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I want to say that the whole "I have no soul you can't touch me" thing is PIS. However, it really isn't. Despite Post-Crisis Spectre being a big jobber he was rather hard to peg power wise. Take for example when the Spectre faced off against the King of Tears; a Lovecraftian elder god horror that was all powerful in it's own realm. Hal Jordan faced off against the thing, and could do anything against it since it had no soul; however when Jim Corrigan was the host he was creative, and found a way around that by transmuting the King of Tears into literal tears, which was stored into a bottle and locked away.

Any who the battle will most likely go to the Lanterns if it's every single member including the guardians, and the emotion entities. Normal no named lanterns are already herald level in power due to their rings capablities, then the new guardians are skyfather level beings; probably not around Odin with the exception of maybe Ganthet. Then you have the emotional entities such as Ion, Parallax, The Butcher, etc who are abstract beings. Odin with the destroyer armor will give them a good fight; especially since the Destroyer Armor with the Odinsword was able to dismember, and impale celestials (Despite them able to simply regenerate, and stomp Odin with eight of them jumping him all at once.)

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Squirrel Girl is the obvious answer.

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Comic Amazo should win. Actually more powerful than the JLA version since he copied the Worlogog from Hourman.

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Other immune or highly resistant to magical attacks. Although, magic is versatile in nature; so magic that targets him such as magical fire, lighting, etc wouldn't hurt him. Nor would things like transmutation magic that would turn you into a toad. However, someone could easily use their magic to open a portal into another dimension or near a red sun if they ever found out his weakness. Also, I don't believe Superboy Prime has shown any resistance to mental attacks if I can remember correctly.


Yes, that is an extreme PIS low balling.

Here are a few feats I remember from reading the comics.

• He already beat the Teen Titans once, and beat Superboy to death (or near death).

• Fought the Justice League, along with the teen titans. Killed a couple of heroes with a single punch.

• Killed Kal-L the old Superman from the Golden Age era of comics, while fighting Post-Crisis Superman.

• Killed twenty something no name lanterns.

• Pushed planets around like chess pieces. (Post-Crisis Superman had to be sun-dipped to push Warworld.)

• Escaped the phantom zone by punching his way out causing reality to alter, and retconn other heroes in the process.

• Escaped the Speed Force after a couple years of being trapped their by all the flahses.

• Stuck under a red sun as well he managed to escape, and create his armor that converts red solar energy into yellow solar energy.

• Easily shrugged off Black Adam's punches that were charged with magical lightning, and laughed off Mordu's magical plast (A skyfather level magic user)

• Prime was said to be able to charge himself with solar energy much faster then the average Post-Crisis Kryptonian.

• Fought the teen titans, justice league, green lanterns corp, and even killed some of the Sinestro corp members on his side.

• Defeated Sodam Yat as Ion. (Sodam Yat of course wasn't as powerful as HOG Kyle version.)

• Flew through a half-dead SCW Anti-Monitor without any ill effect.

• Survived attacks from the Guardians of Oa. (Attacks managed to hurt him.)

• Managed to survive being atomized by a Guardian going kamikaze; shunting him into the multiverse instead of killing him.

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Couldn't he just turn Scorpion to stone with his gaze if he really wanted to?

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Odin gets the Ares treatment in this battle.

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Winner by death, KO, or Capture


Warm up round: Cabbage Merchant

Round 1: Combustion Man

Round 2: Azula, Tyee Lee, and Mai

Round 3: Hama

Round 4: Firelord Ozai + Army (Sozin's comet)

Round 5: Koh the Face Stealer

Round 6: Amon + Equalist

Round 7: Amon + Tarrolok + Equalist

Round 8: Unalaq+ Desna & Eska

Round 9: Unalaq+Vatuu (Dark Avatar)

Round 10: Red Lotus

Round 11: Kuvira + Army

Round 12: Jack vs All at once.

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The devil himself takes on the Lady of Sigil "The City of Doors"

Lucifer Morningstar (Vertigo)


Lady of Pain (Planescape)


Winner by death, KO, BFR(Banishment), Surrender, Entrapment,

Scenario 1:

Both at full power

Fight takes place in Sigil

Scenario 2:

Lucifer has left his powers, and immortality at the door before he enters the City of Doors.

Fight takes place in Sigil

Scenario 3:

Both are at full power.

Fight takes places in DC/Vertigo earth 1. Lux Bar.

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SOK's divine colts can't pierce plot armor that thick.