't be naive. Time for people to wake up and realize that people who have a political agenda are heavily infiltrating the comicbook industry.

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I miss him and seeing his power rings and martial arts. If they were just going to kill him off and replace him with Zeke Stane as Tony's main big bad, it's pretty much failed to make an impact since Stane is a forgettable villain.

We need Mandarin back, and he needs to be powerful and resourceful again, have him take his kingdom back and make him like the far-eastern Doctor Doom. IM needs a really formidable threat again these days.

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What a douchey looking Supes face. God I can't believe that's Romita Jr. art. Looks terrible. I mean it was alright when he drew Punisher, but this... bleggh. Hideous.

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Whoopdedoo. You know what... they do this stuff to appease feminists. That's all it is. Somebody's got a big girl monkey on their back and its screaming PC at every turn.

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Bendis can go flush himself down a commode along with everything else he writes in the future. He further ruined the X-Men for many X-Men fans that were reading before he got on it. He left a long lasting stain on the Avengers for years and it has still not went away completely. Civil War was the beginning of the end of the Avengers and the start of the big events and over publicized story arc trends that Marvel has been pushing at us for more than a decade now; the ones that turn out to be mostly hype and full of failed ideas, convolutedness and abrupt endings. Such the sheer absurdities of that trash called AvX.

He's the company's biggest lauded-up overrated show pony with a well known name and marketed acclamations and that's why the comicbook mainstream circles kiss his behind. His total collection of work on Marvel other than his Daredevil run and perhaps some of GotG, is and always has been greatly exaggerated in its sensationalism, along with riding off the coattails of those works before him and during amongst other writers in Joe Q's days. Bendis had left nothing but an atmosphere of deterioration in the Marvel Earth. Only writers like Loeb and Austen are worse.

That makes me a jerk to his beloved fans btw, I don't care. I say what I feel regardless and I'm not going to sugarcoat what I think of him for everyone else, no apologies. My respect is low for Bendis and there have been other writers in Marvel who I think have been so much better than him, and get not even half of his puffed-up acclamations. Abnett and Giffen, Andy Lanning, Ed Brubaker, Chris Yost, Peter David, Joss Whedon, hell even Jonathan Hickman and I'm not a big Hickman fan, but he's starting to win me over.

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Oh no not Greg Land and his tracing again... and looks like another boring story from this title.

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Another Civ... another Civ.... anotherrrrrrRRRAAAAGHHH!!

No more! Not one more dollar going to you, Marvel! I'm not going to live that over again!

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How can people not know who Ed Benes is after Birds of Prey, JLA, and all the loads of Diana and Fairchild art out there?

And yeah he's one of my favorites, actually.

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Wait a minute, he's a chick now? When in the blue hell did this happen? And why??? Disney's idea, perhaps?

This isn't going to be permanent, is it?

Geez, just when I stop paying attention to comics for awhile...

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Reboot everything.