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I want the original Nick Fury to come out of retirement and back into the forefront of SHIELD, I've tried to give Nick, Jr. a chance but he's boring. Hill is a stuck up shrew, Daisy is a moron, and Nick Fury was the only man who could run SHIELD the best and most appropriate way. Old school Nick is the man.

It just feels wrong with him out of the picture. I'm realizing that more and more now as the years pass in these books.

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I love this costume! It's like a combination of her first 60s suit with Yellowjacket colors. And I always thought the stinger cowl was cute. My interests for her have really peaked again lately.

It's a longtime tradition for Janet to change costumes all the time, so a lot of people may be back at this same thread again asking the same question.

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This was a funny thread. It's cheesecake comics. Try not to overthink it.

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@jonsmith: He shouldn't ever get over his parents death. It's very un-Batman-like.

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Kill it and kill it now.

In a fire if possible.

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'Genuine rain forest teak from Madripoor', oh aren't we just vogue...

I'll pick this book up though. Jen's the only Shulkie in my world and if the review's going to throw names around like Byrne and Slott then I'm curious to see how this stacks up.

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He should NEVER become an Avenger. Ever. It's bad enough they made him a Thunderbolt. He's not a hero. He's a renegade vigilant. He has always refused to play by the rules of masks and capes, that's why he is depicted the way he is. It's like coating an M-16 in cake frosting, it doesn't work. Few writers to this day know how to write the guy appropriately, but if it should ever go the route of Avengers... readers are going to really start questioning what the hell is wrong with the Avengers.
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If you'd have asked me this question about 10 to 20 years ago, I would have said, no, they didn't need a reboot overlooking minor paradoxes in history.

Nowadays? Yes, I'd say it's about time for a reboot in Marvel.

I don't think it would be stupid at all. I think it's really reached that point where questions have to be answered and decisions has to be made, because nobody's aging, most characters really aren't maintaining what traits they had before and it's getting monotonous. It makes me as a long time reader not want to read these books much any longer. I think the whole verse needs to be refreshed for it to fit better, not keep putting band-aids on errors in continuity and pulling out tricks to make sure readers don't question too much about obvious literal kettles of fish regarding their favorite character's origins, abilities, etc.

Because look, this is only going to continue to be a growing problem. Way back in the Golden Age, they were off the World War stuff and getting into the creation of big teams of characters, with the 60s being a big mark in time for instance, Avengers, X-Men, etc. Everyone obviously doesn't have prolonged aging like Wolverine does, so how do you explain how people like Kitty Pryde and Dani Moonstar, who we have seen as young girls and are now surely adults, have aged after all this time, yet people like Cyclops and Iceman are far older at this point, yet don't look their hypothetical age? Some of the young characters from back then now even have kids of their own.

If we go by what Marvel is telling us now, only the WWII heroes who didn't get anti-aging serums or weren't some sort of mutant were allowed to age & die, Whizzer, the original Angel, etc.

Kids like Franklin Richards will never grow old, but it's OK to erase Reed's graying hair for the sake of making him look younger? Sue will never look a day older than 30 after two children?

And much more to consider, if one is to open this can of worms.

The company these days has to keep retconning and retconning individual characters to infinity just for things to make halfway sense, meanwhile other issues with the Marvel universe stay the same as they were since, oh, we're about to be approaching 50 years now? Marvel NOW doesn't really change anything, it's just a new look. A real and daring change would be a reboot of the whole universe and would make fixing the unfixable problems easier with a clean slate. In such a franchise you can only pretend so long that such problems aren't there, and if a boot never happens, very well, but as time passes, they would indeed be looking at more problems down the line.

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@bubba_hyde: I agree absolutely!

Just got done reading her very first appearance in Secret Wars II as the teen companion of The Beyonder, she seemed like a cool character even back then. Lucky her, she got to see the Celestials at age 13!